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Thank you for considering me for this position at Arise Solar!  It's my hope that if you choose to hire me for this position, it will be because you have determined that I will be a good fit for the company.  I am a family man who is motivated to work hard and do my best.  I have spent the last two years working in a warehouse and see my experience there as very similar to what you are looking for for your company.  I have a strong work ethic and enjoy working with technology.  I also bring the added benefit of a solid education.  My wife and I are excited about this opportunity to join the Arise Solar team and bring whatever unique skills I may possess to help realize your dreams and goals for this company.  Thank you for this opportunity!

Work experience

Jan 2010Present

Shipping/ Warehouse Supervisor

J&D Foodservice

At J&D, my initial responsibility was to fulfill customer orders placed at our Will Call office.  This position grew to include the responsibility of checking in and receiving shipments.  Along with these responsibilities was the task of stocking the warehouse with the product that came in and maintaining an accurate account of our inventory.  I currently work with the night crew in the shipping department.  My job in shipping is to pull product for an entire route, palletizing the product in the correct order of stops and then loading my truck up and preparing it for delivery.  I have earned the respect of my employers and have been given the responsibility of a warehouse supervisor.  I run my own crew every Saturday with the purpose of preparing the warehouse for the upcoming week.  This involves making sure the drivers have everything they need before they set out on their routes in the morning, pulling Will Call orders, putting away any deliveries left over from the week, stocking the warehouse, cleaning and organizing,  Checking the drivers in when they return and handling any product that is returned from their routes.  I am certified on all of our power equipment, from electric pallet jacks to both sit down and stand up forklifts.

Jul 2011Present





Fresno City College
Aug 1999Jun 2003


Fresno Pacific University


I currently am one of J&D's warehouse supervisors.  I oversee a crew of 4-5 workers and manage all warehouse activities once a week.  This includes managing the truck routes we operate that day as well as our Will Call operations.  I also previously spent the past 10+ years providing leadership within our church, leading and managing the entire worship ministry.
In my previous job, one of my responsibilities was as the IT Tech.  I managed and maintained 10+ computers, kept up on current technology and worked to keep our office up to date and efficient.  This also involved shopping for the right piece of equipment at the best price.  I am very comfortable and skilled in the area of technology and using it to improve productivity, efficiency, and quality.
Heavy lifting
Much of what J&D sells is meat.  These cases of meat can weigh anywhere from 50lbs-100lbs+.  In a given shift, it is not uncommon to stack over 3,000lbs+ worth of meat.
Truck driving
I am not licensed to drive a truck on the road, but one of my jobs is to move trucks out from the docking doors once they are done.
I am responsible to maintain an accurate account of what we have in inventory.  Anytime I place product into overstock or remove it, I have to update our inventory so it remains accurate.  For our meat items, this is handled through the use of scan guns.  For everything else, this is handled by manually entering it into our computer database.
Staging product
My primary job at J&D is in the shipping department.  I am responsible for pulling one to two entire routes.  This starts with pulling product for the customers and stacking it on pallets in the order to be delivered. Wrapping and tagging the pallets once complete, and then loading the pallets into the truck for delivery.  Staging is key, as I have to be thinking about the driver's task of delivering the product throughout the whole process.  How I build my pallets and load up the truck can make the difference between a successful route and a difficult route.
A major part of what I do on Saturdays is putting things away.  That means stocking the primary locations as well as putting the extra product into overstock.  Rotation is very important at J&D, so stocking involves knowing what is in overstock, pulling it down and stocking it first, and putting the newer product into overstock.
Certified on Forklifts and powered Pallet Jacks
1. Electric ride on pallet jacks 2. Electric walk behind pallet jacks 3. Manual pallet jacks 4. Sit down forklift 5. Stand up reach forklifts*   *we operate two different types of stand up reach forklifts.  One is just standard.  The other is designed for use with double deep racks, which we currently use in our large cooler.

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