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John Waring Glendora, John Waring


A dedicated philanthropist and longtime resident of Glendora, California, John Waring balances a diverse charitable agenda with a full repertoire of both personal and professional pursuits. In his career, John Waring has accrued a variety of experience in the field of customer service; he has worked as a Sales Representative in settings ranging from a home improvement supply store to an online company specializing in Web development and design. John Waring has also served in an administrative capacity for several employers, including an insurance office, where he held responsibility for secretarial and data retrieval duties.Recreationally, John Waring Glendora, who spent 11 years of his childhood playing sports in Glendora, continues to maintain an interest in baseball. John Waring enjoys traveling across the United States to see major league baseball stadiums, and he has visited Tempe, Arizona, to watch the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim perform their spring training. He also pursues several other athletic diversions, such as snorkeling in the waters of Florida’s Key West and deep-sea fishing in the ocean off Mexico. In addition, he takes pleasure in leaving Glendora to travel to places like Austin, Texas, to participate in its lauded live music scene, and he enjoys visiting the Chicago Board of Trade to observe business interactions on the trading floor. John Waring’s agenda for the future includes a trip to Australia to visit his family and see the Great Barrier Reef, in addition to an expedition to the islands off the coast of Greece.At home in Glendora, Johnathan Waring actively participates in his community through numerous charitable avenues. In addition to the time he spends helping a nearby recreation center prepare for events, he supports local efforts of The Salvation Army and is currently looking into the Adopt-A-Park organization, which pairs volunteers and donors with parks in need of repair or refurbishment. Johnathan Waring also contributes to the University of La Verne’s golf team, the non-profit marine conservation group Surfrider Foundation, and The American National Red Cross.