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I am an accomplished results-driven channel and presales management professional with 14 years experience focused solely on positioning enterprise class software. I have had the distinct pleasure of working for some of the most prestigious technology innovators in their respective markets, and have been a member of some of the most efficient and respected sales organizations in enterprise software. The success and unique experiences I have gained through the years have given me a combination of deep business and technology skills I use daily to help position how enterprise software can transform the way companies do business. Much of my management and technical/sales approach is a result of working for industry leaders such as Interwoven and Tivoli Systems (IBM) from early stage development through dominant market leader. Most recent emphasis has been on BPM, including Process Management, and Optimization. 14 successful years of Partner/Channel development, Presales Management & Solution Sales in Technology. • Strong leadership capability among diverse groups of technology professionals, across both business and technology lines. • Excellent organization and management capabilities for maintaining focus on revenue while multi-tasking and delegating responsibilities among teammates where necessary. • Highly experienced in the Partner/Alliance investment lifecycle, including recruitment, development, enablement, sales execution and ongoing management of new Partner/Solution programs either in start-up or growth oriented organizations. • Driven by customer satisfaction and the notion that there is always a way to improve business through technology adoption. Considered by peers as an excellent solution-oriented technical and sales professional.

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Work experience

May 2007Present

Partner/Channel Sales & Technology Manager, US and LATAM Markets

Global 360

Partner/Alliance Sales & Technology Manager, US and LATAM Markets

Interwoven Inc.

Sales Engineering Manager, Mid-Atlantic & Southeast Region


Lead Sales Engineer (Presales Manager)



BPM (Process Management, Optimization, Intelligence)
Process Model Skills - Human-Centric, Content-Centric, System-Centric Management Focus - Process Design, Data Capture/Imaging, Event Orchestration/Workflow, Business Rules, Case Mgmt/Collaboration, Process Intelligence & Optimization Targeted Markets - Financial Services, Insurance, Government, Manufacturing Process Management Solutions - Global 360 (Process360/Case360/Insight360), Microsoft WF/BizTalk/Sharepoint, Fujitsu iFlow, MetaStorm
Web Infrastructure & Application Development
Dev Frameworks/Languages - Java, Javascript, .Net, Perl, PHP, VB, HTML, XML, CSS, AJAX, WSDL Tools/IDEs - eclipse, Visual Studio, DreamWeaver, ColdFusion Application Servers/Engines - Tomcat, JBoss, WebLogic, Websphere, Windows Server-IIS Design/Media - Adobe Creative Suite
Content Management (ECM, WCM, DAM, Customer Experience, etc)
Content Management, Collaboration & Portal Solutions - Interwoven, Microsoft Sharepoint, Vignette, Documentum, IBM, Alfresco, Oracle
Security (Application, System, Network & User Mgmt)
Directory Structures & Protocols - Kerberos, IPsec, LDAP, Active Directory, HTTPS Authentication Methods - Endpoint, Mutual, PKI, TLS-PSK, Secure Remote Password, Single Sign On (SiteMinder, RSA) Tools - Firewalls, Prevention/Detection Security Management Solutions - CA Top Secret, IBM RACF, Memco, Tivoli Access Manager
Systems & Data Center (O/S & Application Performance Mgmt)
Operating Systems - Windows (NT through prerelease of Windows 7), Linux (Red Hat), Unix (IBM AIX, Sun Solaris, HP-UX), AS/400, Mac OS Management Areas - Virtualization, Backup/HSM, Software Distribution, Performance Monitoring, Job Scheduling, User/Security Administration, Load Balancing, Fault Tolerance Systems/Network/Application Management Solutions - IBM/Tivoli Systems, Compuware, CA, HP, EMC VMWare, Microsoft
Database (Administration & Performance Mgmt)
Relational - Microsoft, Oracle, mySQL, Sybase, DB2 Object/XML - Tamino, Interwoven Database Management Solutions - CA, IBM/Tivoli, Compuware, Microsoft
Partner/Channel (Development, Enablement & Program Mgmt)
Presales & SE Management



Mark Smolen

“John is one of those rare individuals who listens to the customer first. He then provides an accurate and concise response that integrates the best of what the company has to offer into a clear and understandable solution the customer wants to purchase. He is also able to look at various products and see new solutions that others previously never thought to consider in the same frame. This outside-the-box thinking and his ability to work well with others makes him a valuable addition to any team.”  - March 2, 2009

David Gibson

“When I ran the Southeast region for Interwoven, John was a tremendous contributor to revenue, through excellent execution of pre-sales activities in enterprise content management deals. He always had a had a high degree of technical competence combined with strong business skills and sales savvy. Since I left, he has expanded his career in new areas of partner development and others, which is completely expected considering his broad range of skills.”  - March 3, 2009

Chris Colston

“John has a great ability to focus on the business problem and then attack it with real solutions. He can help you develop a strategy and then work with you to develop the tactical plan to execute it to the finish. I highly recommend John…”  - March 11, 2009

Bruce Obenour

"I have worked with John in multiple roles and in multiple companies. John has always excelled in customer facing and result oriented roles. He has a unique talent for being able to balance both the technical and business benefits of enterprise software solutions. John is also unique in his ability to manage customer expectations, account management requirements, and the complete sales team. John has the complete package to complement any professional software organization."  - April 10, 2009

Chris Edwards

"I respect John both professionally and personally as one of the top sales engineers I know and have worked with in my career. He understands the sales and engineering process in and out, and he knows how to maneuver a large enterprise sales process to a successful close. John is well respected; as he is always friendly, responsive, and eager to help his peers. It was a pleasure working with John and I look forward to collaborating with him again in the future. John is a first- class professional and I give him my highest endorsement" -  February 9, 2009

Rod Fleck

“While I was running Interwoven's Federal business, John managed all of our Federal partners. John was instrumental in our business development efforts to align our channel partners across multiple product lines in both the Civilian and Defense markets. This resulted in greater opportunity for Interwoven and was a key factor in the year over year growth in the business.” - March 3, 2009

John Jeandron

Worked with John over the years at Interwoven. Great individual contributor and team member. Well respected within Interwoven and from external business partners. Would highly recommend John and if/when in a position to hire would seek him out to be part of my team.”  - March 3, 2009