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Master of Science

California State University, Long Beach

President List, Honors

GPA: 3.91

President of the Human Factors & Ergonomics Society (HFES) Student Chapter, 2008-2009



California State University, Long Beach

GPA: 3.40

Work experience


User Experience Consultant

Bunnyfoot Ltd
  • Worked on over 25 user experience (UX) related projects with clientele spanning multiple sectors including government, eCommerce, mobile, non-profit, travel, and academic
  • Conducted international UX research in the UK, USA, and Italy
  • Most notable clients include:
    • Vodafone, Nokia, Nectar, Disney, Jaguar, Oxfam, Siemens, DirectGov, Virgin             Holidays, Mencap, and the Driving Standards Agency
  • Conducted full User Centered Design (UCD) projects utilizing techniques including:
    • Survey design, deployment and analysis
    • One-on-one and group interviews (closed and open format)
    • Focus groups / Stakeholder workshops
    • Ethnographic / Contextual studies
  • Developed Personas as a method of distilling research findings and aligning team members in understanding the requirements of key user groups
  • Designed, conducted and analyzed Usability Studies
    • Lead alignment meetings with clients to scope the level of the research and identify keybusiness objectives
    • Moderated testing sessions in traditional laboratory settings, on-location and via guerrilla testing models
    • Utilized Eye Tracking technology in a number of studies (Tobii 1750 / X50/ X60)
    • Identified, reported and presented on usability issues offering real-world / actionablerecommendations
    • Worked hand-in hand with a number of in-house and contracted teams

User Testing Moderator

Activision / Blizzard
  • Worked exclusively on the Guitar Hero™ video game franchise
  • Conducted weekly group user testing sessions with 15-20 participants per session
  • Lead group discussion sessions of 5-10 participants per study
  • Collected and prepared qualitative data for analysis
  • Set-up laboratories for user testing sessions

User Experience Specialist

Helio, Telecommunications
  • Conducted usability studies on mobile devices
  • Interviewed participants regarding their experience with mobile products
    • Developed and tested paper prototypes of future applications
  • Conducted competitor evaluations and research
    • Product Evaluations
    • Literature reviews
    • Evaluated mobile devices and applications
  • Implemented in-house and public heuristic analyses
    • Provided cognitive walkthroughs and expert reviews
  • Developed wire-frames for proposed software applications
  • Worked with departmental teams to establish application standards
  • Presented research findings to User Experience project teams




To offer my knowledge, education, innovation and decision-making ability as a User Experience Researcher, User Researcher, or Usability Analyst on your UX team.


  • Strong understanding of statistical analysis and design
    • Using both SPSS and Excel
  • Programming and Web Development skills
    • Familiar with Web Design techniques and software including: HTML / XHTML, JAVA script, API, Coldfusion MX
    • Have developed a number of websites, e-commerce sites, and input forms
    • Conducted user testing and research utilizing: Visual Basic 2005, HTML / XHTML
  • Working knowledge of Camtasia Studio and other screen capture software used to collect research data
  • Information Architecture (IA) research and development
    • Developed the IA for a number of projects utilizing card sorting tasks (digital and paper) and research findings
    • Created wireframes to support back-end development and information flow
  • Prototyping and Mock-Ups
    • Created both Hi / Low fidelity prototypes via Axure / HTML / PowerPoint / Paper for demonstration and testing purposes
    • Proficient in using the Adobe Suite in particular: Photoshop and Illustrator


  • I own an eCommerce website that sells stencil inspired vinyl wall art
  • I love being involved in the UX community and have attended a number of events
    • UX bookclub, UX Bar Camp London, Agile Oxford, Design Jam, Geek Night, OxBridge TEDx, Transhumanist movement
  • I founded the UX Oxford Speaker Series
    • This group attracts speakers from different UX fields to share their experiences and seek advice from other UX professionals
  • I’ve lived in 4 countries and am intelligible in English, Japanese, Spanish, and Lithuanian
  • I have an extreme fascination/ obsession with ubiquitous computing and smart environments
  • I’m a wannabe superhero and martial arts master with zen-like wisdom
  • I’m teaching myself how to contact juggle 
    • for an example of a great contact juggler click here


Human Computer Interaction (HCI) Studies

Faculty: Dr. Thomas Z. Strybel

Existing research suggests the existence of a performance decrement for computer-based text when compared to paper.This study extensively reviewed existing literature and developed / tested an automated line-tracer in an attempt to enhance reading speed, comprehension, and overall experience when reading on-line based electronic text.

Faculty: Dr. Kim Vu

On-line commerce is a growing market for many venders. This study examined the effectiveness of internet based privacy policies in influencing the user’s shopping and search patterns. This research utilized the Tobii 1750 eye tracker to system to monitor the eye movements of participants.

Stimulus Response Compatibility (SRC) Effect Studies

Faculty: Dr. Thomas Z. Strybel

Research in Stimulus Response Compatibility Effects play a vital role in better understanding how humans react stimuli in their environment. This study researched and developed an experiment to examine the effects of environmental salience on SRC.Using a life-sized visual display, this experiment explored how one’s visual environment affects reaction time in simple choice-reaction time tasks.

Center for the Study of Advanced Aeronautic Technology (CSAAT)

Faculty: Dr. Thomas Z. Strybel, Dr. Jack Dwyer, and Dr. Kim Vu

Next Generation Air Transportation System (NGATS) are guidelines that propose solutions to future air traffic control situations. This study investigated the feasibility of unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) in terminal airspace using simulated air traffic control and pilot scenarios.

Center for Usability and Design (CUDA)

Faculty: Dr. Kim Vu

Web site usability is a growing concern as Internet popularity continues to rise.This study assessed the usability and accessibility of specific websites via in house research equipment and facilities, as well as conducted heuristic analysis and cognitive walkthroughs of queried web sites.

Change Blindness Studies

Faculty: Dr. Lisa Maxfield

Change Blindness is a phenomenon that occurs when individuals fail to notice a new object introduced to the visual field due to failed intentional resources. This study employed an eye tracker to quantitatively investigate the eye movement patterns of an individual who is experimentally conditioned to undergo a change blindness scenario.