John Holliday has over 30 years of professional software development experience with a primary focus on information governance, collaboration and business process automation.  He has been involved in a wide range of commercial software projects for Fortune 100 clients, and has trained hundreds of corporate developers in the use and application of a variety of software development tools and technologies.

John served as a Microsoft SharePoint Server MVP for more than five years, and is the author of “Professional SharePoint 2007 Records Management Development” (Wrox Press, 2009) and has co-authored several other popular SharePoint technical books.He is the inventor of the CAML.NET Framework and the CAML.NET IntelliSense Visual Studio add-in, and is recognized worldwide as a thought leader in the SharePoint ECM space.

John is also the founder of the SharePoint Developer Network ( - twitter: @SPDEVNET), a LinkedIn group with over 5200 members, which is committed to helping SharePoint developers find work and professional support, and he is also the founder of SharePoint Heroes (,an emerging social network of SharePoint professionals devoted to helping charitable and humanitarian groups use and apply web-based collaboration technologies more effectively.

Work History

Work History
Jan 2006 - Present


Ted Pattison Group/Critical Path Training

Authored the ECM401 and WC-ECM401 courses for professional .NET developers starting SharePoint development and for experienced SharePoint developers looking to improve their skills.  These courses teach developers to identify the specific content patterns that drive business processes, enabling them to build comprehensive solutions that manage all aspects of the ECM lifecycle, including document auditing, versioning and security, check-in/check-out, information policy, official records and holds, and workflow.  

Developers also learn to use MOSS and Visual Studio to build their own custom content management components, which can then be used to support metadata gathering via electronic forms (InfoPath 2007), business process automation via Windows Workflow Foundation and document automation using Open XML.

Jan 2002 - Present

Co-Founder and Executive Director

Works of Wonder International

Our mission is to improve the quality of life worldwide by empowering individuals and communities to identify and acquire the skills, training, and technologies needed to solve critical problems such as access to pure water, adequate housing, energy and food.Recognizing that the quality of one's life depends not only on one's outer comfort, but on one's inner experience of well-being, we seek to restore an appreciation of basic human values by incorporating self-development training and humanitarian service as fundamental components of all our programs.

Feb 2014 - Present


Holliday & Associates

We provide content analysis, records management and document lifecycle support for SharePoint and Office 365.  Our practice comprises the full range of SharePoint portal infrastructure and website development, business process automation, forms, document generation, network planning and configuration services.  Our proprietary content modeling methodology can significantly speed the creation of a robust, yet streamlined information architecture while improving end-user adoption.

Mar 2007 - Dec 2013


SharePoint Architects, Inc.

SharePoint Architects provides SharePoint consulting, training and development services to the Fortune 500 as well as to small and mid-sized companies.  We helped to create the first SharePoint developer certification exams for Microsoft, and we have extensive experience helping our clients transition to the SharePoint platform.

We provide systems architecture and design support for building SharePoint solutions, and we routinely assist our clients in identifying the most effective solution development strategies that leverage their existing strengths while minimizing their risk.

Jan 2005 - Jan 2007

Lead Architect - Information Worker Solutions

Idea Integration (Astadia)

Architected, designed and implemented a collaboration-enabled project management solution using Microsoft InfoPath, Windows SharePoint Services and SQL Server to manage large-scale capital projects.  The project database includes detailed information about the type of project, the governmental division to which it belongs, project milestones, funding sources, and other budgetary details.  When saved into the SharePoint environment, a custom .NET service performs a preliminary analysis of the project data to setup an approval workflow.  When finally approved, the solution retrieves the data and then processes it to populate a custom SQL server database used to track capital projects.  A corresponding set of project-specific web parts was developed to enable tracking within SharePoint of a project’s status over the course of its lifecycle.  These web parts include customized office web components that provide interactive graphical reports of both individual and aggregated project data.

Tools and languages used include C#, XML, T-SQL, JavaScript, Microsoft Visual Studio, NAnt, NUnit, CodeSmith, SQL Server, SharePoint Portal Server, Windows SharePoint Services, Internet Information Server and the CSLA Framework.

Sep 2002 - Nov 2004

Chief Architect

Art of Living Foundation

Architected, designed and developed an event registration portal with support for ecommerce, collaboration and event management.The system exposes a core set of web services that can be called by smart clients to create, schedule and manage events and includes an outward facing website that is used by the general public to register and pay for seminars and events online.In addition to event scheduling and registration, the system tracks expenses, generates financial reports and coordinates event management workflow through a flexible email notification subsystem.

