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Work experience


Teacher and World Language Department Chairperson

Edmonds School District

I currently teach French and Spanish at Alderwood Middle School in the Edmonds School District.  I have served as the foreign language department chair since 1990.


Teacher and Language Arts Department Chairperson

Guam Public Schools

I taught English and reading at Untalan Middle School in Barrigada, Guam as well as serving as the language arts department chairperson and Reading is Fundamental coordinator.



San Vicente Middle School

My first two years of teaching were at a private catholic school in Barrigada, Guam.   I was teaching English and Reading. 


Nov 2006Aug 2008

Master of Education

Lesley University

I received my Master of Education degree in Literacy from Lesley University.

Sep 1978May 1983

BA Education

Central Washington University

French was my major and Spanish was my minor at Central Washington University where I also received my teaching credentials.


I am interested in blogging, traveling, and studying abroad to improve my language skills and knowledge of other cultures. I would like to use these skills to more actively contribute to the world language profession.

I would like to eventually transition from the classroom to coaching world language teachers, and focus on writing books, articles and blogging.

Professional Involvement

I was a participant in the Western Initiative for Language Leadership (2008 cohort).  My action research project included the impact of independent reading and web surfing on second language acquisition. My summary of the results was published in Lingo, the newsletter to the Pacific Northwest Council of Foreign Languages.

I have been a board member of the Washington Association for Language Teaching (WAFLT) for several years and I am currently the past-president.  As a board member, I have served as Fall conference chairperson in 2013 and again in 2017.  I am a regular contributor to the Forum, our state publication, and have had several articles published.  I am very proud to continue to work to provide quality professional development and promote world language study in the Pacific Northwest through this effective organization.

My passion is continually improving my craft as an educator.  I travel around the country to attend sessions by leaders in our profession and share my learning with colleagues.  I have presented workshops at several WAFLT conferences. (Wenatchee 2007, Vancouver 2008, Idaho 2009, Ellensburg 2012, Vancouver 2012, Yakima 2013, Pasco 2014, Wenatchee 2015, CWU 2016, Sammamish 2017, Pasco 2017, Portland 2018 ).  Presenting to other teachers solidifies my learning, allows for the sharing and improving of ideas, and benefits my students in the long run.

I have also presented workshops for the world language teachers of the Edmonds, Everett, Spokane, and Mulilteo School Districts. I have provided professional development opportunities in interpretive and interpersonal communication strategies at Alderwood Middle School.

Every summer, I look forward to working with STARTALK and other teachers in Washington state around our teacher evaluation system.  I have presented workshops  on TPEP, the Teacher and Principal Evaluation Project,  at the University of Washington in July each year from 2013- 2018.   In addition to these three hour summer sessions, I presented a full day workshop on teacher evaluation on September 17th, 2016 at the University of Washington to a full house.

I was the keynote speaker for the Idaho Association of Teachers of Language and Culture annual conference in Oct. 2013.  I was also the keynote speaker for the  Washington Association of Japanese Teachers and the Montana World Language teachers in 2015.

My presentation "Comprehensible, Communicative, and Collaborative" was chosen as "Best of the Pacific Northwest" by  PNCFL, the Pacific Northwest Council for Languages, to represent the region at ACTFL in 2012.  I also presented at ACTFL in 1996 as a pilot district for the National Standards project and again in Orlando in 2014 on "Autonomous Acquisition Activities".

I received the Inspirational Leadership award from the Washington Association for Language Teaching in 2013.  I received the Creative Innovation award from WAFLT in 2014.  I received the Teacher of the Year award in 2017.  I am the current PNCFL regional teacher of the year.

I have a website where I share my professional growth and reflections with interested readers.  It is



Brian Stewart

Principal Alderwood Middle School                                                                                        [email protected]

Michele Anciaux Aoki

International Education Administrator  Seattle Public Schools                                                  [email protected]                                                                                                                                                                         

Catherine Ousselin 

Teacher Mount Vernon High School                                                                                                         [email protected]