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Over two decades of marketing, media and production experience, helping companies increase profits, exceed goals and maintain proper relationships. 

With John Petrosky, you get a little of everything: Pre-production, production and post production...shoot, edit, set-up the show, run the show and finish the show...all while running the crew, the department and maintaining the client relationship.

Skill Areas

Video Production: All aspects start to finish, in a variety of formats for all uses and users at every level.

Live Meeting production/direction: From development and coaching to technical management and operation. 

Writing: Creative story telling mixed with persuasive marketing for assorted mediums and various topics/clients.

Computer: Cross-platform user (Win/PC & Mac) with many professional and creative programs.

Multimedia/Miscellaneous: Web, photography and print experience – both creation and editing.

·Multiple professional roles: Including Producer, Director, Videographer, Network Cameraman, Lighting Director

·Project/Program Management: Produce live events and pre-produced pieces. All forms of pre-production (writing, planning, budgeting) and production (directing, managing and producing). From 15 person pitch meetings to 1500 guest extravaganzas and 30 second local commercials to network news and sports events.

·Sales/Promotion: Responsible for introducing a number of innovative products and processes. Produced sales videos and other collateral material for various consumer and B2B products and services.

·Operations Administration: Front-end maintenance of company intranet.Coordinated daily business activity with other departments to optimize service delivery. Supervised/maintained production facilities/equipment.

·Flexibility/Adaptability: Assumes any role necessary to complete task.“Not my job” not in vocabulary.

·Staff/People Management:Managed a production team of 9.Directed production crews of 2-12. Work with individuals at all levels (including C-level, Mayoral, etc). Sit on board overseeing government television operations.

·Standards Improvement:Increased dramatically the level of operations through out my job history by example and teaching.Dissatisfied with atypical standards, set about transformation through action.

·Customer Service: Top priority with a focus on client's needs to ensure first-rate customer satisfaction.  Optimizes service delivery with decision-making talents, critical thinking skills, and unwavering standards.


·      National Emmy Award - “Spot Coverage & Breaking News” (September 2006): 

          Editing on “Farewell to the Pope” coverage at WBBM-TV

·      Smurfit-Stone Container Corp. - “Employee of the Quarter” (October 2001)

·      Marriott International - “Tiefel Service Award” for customer service (numerous)

Work experience


Board Member / Producer

  • Created highest quality newsmagazine show in group's history.
  • Teach volunteers with varying TV experience broadcast quality production.
  • Directing live, multi-camera productions.
  • Studio/control area design, installation (both mechanical and electrical).
  • Assist Village with video and other production components for headliner events.
Aug 2012Present

Studio + Production Manager

Flashpoint Chicago
  • Set-up and maintain two fully functioning studios (film and multi-camera broadcast)
  • Work with internal and external clients utilizing space for events and production
  • Manage field gear operations
    • $1m inventory
    • Maintenance and repair 75% in house resulting in approximately 40% savings
    • Reduced other operating expenses approximately 50%
      • Managed staff reductions
      • Alternate sources for parts/supplies
  • Produce all live events involving stage and production elements
    • 3-4 cameras
    • 1-2 hour events
    • 2-100 participants
    • Multiple formats
      • Concerts
      • Multi-group stage presentations
      • Trade show-type events
      • Headliner interviews and presentations
      • Livestreamed and/or for audiences of several hundred
  • Holding and maintaining role with *two* full-time job descriptions
Jun 2011Apr 2012



Upgrading Chicago broadcast facility to full HD throughout entire space including technical and creative areas:
- System integration/installation
- Reworking actual physical plant
- Removing several generation's worth of equipment and wiring
- All work completed while keeping station broadcasts on air


Social Media


CTS - Certified Technical Specialist


CERT (Community Emergency Response Team)

New Lenox Police Department