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To Obtain a position with a reputable mechanic firm, utilizing my knowledge on previous jobs, in order to obtain a better position more beneficial for the company as well as the employee.


Mechanical Degree

 The University of Tennessee of Knoxville

The following classes must be taken, in order to achieve academic completeness

  • Physics 231
  • Physics 232
  • Math 251
  • ME 231
  • ME 331
  • MSE 201
  • ECE 201
  • COSC 102
  • Chem 310
  • Chem 350
  • EF 230

Work experience


Alfred's Workshop

A family business in which I further my understanding of engineering and gained work experience in order to be successful at a bigger company. 


Problem Solving

Find solutions as soon as possible or needed in order to fix the problem and be prepared for a next challenge. 


Well communicate and work  with others.