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Aug 2010Present

Master's of Public Health

Emory Rollins School of Public Health

Relevant Coursework: Introduction to Health Economics, Statistical Methods, Financial and Managerial Accounting for Healthcare, Health Policy and Resource Allocation, and Theory of Health Care Organizations

Jan 2008Aug 2010

Bachelor of Science

Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Relevant Legal Coursework: Legal Environment of Business, and Business Law I
  • Relevant Public Health Coursework: Concept of Statistics, Intro to Social Statistics, Anthropology in Women’s Health, African American Family in Social Context,  Science Policy and Communication, Gender and the Body, and Mass Media and Society

Work experience

Sep 2008Present

Founder and Executive Editor

Policy Diary
  • Research, author, and publish articles pertaining to issues regarding health policy and management, particularly access to health care, health care exchanges, tax on high-cost health care plans ("Cadillac Tax"), Medicare and Medicaid, and the doctor shortage
Jul 2010Present


The Loop 21

Write articles weekly covering principle areas of public policy, including health, education, and fiscal policy

Jan 2010May 2010

Capital Intern

Virginia Capital Semester
  • Awarded a combined state government policy-making internship and policy seminar sponsored by Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Worked with the Honorable David Bulova (D) of the Virginia House of Delegates on the Education committee where I summarized legislative actions and researched policy issues
Jul 2009Aug 2009

Volunteer Intern

Office of the Attorney General of Virginia
  • Compiled unemployment benefit overpayment refunds for the Virginia Employment Commission ascertained through both outside counsel and “debt setoff” payments collected by the Virginia Taxation Department.

Feb 2009May 2009

Freelance Blogger (Contract)

Policy Net
  • Authored a thrice-weekly blog -PolicyNet - that facilitates broad discussion on matters of public policy
Dec 2008Feb 2009

State Legislative Fellow

Virginia Association of Young Democrats
  • Awarded a research fellowship by youth advocacy organization and assigned to work with the Honorable David Englin (D) in the Virginia House of Delegates
  • Researched a broad array of Virginia public health concerns, including mental health and women's health
  • Summarized legislative actions regarding these public health concerns as well as naturopathy bills from the Health, Welfare, and Institutions committee
Dec 2006Nov 2007

Loan Officer

SunTrust Bank, Central Florida, N.A.
  • Financed and refinanced home equity, automobile, marine, and unsecured loans
  • Loan production routinely ranked in the upper 20% of 15 person sales team
May 2005Nov 2006

Escrow Assistant

Equitable Title
  • Prepared escrow documents for real estate purchases, new construction and refinances, and equity loans
  • Ordered mortgage loan payoffs, satisfaction of judgments, lien releases, and Uniform Commercial Code releases
  • Assisted closers with over 120 closings per month in the second most branch out of eight in the company
Mar 2003Oct 2004

Loan Officer

Mortgage Investors Corporation
  • Refinanced over 20 million dollars in VA and FHA mortgages for the largest VA refinance lender in the US
  • Assisted branch manager with training newly hired loan officers in a branch of 30 loan officers
  • Awarded loan officer of the month honors (Aug. '04); and youngest interim manager in company history


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2009 Jefferson Jackson Dinner

2009 Virginia General Session

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Recently Published Work

2009 Attorney General Internship

EVGA Scholarship Ceremony

Policy Diary Interviews

Policy Diary Testimonials

"Your website blows me away. Very impressive - I think you will be following in Obama's path...[if] you are ever in Boston, I would like to hear your views on the important matters of the day."- Donald T. Nowill, JD, MBA, CPALecturer in Law, Boston University Law School

"Great blog! You have interesting comments and ideas."

-Cuong Huynh, Esq., MPPPresidential Management Fellow

"Your piece [Obama's defining moment: detainee policy change] was very worthwhile."-Eugene R. Fidell, Esq.Lecturer in Law, Yale Law SchoolOf Counsel, Feldesman Tucker Leifer Fidell LLP

"We wanted to pass along another source of law student input..."-


Focused on increasing skills in research and analysis of health care policy and management and education policy. I have made continuous contributions in these areas by conducting research, publishing articles, interviewing practitioners and professors, and engaging students through on-campus organizations. Mission is to contribute thoroughly to the rapidly changing dialogue between health care organizations, local and state governments, and the public; as well as assist in making incremental improvements in education reform. Over 45+ editorials have appeared in fora such as the Orlando Sentinel, the Daily Voice, Wiretap magazine, Black Web 2.0, The Daily Californian, The Commonwealth Times, New, Hip-Hop and Policy Net. Currently, a regular contributor to The Loop 21 and theGrio.

Community Service

Volunteer, Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)                                               April 2009-June 2009

  • Advocated for an assigned child's interest by attending court hearings, monitoring implementation of  court orders, making recommendations on the child's behalf, and facilitating open dialogue between parents, Guardian ad Litem, social workers and other professionals

Professional Memberships

  • Virginia Public Health Association
  • National Association of Black Journalists
  • National Association of Health Care Journalists
  • National Rural Health Association
  • Maryland Rural Health Association
  • National Education Association
  • Virginia Education Association

Selected Publications

Wilson, John S. "Who Controls Rep. Giffords' Seat -- She or the People of Arizona?" The Huffington Post. 20 Jan. 2011. Web. 21 Jan. 2011. Gasman, Marybeth, and John S. Wilson. "Where Pranks End and Abuse Begins." The Chronicle of Higher Education. 11 Oct. 2010.

