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Work experience

Jul 2004Present

President and Founder

Comscient Group

I am the President and Founder of Comscient Group where I consult to and advise clients. Comscient Group is the hub for a multi-disciplinary group of independent professionals, experts, and consultants specializing in advertising technologies, media buying automation and trading, social media, collaboration, mobile, CRM, and decision support. Comscient's motto is we help connect the dots, whether the dots are brands and customers, work colleagues, problems and solutions, people around the world, different and disparate technologies and media, new ideas and concepts, or the business with marketing and technology. Comscient Group approach is to work as a member of the client's team providing multi-disciplinary expertise, insight, thought leadership, knowledge, an external perspective, implementation and project management experience, and bridging critical skills gaps.

Comscient's client work has included social media strategy and performance audits and social media listening programs for Fortune 500 companies, mergers and acquisitions research and advisory in the advertising technologies sector, and technology market investigation and procurement research and advisory including vendor discovery and evaluations for IT strategy advisors and IT buyers.

Aug 2008Present

Council Member and GLG Educator

Gerson-Lehrman Group

Financial & Business Services Council

Aug 2008Present

Independent Professional and Strategic Adviser

Ad-Venture Media

Advising and assisting Ad-Venture Media to formulate their strategy and to build their network of strategic partners to go-to-market with, including making introductions to potential new partners. Ad-Venture Media is an innovative mobile advertising and mobile commerce company that harnesses Near Field Communications (NFC) technology to enable mobile phone users to interact with other advertising and promotional media such as broadcast, print, in-store, out-of-home including digital out-of-home. The Ad-Venture Media proposition enables advertisers and marketers to track and measure from a consumer viewing the advertisement, or accepting the promotion, through to the point of purchase.


Co-Founder and CRM Specialist

Fulcio Inc/FulcioCRM

Co-founder/Co-owner of Fulcio Inc., a startup provider of business-technology advisory, business analysis, and project management services to small and medium size businesses. FulcioCRM, a division of Fulcio Inc., is a customer relationship management (CRM) software consulting services and provider of On-Demand CRM application software as a service.



INFACT Research Ltd

I successfully led, managed and promoted INFACT Research to become a recognized European brand name in providing IT focused strategic research and advice to business and technology decision makers to do with CRM and financial services technologies. In addition, as the co-owner (and then latterly sole owner) and principle consultant I provided technology due diligence, strategic research and advised business and technology decision makers assisting them with IT selection and procurement, formulating long range IT plans and spending, IT-based business innovation, and other critical technology related business decisions. My clients included a number of the leading strategy and management consultancy firms, venture capital and private equity firms, and technology vendors and corporate technology users. I was also an editor and contributor to the INFORMA published Customer Relationship Technology in Finance monthly newsletter and a regular speaker on CRM in the Financial sector.


Senior Consultant


Senior Industry Analyst (AI Systems and Intelligent Document Mgmt)

New Science Associates (acquired by Gartner Group)

Software industry analyst/writer I wrote European research for NSA newsletters and reports, and provided research and analysis consulting to NSA's European clients. New Science Associates was a U.S.-based IT analyst group providing subscription market research and consulting services on emerging information technologies. NSA was later acquired by the Gartner Group.


Senior Consultant (Financial Sector: Intelligent Decision Support Systems)

Inforem Ltd (acquired by CSC)

Consultant, interaction designer, data strategist, database designer, database modeler, and business analyst working on client engagements for a number of retail and capital markets financial services clients consulting on the application of artificial intelligence, business rules systems, database strategy and design, and interaction design. Including for trading decision support (Foreign Exchange and Options trading), AI- and rules- based automated electronic trading systems, rules-based personal financial planning systems and CRM/database marketing database development. While at Inforem, I consulted to a top tier global investment bank on developing decision support systems for a new type of fund being created called a Structured Investment Vehicle (SIV) kick starting a new multi billion dollar financial market. I also consulted to a large startup financial services organization on the selection, development and deployment of CRM and business intelligence systems.


Senior Consultant (Financial Sector: Artificial Intelligence and Business Rules/Expert Systems)

Data Logic Ltd

Consultant, interaction designer, and business analyst working on client engagements consulting on applications of artificial intelligence systems, software usability and user interface design, and software primarily for use in the military, and for use in financial services and capital markets (securities trading decision support and decision automation systems).


Knowledge Engineer/Consultant/Trainer (Artificial Intelligence and Business Rules/Expert Systems)

Artificial Intelligence Ltd (affiliated with Xerox Palo Alto Research Center)

I worked on client projects and new product development. I collaborated with teams at at AI Ltd's affiliate partner Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (Xerox PARC) on AI-based decision support systems including collaborating on the development of an interaction design software application called Trillium to assist the design and prototyping of user interfaces for industrial products such as photocopiers, VCRs etc. In addition, I worked as a consultant business analyst/knowledge engineer/cognitive task analyst including LISP programming and AI and object oriented programming working with clients in the office products and in the defense sectors. I was also a trainer for courses provided by AI Ltd to its clients and in addition was involved in developing new training courses and the development of new course material.



