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Work experience

Jun 1997Dec 2008

Senior Financial Analyst

Multiple companies

Directly leading and managing annual budget cycles, making sure that departmental and corporate goals are aligned, and that departmental managers have complete buy-in; Managing the driving IRR profitability analyses to determine whether to go forward with new projects; Ad hoc analyses performed for CFOs to understand cost drivers and available options of internal software projects; Partnering closely with a Six Sigma Black Belt to improve electronic publishing efforts.




Graduate School


One of the ways that John V. Karavitis, MBA, CPA, provides value to the organizations he works with is by being able to communicate effectively with personnel at all levels. For example, he can explain the minutiae of a profit-and-loss statement to a company’s Chief Financial Officer, as well as demonstrate best practices in finance and accounting to bookkeepers, staff accountants, and other colleagues. With cross-industry experience in insurance, pharmaceuticals, real estate, and energy, John V. Karavitis is a valuable resource for senior management and colleagues alike, not only for his encyclopedic knowledge of issues pertaining to accounting and finance, but also for his understanding of the modern technology currently used to perform those functions. For instance, he is proficient in all components of Microsoft Office, especially Access and Excel, and is constantly analyzing work processes with the goal of improving them.A personal-fitness enthusiast, John Karavitis is a fixture at 5K and 10K runs in and around Chicago, participating in sponsored events at least once a month. He spends much of his spare time training; he frequently can be found jogging nature trails in parks and forests around the city, enjoying the wildlife as well as the many dogs experiencing the outdoors with their owners. Mr. Karavitis' enjoyment of nature reflects his insatiable curiosity, especially about science and philosophy. He especially enjoys reading books in the Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series, with their approach to traditional philosophers and concepts from the perspective of modern cultural phenomena and icons like Homer Simpson. In addition to reading books on science and philosophy, Mr. Karavitis is also an aficionado of science fiction and horror authors like Dean Koontz and Robert Heinlein. It is not surprising, given the eclectic mix of financial and business acumen and intellectual curiosity that describes John Karavitis, that his favorite quotation should come from Winston Churchill: “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”


Jogging, 10K Races, Long walks on nature trails, Documentaries: esp. BBC documentaries, Science documentaries, Reading about science and philosophy (The Blackwell "Philosophy and..." series is a great way to learn about philosophy in the context of one's favorite TV shows).