Work experience

Work experience
Jul 2004 - Present

President and Founder

Comscient Group

I am the President and Founder of Comscient Group where I consult to and advise clients. Comscient Group is the hub for a multi-disciplinary group of independent professionals, experts, and consultants specializing in advertising technologies, media buying automation and trading, social media, collaboration, mobile, CRM, and decision support. Comscient's motto is we help connect the dots, whether the dots are brands and customers, work colleagues, problems and solutions, people around the world, different and disparate technologies and media, new ideas and concepts, or the business with marketing and technology. Comscient Group approach is to work as a member of the client's team providing multi-disciplinary expertise, insight, thought leadership, knowledge, an external perspective, implementation and project management experience, and bridging critical skills gaps.

Comscient's client work has included social media strategy and performance audits and social media listening programs for Fortune 500 companies, mergers and acquisitions research and advisory in the advertising technologies sector, and technology market investigation and procurement research and advisory including vendor discovery and evaluations for IT strategy advisors and IT buyers.

Aug 2008 - Present

Council Member and GLG Educator

Gerson-Lehrman Group

Financial & Business Services Council

Aug 2008 - Present

Independent Professional and Strategic Adviser

Ad-Venture Media

Advising and assisting Ad-Venture Media to formulate their strategy and to build their network of strategic partners to go-to-market with, including making introductions to potential new partners. Ad-Venture Media is an innovative mobile advertising and mobile commerce company that harnesses Near Field Communications (NFC) technology to enable mobile phone users to interact with other advertising and promotional media such as broadcast, print, in-store, out-of-home including digital out-of-home. The Ad-Venture Media proposition enables advertisers and marketers to track and measure from a consumer viewing the advertisement, or accepting the promotion, through to the point of purchase.

2006 - 2007

Co-Founder and CRM Specialist

Fulcio Inc/FulcioCRM

Co-founder/Co-owner of Fulcio Inc., a startup provider of business-technology advisory, business analysis, and project management services to small and medium size businesses. FulcioCRM, a division of Fulcio Inc., is a customer relationship management (CRM) software consulting services and provider of On-Demand CRM application software as a service.

1991 - 2004


INFACT Research Ltd

I successfully led, managed and promoted INFACT Research to become a recognized European brand name in providing IT focused strategic research and advice to business and technology decision makers to do with CRM and financial services technologies. In addition, as the co-owner (and then latterly sole owner) and principle consultant I provided technology due diligence, strategic research and advised business and technology decision makers assisting them with IT selection and procurement, formulating long range IT plans and spending, IT-based business innovation, and other critical technology related business decisions. My clients included a number of the leading strategy and management consultancy firms, venture capital and private equity firms, and technology vendors and corporate technology users. I was also an editor and contributor to the INFORMA published Customer Relationship Technology in Finance monthly newsletter and a regular speaker on CRM in the Financial sector.

1991 - 1991

Senior Consultant

1989 - 1991

Senior Industry Analyst (AI Systems and Intelligent Document Mgmt)

New Science Associates (acquired by Gartner Group)

Software industry analyst/writer I wrote European research for NSA newsletters and reports, and provided research and analysis consulting to NSA's European clients. New Science Associates was a U.S.-based IT analyst group providing subscription market research and consulting services on emerging information technologies. NSA was later acquired by the Gartner Group.

1987 - 1989

Senior Consultant (Financial Sector: Intelligent Decision Support Systems)

Inforem Ltd (acquired by CSC)

Consultant, interaction designer, data strategist, database designer, database modeler, and business analyst working on client engagements for a number of retail and capital markets financial services clients consulting on the application of artificial intelligence, business rules systems, database strategy and design, and interaction design. Including for trading decision support (Foreign Exchange and Options trading), AI- and rules- based automated electronic trading systems, rules-based personal financial planning systems and CRM/database marketing database development. While at Inforem, I consulted to a top tier global investment bank on developing decision support systems for a new type of fund being created called a Structured Investment Vehicle (SIV) kick starting a new multi billion dollar financial market. I also consulted to a large startup financial services organization on the selection, development and deployment of CRM and business intelligence systems.

1986 - 1987

Senior Consultant (Financial Sector: Artificial Intelligence and Business Rules/Expert Systems)

Data Logic Ltd

Consultant, interaction designer, and business analyst working on client engagements consulting on applications of artificial intelligence systems, software usability and user interface design, and software primarily for use in the military, and for use in financial services and capital markets (securities trading decision support and decision automation systems).

1984 - 1986

Knowledge Engineer/Consultant/Trainer (Artificial Intelligence and Business Rules/Expert Systems)

Artificial Intelligence Ltd (affiliated with Xerox Palo Alto Research Center)

I worked on client projects and new product development. I collaborated with teams at at AI Ltd's affiliate partner Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (Xerox PARC) on AI-based decision support systems including collaborating on the development of an interaction design software application called Trillium to assist the design and prototyping of user interfaces for industrial products such as photocopiers, VCRs etc. In addition, I worked as a consultant business analyst/knowledge engineer/cognitive task analyst including LISP programming and AI and object oriented programming working with clients in the office products and in the defense sectors. I was also a trainer for courses provided by AI Ltd to its clients and in addition was involved in developing new training courses and the development of new course material.

1983 - 1984


British Steel (now Corus Group)

Business Systems Analyst and COBOL programmer working on head-office mainframe-based payroll systems.

1976 - 1979

Pensions Clerk

Axa Sun Life