British Steel (now Corus Group)

Business Systems Analyst and COBOL programmer working on head-office mainframe-based payroll systems.


Pensions Clerk

Axa Sun Life



Recommendations For My Work

"John is a fount of knowledge in his area, and all that you'd want from a consultant: thoughtful, consistently helpful & full of energy.” Robert Suttie, Director, Informavores Ltd, former IT Director at AXA Sun Life, and former Consultant at McKinsey & Company "John is a highly professional researcher and networker in the CRM space. He has current industry expertise and a wide range of contacts." Sir Richard Heygate, Chairman of Welford Technology Partners, Founder Sophron Partners, former Partner at McKinsey and Company. “John is the most brilliant researcher that I have deployed as a third party ever. He and his team would be able to source very specific information in no time, and insights were always presented with a very solid fact base underpining them. John's work is outstanding in all of its components: 1) Very precise engagement framing, even if the matter is broad, 2) careful planning of research activities, 3) excellent reach and critical mass of high quality expert / client interviews, 4) sourcing of other information sources and references. I recommended John multiple times to teams working with tough issues around provider selection and technology options, across OECD economies and emerging markets. All of them were highly pleased and invariably came back with positive feedback. Lastly, John is highly creative on the business side, with a flair to understand your needs beyond specific engagements, and adapt flexibly services according to needs. As office manager, he approached me with new ideas, always trying to help consulting teams stay on top of the best content available in the industry. I remain available for anyone needing more specific references for anyone considering John's work” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity Alejandro Picos, VP Strategic Initiatives at Fannie Mae, previously VP Global Financial Services, LA at Unisys, and Partner at McKinsey & Co. “John is a brilliant consultant, who is a seasoned professional with cutting edge insight into market trends. His research skills is second to none.” Top qualities: Personable , Expert , High Integrity Scott Creighton, Partner at Motum, former VP Business Development at RightNow Technologies and former VP CRM at Oracle "I knew John as one of the founders of INFACT Research and as an excellent and knowledgeable industry analyst for both the financial industry software and the customer relationship management software marketplaces. John's knowledge and insight of the European CRM marketplace stood out among the other industry analysts and industry consultants who covered this area and I found his insights of great value and use. I would not hesitate to use John again or to recommend his services to others” Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative Debra Fox, Senior Director, Global Customer Management at Oracle “John conducted a survey and compiled a report for me whilst I was working at EDS in which he reflected the views of a number of large financial institutions regarding the use of outsourcers in card transaction processing. The result of this survey allowed EDS to capitalize on some real opportunities in the Central European card arena and also shaped EDS's strategy for processing in the medium to long term. I think John's  assessment of what the customer wanted was accurate and his report gave a useful view of the landscape and key player's 'top of mind' issues. John's work was good value for money and I would not hesitate making use of his services again should the opportunity present itself.” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value Alletia van der Zandt, Senior Solution Architect at EDS “John provided very good quality research on the IT industry - hard to get stuff - Timely, great value and incredibly helpful”    Top qualities: Good Value, On Time, High Integrity Julian Allen, Global Products Research Lead at Accenture and previously Retail Industry Functional Specialist at McKinsey & Company “John provided excellent service at INFACT. We were doing a complex mystery shopping at the time for high value business decisions. He was able to find information from creative and unusual sources, and provided very structured and detailed reports that were instrumental in helping us make crucial business decisions. I highly recommend him as a business partner.” Top qualities: Good Value, High Integrity, Creative Boris Leite, Associate Principal at McKinsey & Company    “John provided an excellent IT market research service that supported us during a crucial, decision-making stage in a major change programme.”    Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity Paul Costelloe, Head of Corporate IT at Prudential   “John approached me with a business opportunity as part of some market research that Infact Research was undertaking. From this we got to know each other and exchanged information over a number of years. John built-up Infact Research into a real alternative to the run-of-the mill analysts with little real experience of the subjects they profess to be experts in. In-fact does a thorough, unbiased and professional job. John should be proud of his achievement.” Martin Cheetham, Head of Pre Sales/Sales, Sanchez Computer Associates “John supported McKinsey in a number of projects providing information and recommendations about specific industries/software packages. He always demonstrated competence, professionalism, strong knowledge of the relevant areas and timely delivery.” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time Michael Bloch, Partner at McKinsey & Company “John delivered impeccable research on IT providers on multiple occasions during 1997-1999.” Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, On Time Tobias Baer, Expert Associate Principal at McKinsey & Co., Inc “John supported me on a number of project for McKinsey clients providing information and advice about the banking software market and specific information and due diligence regarding certain banking software vendors that helped us clarify options for our client. John has proved to be a pleasure to work with and always quick to respond to requests for information and advice demonstrating expert knowledge and insight into the software markets and vendors we needed information and advice on.” Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity Damian Zaplata, Associate Principal at McKinsey & Company “During the period from 1994-1998 McKinsey was building its CRM practice in the UK and Europe, centered around a core group based in London. John provided a range of market research services building on his deep expertise in both the market and technology aspects of CRM. In addition, John brought deep and practical insights in the finance sector to our clients in both the UK and more broadly across Europe and in Germany where I was working at the time. John not only helped us solve problems for the clients, he built our skills and credibility. He was and is a most enjoyable and collegiate service provider” Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value Rod Laird, Principal at McKinsey & Company “John is a great professional, and worked with us on several projects including a pan-European market research study of the Human Resources market. Infact Research delivered a high quality report on time, with a good and clear understanding of the market and with the all-important integrity required for this kind of work. I have no hesitation in recommending John for future projects of this nature.” Top qualities: Expert, On Time, High Integrity Julian Kulkarni, Group Marketing Director at easyFairs, and former Group Marketing Director and Co-founder at Job Partners “John has repeatedly assisted me and my teams with fact-based evidence in very short timeframes. I have gone through different companies but always considered John and Infact Research as a reliable supplier. Strongly recommended.” Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, On Time Giuliano Giovannetti, Head of Sales and Market Development Europe at PMI Mortgage Insurance “John provided some excellent strategic counsel and market information that resulted in our adding a significant new revenue stream. I have found John to be insightful and personable. I enjoyed working with him and would not hesitate to do so again.” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert John Schultheis, VP of Finance at Recurrent Energy Inc, and former Vice President at Bechtel “In-depth expertise coupled with thoughtful analysis are both key to Johns excellent results - Recommended” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value Eddie Byers, Director of Business Development at visitScotland, and former Global Marketing Manager at 3i Group plc Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, On Time Marcus Schaper, Associate Principal at McKinsey “Working with John has been a pleasure, as he has a strong combination of subject matter expertise and research capability.” Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity Nicholas Coutts, former Vice President, Global Distribution Channel Strategy, IBM, and former Group Strategic Marketing Director at Azlan plc “John provided an excellent timely summary of the packaged software available for banking services to a number of my South American banking clients, which was very helpful in their selection of systems” Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, On Time Matt Schofield, Associate at McKinsey “I cooperated with John and his colleague Iain Campbell while I worked at IBM as a global financial services executive. We had a need for deep FS industry research in order to produce and deliver business solutions that 'hit the spot'. While we had excellent exec contacts and qualitative research methods from our own client coverage and deployment work, we needed to supplement these with research on market size and shape, future spend focus etc. In particular this research needed to be aligned in new ways that reflected the emerging market conditions we were seeing rather than the traditional market segmentations - linked to business issues such as CRM and to IT infrastructure spend on channels, MDM, analytics and in other areas. Key connections included McKinsey, Infact Research, and Informa. John and his colleagues were easy to work with, ready to provide and customize what we needed, but also willing to include our own knowledge and research as peer contributors. Such a mutual relationship benefits everyone and provides an exchange of value rather than a traditional client / supplier relationship. Great things resulted for both parties, with IBM's substantial move into FS solutions, achieving 20-30% compound growth in selected areas of FS, moving from dependence on hardware and software to a substantial consultancy and systems integration business, also expanding rapidly in local markets, global clients and emerging markets such as China. No doubt John has developed his contacts and skills further since then and will make a success of his own business for himself and his current clients and partners.” Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity Bryan Foss, Non Executive Director and Board Adviser, and former Global Solutions Executive at IBM “I would most happily recommend John - he worked diligently providing me with market research for many years - his attentive support was greatly appreciated.” Mary-Anne Tilbury, International Marketing Manager at Apropos/Point “John is an extremely diligent, detail-oriented analyst and consultant who also understands the "big picture" facing a client. His work always received the highest praise. Ken Sonenclar, Managing Director at DeSilva & Phillips, former President/CEO, New Science Associates (acquired by Gartner Group) “John has an instinctive and creative understanding of the application of IT. Working together on intelligent financial services applications during the challenging and constantly changing times of Big Bang (financial deregulation of the London financial markets), John focus on listening to his clients, and being adaptive and flexible with his software designs, ensured that his solutions to complex investment backing problems always exceeded expectations.” Andy Shaw, Senior Consultant at and Senior Consultant at Enterprise Integration Group, and former Consultant, Inforem (acquired by CSC)   “John did an independent technology audit of our product for a customer. I've never seen a better job -- he went deep into a complex topic, understood it all very well, got to the critical points, and articulated the whole thing (good and bad) for his client in an incredibly understandable way. He's direct, honest, and professional. I'd like to have hired him.” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity Norton Greenfeld, Vice President of Software Development at Applied Expert Systems “John led the Inforem team working with Applied Expert Systems and a major U.K.insurer to evaluate the market and develop specifications for an innovative sales support system built on a retail financial advice platform. The project was brought in on time and budget. All-in a great success.” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert Lou Odette, Vice President at AIG, former Managing Director at KPMG LLP, and former CEO at Applied Expert Systems


