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I am presently looking for a position which I can contribute from my backgound.

I would like to expand upon my love of the resturant business, either as a cook

or as a trainee.  I belive that I can offer many fresh ideas to any business which would

place myself on staff.  I give and take direction very  easily.  If I had only one thing

to say that I reperesent, It would be "I get things done"


My interest are many, but off time includes the normal activitys of a man that is

in wonderment of all that is changing around him, it is unbelivable what has

happened and how the workforce has applied it's past mistakes to correct the

future.  I think that a small resturant would need a leader of my sort with the skills I can

bring to the table, "no pun intended"

Work experience

Flying Bridge Fish Market and
Mar 1984Dec 2008


Best Used Cars and Trucks L.L.C.

Took a existing structure that had been closed for 10 years and opened a re sale lot for used

vechicals. This was done with great sucess.  This company started many new ideas in the

business.  I was responsible for the marketing, hiring, and purchasing of all inventory in the


Jan 1979Aug 1983


Flying Bridge Fish market /Resturant

Designed and built this resturant and market from a idea which proved to be sucesful to this day.

I developed a market and a wholsale business that laid the ground work for the supermakets

fish business as we know it today.  This business has continued to grow under a new owners

but has not accomplished the pentration that I would have expected.  I brought  two new products

to market, and one is still be retailed, but not under the product label designed by the company.

Jan 1969Sep 1979

V.P. Marketing

Canada Dry and Squirt Beverages

Devolped and created a market for six new entry items. Developed a sales force that covered

western Michigan.  Interjected new sales programs along with new products that led our

company to being the bottler of the year.  The sales force which was developed has gone

on to higher level jobs. The business was purchased at a profit and split into 4 companys.


Apr 19611962


one year of higher education did not find my direction, Joined the USAF and became

a K I 12 Kac operator with the 305th Bomb Wg, S.A.C. received 52 weeks of school in

crypto, and after 4 years left, returned to Davenport college, did not graduate, received

short term thru U of M business school, did not graduate, many various schools and

studies thru my various business. 


getting things done
I have done many things that others would have said, I don't think that can be done, or why would you try such a  thing? well, I'm ready to show that I need some action, Hlours don't fase me, people I love to work with, and I have a history that can be used in any business.