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I seek to work within an Information Technology environment to meet the business objectives of the unit.  I have an extensive background in software, including programming, data base analysis, and web presentations.  I have worked as an Technology instructor in developing and presenting IT courses. These courses were presented in seminars, as well as through the web, using Generation21 Learning Systems.

I would like to work with web developers to support and maintain existing web based systems, and work on new Web 2.0 systems under development utilizing my experience with DHTML, LAMP, and AJAX technologies.

Outside Interests

Within the community:

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IT Training
In 1997, I started working with the Goldman Sachs New Associate Program in New York city. This program was designed to integrate their newly hired programmers from the academic environment to the real world IT environment. For the students, it is an intensive 3 month curriculum, in which they are exposed to the software development life cycle from Business Requirements to Implementation. I taught UNIX, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Object Oriented Analysis and Design, C, C++, and Java. In the final weeks of the program, I was also selected to act as a Technology Resource, consulting with various student teams on their final project.   Since 2002, I have worked mostly in corporate training programs. I have taught extensively in Web Technologies with numerous presentations of HTML, Javascript, Cascading Style Sheets, XML, Java and SQL. Many of the classes were held in the Professional Development Center on the OCLC campus in Dublin, OH.
Project Manager
I taught Project Management  at Amerprise Financial for two years, based on CMMI, Capability Maturity Model Integration.  I worked with the Amerprise team, interfacing with Tata Consultancy Services, to develop a new project management methodology seminar for Ameriprise Financial IT professionals. We developed a three day seminar to introduce the CMMI philosophy as implemented within the Ameriprise Quality Management System, or AQMS. In addition to working on the product development, and its updates, I presented the seminars to the employees and contractors.
IT Skills
I have programmed in various languages including:  Java, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, XML, UNIX shell, Perl, PHP, C, C++, COBOL.  I have worked with many different computer platforms:  Microsoft, AIX, UNIX, Linux, OS/2, MVS,  and VM. I have worked with various data base technologies, including relational and hierarchical systems. In the area of web development, I have worked with mainframe transaction processing systems, such as IMS and CICS, to support user web sites.  I have worked with Generation21 Learning Systems, a Learning Management System.  I have also worked with  Wordpress and Joomla,  two popular Content Management Systems.
Data Base Skills
I have developed and maintained Databases to support web site administration.  Using SQL based products, I have built numerous tables to support various web pages.  In addition to designing and implementing the tables, I also worked on support programs to maintain the tables.
Java Programming
I developed a five day Fundamentals of Java Programming course, which was licensed by American Research Group, a leading national technicial training group, for three years.  In addition, I taught the course to many clients, including IBM, Goldman Sachs, and the Federal Reserve Board.
PHP Programming
I developed two web sites using PHP code.  The frameworks involved buiding on an HTML object, which associated the various CSS and JavaScript support files, which would be accessed by the individual web pages.  These web sites evolved from simple HTML sites into more dynamic web sites, reducing the maintenance, while improving the central administration.   Sessions, Cookies, and File Uploads have been implemented. Authentication and Calendaring were two features that were developed for these sites.   I have worked with WordPress (2.8.4) and Joomla (1.5.8) web site tools, as an administrator and as a designer.
I have used JavaScript as a programming language to implement browser independent code to interact with event handlers, as well as implement AJAX functionality.     I prepared alternative user interfaces for an existing learning management system, for Iams University. P&G requested an updated user interface to the existing LMS without affecting the existing curriculum. The existing LMS stored the materials in an SQL database, and retrieved this information using Java servlets. Also, the selected user interface had to have cross browser capability. To achieve the stated goals, and not affect the existing courseware, this was accomplished using JavaScript in the client browser.   In addition, I have used jQuery, to separate the browser behavior from its content, sometimes referred to as employing Unobtrusive JavaScript.

Work experience

Staff Manager

I worked with AT&T for more than a decade.  I started in the customer service area, progressing from service rep to commercial rep assisting customers with their installation and billing.  I was promoted to an application programmering position within four years.  After two years as an application programmer, working on HR, Engineering, and customer service projects, I was promoted to data base analyst position with primary responsibility for the customer service online application.  This application supported 2,000 service reps, accessing all accounts within a four state area.  After four years, I was promoted to the System Software Support Group, and assigned the responsiblity of planning and coordinating all customer service database projects within our area.

After three years, I was promoted to the Marketing Department and assigned as techinical support to IT Telecommunications - National Accounts.  In this position, I supported the sales staff in preparing the technical documentation and presentations for Telecommunications proposals involving IT clients.  I worked on the engineering and design of a national Point-of-Sale terminal network for Mobil Oil.  I was next promoted to Staff Manager, Areas Sales Technical support, where I was responsible for supporting telecommunication proposals throughout the four state area.

Mar 1996Present


little Training Services

I have been supporting IT programming primarily.  In addition, I have worked with Project Management teams, as well as web development.


Continuing Education

I attended a two month seminar, presented by John J. Donovan,  Sloan School of Management.  He presented innovative classroom and lab exercises, for rapid identification, development, and presentation of innovative, technology driven-solutions to business problems.  The curriculum was delivered on the MIT campus in  Cambridge,  MA.

Over the years, I have taken seminars to continue my education in various professional areas.  A list of the seminars and their topics include:  Java (6 courses), UNIX (14), IBM's IMS (9), Systems Analysis and Design (8), IBM/370 (15), Traffic  Engineering (3), PBX  Engineering (3), and Marketing (12).  The majority of the courses were 4.5 days.


Joe DiGiacomo

Joe has been employing my services for more than a decade.  He was the main contractor on projects at Goldman Sachs, IBM, AT&T, and Sears.  We have successfully presented corporate IT training on programming languages, software design methodologies, database development, networking, and web technologies.

Lynda Carter

On the Iams project, Lynda was the project manager. She also developed the training material. After the material was reviewed and approved, I created the new user interfaces for this curriculum.

Gary Livingston

Gary has contracted with me for various IT tasks over the years, including training and analyst positions in support of Ameriprise Financial, OCLC, and P&G contracts.