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Served for 25 years in the U.S. Army, in both combat command and staff positions. Has a proven record of progressive leadership and training in operations, problem solving, strategic planning, and organizational development. Before starting business, taught more than 4000 hours of graduate level classes at the U.S. Army’s Command and General Staff College. Trained and facilitated hundreds of students, staff, and faculty to become better leaders and decision makers. Highly trained and experienced private sector consultant, training individuals, teams, and executives in public sector and companies such as U.S. Department of Defense, Department of Defense Contractors, Private Organizations, and Schools.

Work experience

Jan 2009Present


Triple Helix Corporation
COO at Triple Helix Corporation

Information Technology and Services industry

January 2009 – Present 

Our REV/EXACT™ process allows us to quickly and precisely focus on the critical areas of your business data to maximize your company’s performance.

REV means ‘Realtime Environment Visualization’ and is our proprietary architecture that allows you to finally make real sense out of your business data.  REV creates value by harmonizing data across ALL your data silos,discovering significant relationships within your data, and providing valuableinsights to make the most effective business decisions.

It does this by creating a unique, customized solution using your business data that manages the data flow from input, to analysis, data visualization, right through to final outputs and recommendations… in realtime.This is NOT a data dashboard, but an integrated system that delivers realinsights into making the best decisions based on what your data is saying about you.Our solutions have been used within many industries and may be uniquely applied to :

• Financial / Cost / Audit Analyses• Quality Control / Prediction• Sales and Marketing Analyses• Product Selection• Customer Market Definition• Engineering Analyses• Risk Assessment / Fraud Detection• Operations / Systems Analyses• Automated Information Processing• And many more !EXACT™Examine – Initial exploratory analysis, to understand the structure and content of the data. Bad data is cleaned (if required) and prepared for use in the study.eXplore – Data is associated and related to other variables for their internal relationships. This is particularly vital for large data sets as this step can eliminate a large percentage of the time and effort required for finding opportunities in the data.Assess – Data from unique relationships discovered in step 2 are analyzed and quantified to make meaningful business decisions.Confirm – Validation and statistical tests (where applicable) are performed to support the data correlations obtained in step 3.Tell – The results of the study are summarized along with final recommendations (or a milestone report in the case of a multi-phase project).




Central Michigan University


United States Military Academy at West Point