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I started with computers at the beginning of the personal computer in age. My first computer was a Commodore 64.In Jr. high school & high school I worked with the Apple II and Apple II GS.After graduating San Diego High School in 1984 I continued my education in computers at San Diego City College starting with the IBM PC.Finishing up a degree in computer networking at Coleman University I have gained both CompTIA A+ and N+ certifications.With 25 plus years experience in working on following computer platforms PC, Mac, & Linux plus 15 plus years setting up small & medium networks with San Diego Computer Society's school assistant program.

I have 10 years plus working as a computer consultant and technical support over the phone.I can help you understand the IT / IS world in simple terms. I am always learning more about the technology and continue to expand my knowledge in the field.


My interests are as follows;

Computers, Computer Networks, Video Editing & Production (Green Screen - Chroma-key), Historical Reenacting (Medieval period through to the age of pirates {14th through to the 17th Centuries}), Sword Fighting, DIY projects, Cooking, Camping.

Work experience

I-Guide Level 1 to 1.5 Telephone Tech Support

Aradiant –Telisimo / D-Link

          Provided first through second level support on the full range of the D-Link line of products.This covered wired and wireless cards, print servers, routers, web cams, and other network devices.Average call time was 20 minutes, and an 85% solved rate.

Oct 2009Oct 2009

System Migration Team

Pomeroy IT Solutions / Eagle Creek –VF Corp. Inc.

Part of a team transferring the company computers from the Windows 2000 platform to the Windows XP platform.Interviewed the individual computer users, checked software, verifysoftware, performs backup procedures to transfer the important user data to a network drive.As a precursor for reimaging and restoring that data.After imaging the computer, performing a post-interview with the user to make sure all data was transferred.

Sep 2009Sep 2009

Computer Upgrade Team

Insight Global / Kaplan College

Part of a team that did a four-day project of upgrading the Kaplan college computer systems.The process of upgrading the computers included the removal of the old computer the systems and setting the computers for recycling.Installing the new computers and setting up the computers to be imaged through the Symantec Ghost program.

Mar 2009Jun 2009

Network Service Intern

Sharp Health Care Group

Part of a team that replaces and upgrades the computers, monitors, and printers used in the Sharp Health Care sites.Handled the inventorying of software and the information on the peripherals connected to the old computers.Configured the new computer with the software and information on the peripherals to match the old computer.Replaced the old computer with the new and tracked the information of that change through the Remedy inventory database software.Performed the upgrading of old monitors for new ones and tracked the changes with the use of Remedy inventory database software and Excel form spreadsheets sent to my lead systems analyst.

Jul 2007Jul 2008

Remote Tech Support / Network Support

Cardinal Health

Part of special support team to handle remote upgrades of special control applications for dedicated computers for medical use.Provided phone technical support of special control applications for dedicated computers for medical use.

Jan 2007Feb 2007

Tech Support / Data analyst

Milvets / Northrop Grumman

        Leader of a team of five persons handling data collection and database creation of a list of networked printers and the basic stats of those printers.Added and maintained an Excel spreadsheet and Access database listing of the found network printers and basic stats.


Mar 2006Feb 2007

Computer Networking

Coleman University

        Finishing up work on a degree in Computer Networking at Coleman University.  Through the school I was able to get  both CompTIA A+ & Network+ Certified, to backup the many years of hands on work with computers & computer networks.  I plan to follow up this Associates degree with a bachelors degree in computer technology.


Non Linear Video Editing
      Using Pinnacle Studio 11& Movie Maker 2 I have made videos on Historical Reenacting, Jobs Fair , & Halloween Party.  These videos include Chroma-Key Work (Green Screen) and Voice over work. I have also done videos about Comic Con 2009 and two sword fighting groups at the Comic Con. I am in the process of making some DIY videos on building things for people doing historical reenacting.  


CompTIA Network+


CompTIA A+