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  • Art: sculpting (stone/wood), painting, digital art, photography
  • Active: skiing/snowboarding, mountain biking
  • Philosophy and quantum mechanics

Cleantech & Sustainability Leader

Ready to change the world?  Welcome to the low-carbon economy. 

Smart grid, renewable energy, energy efficiency, clean air, clean water - it's great to be focused on the defining challenges of our time. 

The next generation of sustainable leaders is not only passionate about making a difference but has the experience to know that success only comes with revenue, earnings, and return on investment. Today’s sustainability is driven by macro events on the world stage, fusing concerns over climate change, energy security and pending legislation into business opportunities.The time is now for the next generation of sustainability leaders.

So why me?  Experience, drive and passion. 


  • Customer facing technologist with strong business development, strategy, M&A/corporate finance, sales, marcom and intellectual property skills
  • 20+ years experience in cleantech, renewable energy, telecom and high-tech sectors
  • Founded two startups, launched subsidiaries and acquired companies
  • Thought leader and communicator: Creative innovator (4 inventions), curious and highly driven
  • Global citizen with experience in doing business in over 15 countries.


  • Energetic, dynamic, can-do leadership style.  Effective at engaging and motivating team members across departments to achieve collective goals. 
  • Self-motivated and driven; consistently exceeds expectations. 


  • On an intellectual level, if you believe the science of climate change and the findings of the IPCC and Stern commission, business as usual is no longer an option.  We have 10-15 years to make a significant impact in carbon abatement, clean air and water management.  You are either working for a solution or are part of the problem.
  • On a personal level, I want to be sure that any time invested in building a solid business also contributes to the community at large by addressing one of the great needs of the day.
  • On a family level, I have a responsibility to my children to provide a world in which they can live.

Today's sustainability... making it happen


Creative Entrepreneur
Strategy and strategic development Business development, entrepreneur, launching companies and subsidiaries, fundraising, mergers and acquisition, business plans Sales, product marketing, corporate communications Technology, patents, intellectual property management Creative, customer facing, presentations   Sustainability, cleantech, renewable energy, smartgrid, energy efficiency, clean air, high tech and telecom  

CT Tech Top 40 Winner

Green PR Panelist

Sustainability Leadership

Work experience


Managing Director

Blue Dot Resources

Sustainable business development and strategic consulting to help clients develop cleantech businesses, understand opportunities in a low-carbon economy and jumpstart sustainability programs.


Senior Director, Strategic Development; CEO Candidate

$7.5 million emerging global “cleantech” company providing innovative technologies and solutions to reduce emissions, conserve fuel and improve engine performance

Hired as one of two outside CEO candidates in a succession plan calling for a new CEO within 12 months time. Responsible for:

  • Corporate strategy
  • Global marketing
  • Business development
  • Intellectual property management.

The company's technologies are used by engine manufacturers and as retrofits to cost-effectively meet increasingly strict regulations driven by public health and climate policy.



Blue Dot Energy

Renewable energy developer start-up based on a solar power purchase agreement (PPA) model.

Left the telecom sector to pursue a career in the field of sustainability and created Blue Dot Energy from original concept including business plan development, raising capital and recruiting the initial management team.I was engaged in financing Blue Dot Energy when congress failed to extend federal solar incentives for a second time and I was asked to join Clean Diesel Technologies.

During this time, I also published a sustainability white paper and two articles with Policy Innovations, a Carnegie Council publication ( and became involved in the sustainability community.


Vice President, Strategic Development, Artera Group, Inc.

NCT Group, Inc.

Artera Group is a developer of network optimization products for the Internet.

Artera was founded after NCT Group acquired two Internet related companies and infused new product concepts.As a lead in the acquisition and co-inventor of the company’s core technology, I was asked by the CEO of the parent company to head strategic development.My responsibilities included:

  • Business Development
  • Corporate Finance
  • Technology
  • Marketing

Vice President, Business Development

During 2001-2003, NCT Group was being re-invented as a technology incubator company with the goal of acquiring companies, adding enabling technology from our patent portfolio and incubating them for resale. Led mergers and acquisitions program with CEO.Acquisition targets focused on Internet, electronic publishing, telecommunication equipment and software companies.


Vice President Sales, Distributed Media Corp

Developed innovative place-based media business from startup through acquisition negotiations.Responsibilities included acquisition activities, establishing advertising inventory by signing major retail chains, selling radio and billboard advertising and product marketing.


Vice President, Global Technology Sales

Global revenue responsibility for all technologies and managed offices in the US, Japan and Germany with 5 direct reports.Successfully licensed technology to Global 2000 companies, including IBM, Sharp, ST Microelectronics, Oki Electronics, Tellabs and Lernout & Hauspie.


Founder and President

Enhanced Signal Processing Inc.

Founded in 1995, ESP grew to several million dollars in sales, posted a profit each year and was acquired by NCT Group in 1999.


Senior Account Manager

Kasten Chase Applied Research Ltd./TIL Systems Ltd

Kasten Chase Applied Research (formerly TIL Systems Ltd.) designed and implemented intelligent data communications systems using proprietary hardware and software platforms.The company’s roots stemmed from the brokerage and automated trading system markets so had a strong presence in the financial industry, but also had key accounts in other sectors including the US government and manufacturing.

Positions at Kasten Chase/TIL Systems:

1992-1995Senior Account Manager - US Sales, Major Accounts

Danbury, CT

1990-1992Senior System Engineer - Global Manager

Lowell, MA

1989-1990  National/National Systems Engineer

Toronto, Canada

1988-1989 Product Manager

Toronto, Canada

1986-1988 Project Manager

Madrid, Spain and Toronto, Canada



Univeristy of Toronto

Roy Jarvis Henry Scholarship



Toronto French School

(French Immersion)

Toronto French School