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As owner and Physical Therapist at NorthWest Senior Wellness, Voelz assists members with personalized plans to help them stay in shape as they age, increase balance and mobility, and deal with any specific problems they may have. John Voelz and the other physical therapists provide a customized workout plan for each member based on his or her needs, determined by blood pressure and blood sugar screenings, and body weight and body fat analyses. Whether individuals require a targeted program or just generally want to stay healthy, Voelz and his team of physical therapists can help. Staying in good physical condition as one gets older can help avoid injuries, aches and pains, and other health-related issues. As an added bonus, John Voelz notes that his physical therapy center schedules appointments, so members do not have to deal with big crowds like those often found in gyms. Committed to his work as a physical therapist, Voelz employs hydraulic machines at NorthWest Senior Wellness so that members do not experience the soreness they would from using traditional weight-resistance machines. As a physical therapist who desires to remain on the forefront of his profession, John Voelz maintains membership in American Physical Therapy Association, an organization that consists of more than 77,000 physical therapists, assistants, and students, and strives to promote the understanding of physical therapy’s importance in the health care system of the United States. Voelz also belongs to the Huntley Chamber of Commerce, a group that works to expand businesses in the Huntley Village community and create economic growth and development. John Voelz stays healthy himself through an exercise regimen that includes playing various sports. He enjoys seeing plays, attending concerts, and watching movies in his free time. In addition, Voelz takes pleasure in reading, and he particularly enjoys the books The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown and The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav. Physical therapist John Voelz obtained his MA from the University of Northern Iowa and his DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy) from Creighton University.

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