Weekly Column

Wilson, John S. "Kendrick Meek Sent Marco Rubio to Washington." The Loop 21. 03 Nov. 2010.

Wilson, John S., and Marybeth Gasman. "What Is a College Degree Really Worth?" The Loop 21. 26 Oct. 2010.

Wilson, John S. "Homeowners Deserve Better Protection from Sloppy Foreclosures." The Loop 21. 23 Oct. 2010. 

Wilson, John S. "Will Latino Voters Sit out the Midterm Elections?" 12 Oct. 2010.

Wilson, John S. "Democrat Losses in the Midterms May Equal More Problems for the GOP." The Loop 21. 30 Sept. 2010.

Wilson, John S. "Four Reasons a GOP Takeover Isn't Such a Bad Thing." The Loop 21. 28 Sept. 2010.

Wilson, John S. "Black Issues MIA in GOP's 'Pledge to America'" TheGrio. 24 Sept. 2010.

Wilson, John S. "Health Care Reform: Holding States and Insurers Accountable." The Loop 21. 23 Sept. 2010.

Wilson, John S. "How the Dems Are Preparing for Mid-term Elections." The Loop 21. 17 Sept. 2010.

Wilson, John S. "Easy Money: Health Insurers Charge More for Less." The Loop 21. 07 Sept. 2010.

Wilson, John S. "Charter vs. Public Schools: Fear and Loathing in Education." The Loop 21. 02 Sept. 2010.

Wilson, John S. "Colleges Try to Sneak out of Health Coverage for Students." The Loop 21. 24 Aug. 2010.

Wilson, John S. "Don't Mistake Obama's High Approval among Blacks for a Free Ride." The Loop 21. 17 Aug. 2010.

Wilson, John S. "Obama on Education: “The Economic Issue of Our Time." The Loop 21. 11 Aug. 2010.

Wilson, John S. "No Summer School? Left behind and Falling Further Back." The Loop 21. 03 Aug. 2010.

Wilson, John S. "Sen. Jim Webb Is Preaching Civil Rights That Don’t Sound Right." The Loop 21. 28 July 2010.

Wilson, John S. "The GOP Flip-flops on Health Care Rationing Again." The Loop 21. 20 July 2010.

Wilson, John S. "The Tea Party Fires up Their Base by Fanning the Flames of Racism." The Loop 21. 16 July 2010.

Wilson, John S. "NAACP Gets Heard, but Doesn't Have Much to Say." The Loop 21. 15 July 2010.

Wilson, John S. "Taking It Too Far: Lebron James, Dan Gilbert, and Roland Martin Go Overboard." The Loop 21. 12 July 2010.


Wilson, John S. "Peggy Noonan Unhinged." Hip Hop Republican. 28 May 2010.

Wilson, John S. "Two Weeks to Justice." Hip Hop Republican. 23 May 2010.

Wilson, John S. "Steele Isn't Playing the Race Card, Just the Hand He's Been Dealt." Hip Hop Republican. 07 Apr. 2010.

Wilson, John S. "Why the Medicare Buy-In is the Wrong Policy " Hip Hop Republican. 01 Jan. 2010. 03 Jan. 2010.

"From A Practitioner's Perspective: An Interview with Dr. Phillip Duncan." Online interview. 01 Jan. 2010. 03 Jan. 2010.

Wilson, John S. "What Flier Got Wrong." Hip Hop Republican. 2 Dec. 2009. Web. 2 Dec. 2009.

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Extracurricular Activities

Vice President, VCU Health Policy Society                                                        July 2009-Aug. 2010

  • Marshal university resources amongst undergraduate and graduate programs with a mission of empowering individuals in various disciplines to effect change in how health policy is appropriated and regulated on the state and federal levels.

  • Assist in increasing funding, reconciling budgeting, promoting membership, inviting speakers, creating and maintaining group web site, and ensuring group viability after current leadership graduates.

Peer Advisor                                                                                                          December 2008-May 2009

  • Assist Department Advisor in teaching UNIV 101 and UNIV 102 (freshmen level courses; class size of 20) on effective course sequence, appropriate use of campus resources, and facilitate individual advising sessions

Student Government Association, Appropriations Committee                    October 2008-September 2009

  • Approve, allocate, and audit funding for 172 undergraduate and graduate student organizations on campus; spring 2009 funding accumulated to $536, 756

Resident Assistant                                                                                                      August 2008-Jul. 2010

  • As a peer helper, facilitate a high quality and academically supportive living environment for 45 residents
  • Develop programs designated to broaden racial and cultural awareness and appreciation

Association of Minority Law Students, Treasurer                                                        August 2008-Present

  • Worked with the president to found the VCU chapter, and continue to ensure accurate and timely appropriation of funds

University Appeals Board                                                                                February 2008-January 2009

  • Adjudicate cases with final appellate jurisdiction over Honor Council and University Hearing Board sanctions; rulings are sent directly to the University President


  • 2010 Virginia Governor's Fellow
  • 2009 Excellence in Virginia Government  (EVGA) Student Tuition Scholarship ($2,000)
  • Virginia Capital Semester ($1,000 stipend and legislative internship)
  • Virginia Association of Young Democrats ($500 stipend and legislative fellowship)
  • VCU Service Award (in recognition of community service)