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what gets me up in the morning

I love to bend, twist and shape 2.0 technology to deliver creative, integrated marketing results that hit real  business imperatives – inside and outside of organizations.

I love to collaborate with and inspire innovative, accountable people passionate about more effective, efficient, exhilarating ways of shipping great ideas.

I love to stay in process with my own personal transformation – staying unattached to "right" and "wrong" – staying open to new possibilities and fresh strategies.

about me

For the past 22 years, I've worked at and owned ad agencies large and small. I love great brands (large & small) and I love tinkering with the total mix of powerful ways to build them today. Social media, web 2.0 (or whatever you choose to call it) is fueling conversation, collaboration and innovation ... collapsing distance between brands and the people who love them – inside and outside of organizations.

Uniquely blending culture, brand and tech, I co-created frank in 2005 to deliver employee engagement and marketing services that drive business results through internal and external social media campaigns. We do it for a lot of great clients (see frank below).

And we do it with our own 2.0 products and services:

+ strategic and creative consulting which celebrates and supports all types of employee engagement initiatives: ERP implementations, M&As, new workspace environments, business reinvention:

+ free frankFILES and an ever-expanding mix of frankospheric posters, mugs and more for insights and inspiration

+ an internal collaboration portal for companies that need to inspire employee education, engagement and action based on specific sustainability goals: evolution through vacation: an amazing way to transform vacation energy into everyday energy

+Toe Jam and The Toenail Fairies: a gross, graphic novel I wrote and self-published for passive readers in grades 2 - 6

frank's bottom line? Today's great brands shine from the inside out: leaders, managers, employees, products / services, marketing all aligned and co-creating new opportunities with their best customers and business partners.

Those are type of brands we love to help build!


Tiffany King

"When a project calls for breakthrough thinking, I look to John and his colleagues at frank. With his unique insights, John stretches my initial assumptions about a project to uncover opportunities and creative solutions that I would otherwise miss. Partnering with the frank team is an inspiring experience, and the effects extend far beyond the individual project at hand. Oh, and did I mention that John is FAST, often producing jaw-droppingly good materials overnight? I can't say enough about that."

Brian Bjerketvedt

“John is one of my all time favorite collaborators. John brings a ton of positive energy, ideas, inspiration and insightful strategy/positioning to clients marketing initiatives. He can digest a lot of information and turn it into a unique brand position and deliver tactical ideas that support it. I look forward to the next time we work together.”

Terry Schubring

“In addition to his insight and creative talent, John has an extraordinary ability to get others to ask the right questions. He can fill up a whiteboard faster than anyone I've seen without ever picking up a marker. I am inspired by his commitment to promote youth literacy. John is an authentic leader."

Jon Osmond

“I love working with John! He is truly an inspiration. His creative thinking and guidance has helped me produce my best work. I value and appreciate John's intelligence, judgment, unrestricted creativity, and sense of humor. I wish he was involved in all my projects.”

Jeff Jones

“John is a pleasure to work with. He's strategic, respectful of time and resources and a creative problem solver. He brings great vision to every project he works on no matter the scope or complexity. It's always fun to work with John because I know that something special will happen. I'd be first in line to pick him to be part of my team.”

John Meyers

“I've had the opportunity to work with John at several companies and have found him to be the consummate creative professional. John brings a high degree of professionalism and passion to his work.”

Jim Burns

“John & the team at Frank helped Burns build our strategic plan in a simple 3 step process. 1. Confirm Core Values and Vision 2. Solidify Authentic Brand position and internal structures 3. Market manifestation, communication and Continuous improvement. John helped us ensure that our Authentic Branding was supported & strengthened through our Organizational Courage.”

Work experience

Jun 2005Present

co-founder, partnership development leader

frank, Minneapolis, MN

Leadership consulting company delivering authentic branding and organizational courage through social media.

