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I enjoy studying to increase my knowledge especially in financial and economy field. Besides, I also like traveling to expand my scope. Usually, I like jogging to strengthen my energy.


I like challenge, so I moved to China from Taiwan to develop new business in 2001. Within past 8 years, I learn many things from theory and practice including marketing, sales, management, leadership and finance.

With some experiences and performances, I still want to find challenge by different field. I am interested and confident for Asia’s or great China marketing and sales, even new business development.

Work experience

Jan 2005Present


TTY Biopharm

2005.01~NowTTY Biopharm- Director in Worldco, TTY’s subsidiary in Beijing, China

lImplement company’s culture and vision to the organization

lLeading the sales team, 100 sales force, to achieve the target within 30 cities in China

lBranding the ethical products which license-in from Germany for China market

lDevelop the agencies for future 3 years in China’s rural cities

lDevelop or license-in potential product, focusing liver, gastro intestine, burn and infection categories

2001.03~2004.12 TTY Biopharm- Marketing consultant for business development in Shanghai, China

lCollect local marketing information, including pricing, reimbursement, promotion and competitors

lLead a small team, 5 members, to promote oncology product

lFind the best way to build China business

lSharing TTY culture with join venture managers

2000.09~2001.02TTY Biopharm- Reductil product manager in Taiwan

lIn charge of anti-obesity product launch

lDo market research to identify customers’ needs

lCommunication with key opinion leader to delivery product message

lProduct training material preparation

1999.01~2000.08TTY Biopharm- Cardiovascular product manager in Taiwan

lIn charge of anti-arrhythmia and stroke prevention product

lAnalyze and identify products’ life cycle stage

lMake marketing plan to create products’ brand

lCo-operate with other departments to conduct clinical trail


Mar 2003May 2005


Shanghai Jiao-Tong University

I like reading and studying, so I keep learning by myself and advanced training courses. Learning will explore my scope to upgrade my capabilities. Until now, I still have the classes in Beijing University. Below are my education and training courses.

l1989.09~1993.06 Pharmacy Bachelors, National Taiwan University

l1999.12~2000.07Training program for Business Managers in National Cheng-chi University

l2003.03~2005.03 EMBA in Shanghai Jao-Tong University

l2009.03~2010.02 CEO training program in Beijing University