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Mr. Jhonny Jozereau possesses a wide range of professional experience across a variety of sectors. For over a decade, Jhonny Jozereau has held a number of jobs within the food, furniture, and cinema industries. Recognized among his peers for his considerable leadership skills, Jhonny Jozereau is often looked to for guidance from his team members. Charismatic and hardworking, Jhonny Jozereau is keenly attuned to customer needs, providing unparalleled service. Having worked in a number of managerial roles, Jhonny Jozereau has experience in managing, cashiering, and selling. Jhonny Jozereau’s experience working with customers equipped him with the necessary tools for his latest professional pursuit as a flight attendant. Prior to his experience in the business world, Jhonny Jozereau served as a Fusilier-Commando in the Armée de l'Air Française. In this capacity, Jhonny Jozereau served as a surveillance assistant. Johnny Jozereau also served as a Security Guard on the Rescue team. Upon completion of active duty for the Armée de l'Air Française, Jhonny Jozereau studied business, trade, and sales in France. A dedicated student, Jhonny Jozereau learned about Sales with a two year technical degree. Jhonny Jozereau also studied the English language at France’s Wall Street Institute School of English. Most recently, Jhonny Jozereau completed Flight Attendant Training, earning certificates in safety and rescue training. When he is not working, Jhonny Jozereau maintains a healthy, active lifestyle. Among Johnny Jozereau’s favorite activities are swimming, running, and practicing Krav Maga. Jhonny Jozereau currently resides in Toulon, France.

Work experience

Vendeur, Agent d'Accueil, Caissier, Manager d'équipe

Plusieurs Entreprises
Jan 1995Jan 1996


Armée de l'Air Française



Safety and Rescue Training (CFS) for Fight Attendant

Training School for being Flight Attendant

English language

Wall Street Institute

Technical degree

School of Business in France

Technical degree, Trade and Sales

Dumont D'Urville