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My name is Kent Clontz and I am a transfer student at York Technical College, I am applying to transfer into Winthrop University in the spring of 2011 to continue my pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in the field of Sports Management. I am a very hard worker with a great work ethic who loves to help other people. I am a very avid sports fan and feel that I am passionate and knowledgeable enough about many different aspects of sports that I would be a great asset in any field of Sports Management. I am very active in my church, missions work and volunteer work with people with special needs. For the past 10 years I have been the gym manager at the church that I was raised and over the past year I have become certified as a basketball official. I feel like both of these jobs also give me great experience in the field of Sports Management.

Work experience

Oct 2009Present

Basketball official


As a basketball official, I am responsible for arriving at the location of the games an hour before start time. I also have to check with the scorekeeper and make sure the books are filled out correctly and make sure the teams are properly equipped. My number one responsibility as an official is to call the game fairly and correctly and keep everyone as calm as possible,

Jan 2001Present

Gym Manager

Ebenezer ARP Church

My duties as gym manager include many different things. I have to be at the gym at 4:30 on Friday afternoons to set up the gym. Setup involves putting out the stands for the fans, getting chairs for the benches for each team, sweeping the playing surface, setting up the score clock, running the score clock, keeping the statistic books and making sure the officials are going to be there. On Friday nights we have four "biddy basketball" games involving kids between the ages of 5-10. The younger kids play on a goal that is 8 feet 6 inches high, so for those games I have to bring different goals out for them. After those games are concluded I clean up the gym. Saturday mornings we have either Junior Boys (13-15 years old) or Senior Boys (16-18) games until 3 or 4 in the afternoon. After the games I am responsible for breaking down, cleaning the gym and taking out the trash.

Apr 2005Mar 2008


Ghent Builders

While working with Ghent Builders I was responsible for many different aspects of a carpenter/builder. After arriving at work between 5:30 and 6:30 in the morning, depending on the time of year, I was responsible for getting all of the supplies out and easily accesible for my co-workers and myself. Throughout the day, I did various things from cutting the lumber to the proper measurements to building individual parts of the houses and getting them into the proper walls that they belong. We did everything minus the foundations and brickwork. At the end of the work day I was responsible for getting all of the supplies and tools picked up and stored in a safe place.



York Technical College