Work History

Work History


Oct 2013 - Present

Digital and Social Media Manager

We made the decision to get serious about content marketing a little more than a year ago. Happily for me, I was charged with making it happen. Despite the expectation that it would take some time for results to manifest themselves, we saw a 60% website traffic increase in year one. More importantly, qualified inbound leads were up by 400%. Content works when it's done right. 

I oversee a talented team of two web designers, two video magicians, two writers, and one hybrid photographer/videographer. I have been handed the keys to our company's voice, culture, and messaging hierarchy. We have the largest social media following, the highest blog engagement rates, and the most knowledgeable customer base in our market. Most importantly, the head-start we've gotten all but ensures that we are positioned for rapid and sustainable growth over the next several years.


Mar 2004 - Oct 2013

A Non-Traditional Journey

Wasted words are the enemy of good content. While my previous job history brought me invaluable leadership experience, very little of it is relevant to content marketing. I would be happy to go into great detail about the winding path that brought me where I am upon request.



Western Governor's University

2011 - 2014

B.S. - Business Management

I decided that my disagreements with the higher education establishment were not worth the trade-off of leaving a gaping hole in my resume. This degree was the result.


Get to know my content...

What you need to know about me

The biggest problem with content today is that people are still trying to fit it in with our traditional concept of what marketing is, and that's never going to work.

I make cool things that people want to consume. I don't set out to manipulate decision makers or search engines, I set out to provide valuable information to the people who can most benefit from it at the ideal moment in time. As it turns out, that also happens to be exactly what Google is looking for.

It's hard to find a good writer. It's even harder to find someone who has the ability to understand an industry well enough to lead the conversation. I am one of the few who can do both.