I am currently the Managing Director/Owner of Comscient Group at the intersection of display, social media, mobile, and CRM. I provide clients with strategic research and advice, buy-side and sell-side M&A research and advice, industry and business analysis, systems analysis, technology and vendor discovery and evaluations, buy-side and sell-side technology acquisition/procurement research and advice, marketing strategy and growth strategy, and business and corporate development research and advice. I specialize in digital media, emerging advertising technologies and media/audience buying/selling automation (ad operations/ad exchanges/demand side platforms etc). Also social media analysis and advisory services (social media/social network audits and evaluations, social network/social graph data mining, and social media monitoring, sentiment tracking, and social media data mining/intelligence gathering). In 1991 I along with Iain Campbell founded the European software market intelligence and software management consultancy INFACT Research.As Managing Director I led INFACT Research until 2003 building it into an established brand in the European CRM, Marketing Analytics, and Financial Services software market research/industry analyst and software consultancy marketplace. While leading INFACT Research, I consulted to some of the largest and best known brand names in strategy consulting, systems integration, media and marketing services, and in software venture capital and private equity. From 1984 to 1986, while with Artificial Intelligence Ltd, I collaborated with teams at Xerox PARC on artificial intelligence based (rules and machine learning) decision making systems and collaborative media systems. In 1988 while with consultants Inforem, I consulted to Citibank to develop software and systems supporting the first SIV structured finance product. At Inforem, I also advised clients on and implemented machine learning and rules based decision making systems, and database marketing systems.



  • Negotiated, won, managed and executed research and advisory client contracts worth over $1 million, including several contracts worth over $200,000.
  • Won and project managed - a $200,000 contract from a top tier UK-based global venture capital firm to assist the client in building strategic technology investment and marketing partnerships with, and helping them locate and evaluate technology buy-out opportunities at, global 100 technology companies and technology innovators.
  • Won and managed a 9-year relationship providing the largest of the top tier global strategy management consulting firms with an outsourced IT industry research and advisory service supporting their Global Business Technology Office (BTO), Financial Industry Group (FIG) and European Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) Practices.
  • Co-led the management buyout of INFACT Research from INFACT Ltd. Led INFACT Research Ltd until 2003 making it a leading name in the European CRM and Financial Services technology and strategic research market.
  • Consulted to a global top tier investment bank on developing decision support systems for a new type of fund being created called a Structured Investment Vehicle (SIV) kick starting a new multi billion dollar financial market.
  • For two years collaborated with teams at Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) on AI-based assisted and automated decision making systems and intelligent systems for designing software user interface for industrial products.

About Me

A highly experienced, results oriented consultant, IT practitioner and IT analyst/industry specialist, and entrepreneur with strong business acumen. Experienced in leading small and large scale consulting, business planning, vendor and technology due diligence, and strategic business research projects for clients across the globe, often with challenging deadlines and budgets.

  • 25 years experience working in information technology including as a business analyst, project manager, and developer/implementer of customer relationship management systems and databases, financial industry applications for retail financial services and capital markets, and developing applications using business rules management systems and emerging information technologies.
  • 20 years experience as a technology analyst/industry specialist advisor and technology due diligence consultant.
  • 18 years experience as a business owner and business manager.
  • Subject matter specialist in financial industry IT, new media industry IT, customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing systems IT, and emerging information technologies (emerging information technologies and new innovative/pioneering high risk/reward vendors).

My clients have included:

  • technology vendors, technology startups, and technology entrepreneurs needing a sounding board or seeking research to inform and advice on business strategy, technology strategy, business planning, sales and marketing, acquisitions and strategic alliances (locating and evaluating), and sales channels and go-to-market execution.
  • technology venture capital and private equity firms seeking to locate and evaluate new investment and technology buy-out opportunities.
  • strategy and technology management consulting firms requiring research and advice to backup and support client engagement teams in informing and advising their clients.
  • top management, senior executives, and business owners seeking research to inform and advice on matters related to business-technology planning, high stakes technology decision making, business requirements analysis, vendor and technology due diligence, and technology acquisition (locating and evaluating vendors and their solutions, RFI/RFP/ITT preparation and evaluation, vendor relationship management....).
  • technology marketing services firms seeking industry and market research and insight to inform and incorporate into their clients' marketing and PR campaigns.