Our clients include:

+ PepsiCo

+ Endura Financial

+ Burns Engineering

+ Medtronic

+ American Medical Systems

+ ING Financial

+ Hearth Connection

+ Give Us Wings

+ Cargill

+ GE

+ Cox Enterprises


marketing director

ChartHouse Learning, Burnsville, MN

Wow! A turning point in my career in so many ways:

+ I lead the global re-branding of The FISH! Philosophy with so many talented folks, many of whom are still great friends today

+ I lead the successful, U.S. launch of the product extension, FISH! For Schools, with so many more amazing people – including educators, teachers and students alike

+ I started my first blog, The Carrot, and continued my personal 2.0 marketing transformation

+ I met and learned so much from a completely new group of effective, creative, optimistic, passionate professionals – those in the world of Organizational Development – including one of my future business partners, Jacqueline Prescott

+ I was working at Charthouse when I drew up the napkin vision for frank at McSorely's in NYC

Never mind my career: those were among three of the most powerful years of my life!


CODE50 co-founder, VP of business development

Colle+McVoy, Minneapolis, MN

In the past 10 years I focused on marketing to consumers 50 and better, I've specialized in the industries of health and well-being, retirement communities, financial services and travel and tourism, including work for Medtronic, Sag Harbor, Turkish Tourist Office and Waters of Vermilion - a maintenance-free community of luxury cabins on Lake Vermilion in Northern Minnesota.

I also published several articles on mature marketing (including a chapter on U.S. Seasoned Travelers to be published in a new Boomer Marketing book in early 2003), earned many Gold and Silver Mature Media Awards. My colleagues at CODE50 and Sandcastle were also frequent speakers at corporations and national marketing conferences, including:

+ American Express+ Aruba Certified Travel Agent Conference+ General Mills+ Health & Beauty Global Expo+ Institute for International Research+ Johnson & Johnson/Merck+ Kraft Foods+ New York Office on Aging+ Strategic Research Institute+ World Affairs Council

My work has also captured the attention of the trade and consumer media with feature stories appearing in American Demographics, Minneapolis Star/Tribune, New York Times, PROMO Magazine, St. Paul Pioneer Press and Twin Cities Business Monthly.


co-founder, business development leader

Sandcastle Group, Minneapolis, MN

In 1995, I co-founded The Sandcastle Group: a full-service advertising agency specializing in leading-edge Baby Boomers - consumers aged 50 and better. It was at Sandcastle that I co-created proprietary research methodologies named BAMBI and SAGE to gain deep, qualitative insights into mature consumers.

For example, I conceived of sending Sandcastle staff and clients to The AgeGame at University of Minnesota to be sensitized to what it's like being an older member of our society. I also helped draft Sandcastle's Mature Excitement themes: a proprietary group of principles proven to more successfully resonate with and compel mature consumers to take the next step with an advertiser's product or service.

Our Sandcastle clients included:

+ AdvoLife

+ American Express

+ Choice Hotels

+ Jones Harrison Residence

+ Medica Health Plans

+ Minnesota Department of Health

+ Minneapolis Public Schools

+ Omron Health

+ Sageport

+ Starkey Hearing Aids

+ United Health Group


After growing Sandcastle to a staff of 15 and several million in revenues in 5 years, we sold the agency to MDC, being folded into Colle+McVoy in 2000 and renaming it CODE50.


senior copywriter

Chuck Ruhr / Lee Riley Advertising

I moved to Minnesota in 1990 to work at Lee & Riley Micromarketing and Chuck Ruhr Advertising as senior copywriter creating print, direct mail and radio advertising for clients that included:

+ Toro

+ Target


+ Jennie-O

+ Hormel

+ Pannekoken Restaurants


+ March of Dimes

+ Cellular 2000

+ Minnesota Chore Corps – an information and referral network designed to help seniors live as independently as possible for as long as possible.



McCann Erickson, Toronto, Ontario

Copywriter on print, radio and TV advertising for brands including:

+ Coca-Cola

+ Mennen

+ Goodyear

+ General Motors



Ross Roy Advertising, Windsor, Ontario

Junior writer focused on marketing, advertising, collateral and brochures for Chrysler Canada.

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