Tools and languages used include C#, XML, DHTML, T-SQL, JavaScript, Microsoft Visual Studio, NUnit, CodeSmith, SQL Server, SharePoint Portal Server, Windows SharePoint Services, Internet Information Server, Flash MX, .NET Remoting and the CSLA Framework.

Dec 2000 - Aug 2002

Chief Architect

Paragraph Development Corporation

Developed an enterprise content management solution involving a client-side authoring station and server side J2EE compliant runtime environment.The system delivers dynamic Flash content with server components that integrate seamlessly with popular application servers.The system provides full support for web services and includes a suite of pre-built Java classes and custom Cold Fusion tags.

With full responsibility for system architecture and design, I developed component specifications and blueprints, implemented components using a variety of tools and coordinated integration and unit testing.

Tools included Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Office Developer tools, Cold Fusion, SQL Server, Internet Information Server, Run, JDK 1.2.2, Dreamweaver MX, and Flash MX.

Development languages included C++, Java, JavaScript, Action Script, XML, DHTML and SQL.

Aug 1999 - Dec 2000

Chief Architect

Research Systems, Inc.

Created an extensible component-based framework for developing and publishing clinical diagnostic protocols tied to medical imaging hardware, healthcare information systems, archives, printers and other workstations.The system is currently being sold as "Watsyn".

Tools included Visual C++, COM, ATL, ActiveX, MFC, XML and the WIN32 API.

Nov 1998 - Jun 1999

Consulting Software Architect

Exchange Applications

Created a component-based framework for developing custom distributed CRM solutions.The product combines campaign management, electronic messaging and real-time customer data synchronization as well as banking-specific analytic data models.

Responsibilities included working with the development team to define the system architecture, developing UML models, writing component design specifications and implementing components.

Tools included Visual C++, COM, ATL, ActiveX, MFC, XML and the WIN32 API.

Jan 1989 - Dec 1998

Author / Instructor / Consultant

Semaphore Training

Developed software developer training curriculum focused on object-oriented development techniques using C++.  Delivered developer training to Fortune 500 clients.

Aug 1997 - Nov 1998

Consulting Software Engineer

National Cancer Institute

Developed a web-enabled document distribution system. Responsibilities included working with other team members to define the system architecture, writing system specs, developing COM components and writing ActiveX controls.

Tools included Visual C++, COM/DCOM, ATL, MFC, TSQL, XML and DHTML.


Jan 1977 - Jan 1982

JD, Computational Linquistics

University of Michigan Law School

Combined curriculum - Law and Computer Science.

April 1984, Helen Bates Fellow in Advanced Legal Studies

Institute for Legal Documentation, Florence, Italy

European Economic Community, Brussels, Belgium

Sep 1973 - Jun 1977

AB (Applied Mathematics)

Harvard College

Degree awarded cum laude.



Enterprise Information Architect

I employ a combined "top-down" and "bottom-up" approach to enterprise content analysis that enables my clients to clearly identify critical content elements that drive key business processes. My innovative Structured Relational Mapping (SRM) methodology, which includes analytical techniques derived from well-established principles of software architecture and design, such as Operational Modeling and Dependency Structure Matrix (DSM) analysis, adds relevance to content types by identifying functional groupings that surface through a detailed analysis of their interdependencies, rather than through subjective assumptions based purely on historical or anecdotal evidence.

SharePoint/Office 365 Developer/Architect

I have designed and implemented many solutions for the SharePoint 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 platforms, ranging from individual components (web parts, content types, custom fields) to custom features and solution packages.  I am thoroughly versed in all aspects of SharePoint architecture, design, implementation and maintenance. I have extensive experience architecting and developing SharePoint solutions since the product was first introduced.  I led a team of subject matter experts to create 2 Microsoft SharePoint developer certification exams.  I was the principal author of "Professional SharePoint 2007 Development" published in 2007 by Wrox Press.  I have co-authored several other popular SharePoint development titles, and founded the SharePoint Developer Network LinkedIn Group, which currently has over 4500 members.

.NET Application Developer

I have extensive experience developing desktop and web applications for the .NET framework across a range of programming languages, tools, platforms and environments. My hands-on expertise includes C#, VB.Net, C++, MVC, Xaml, WPF, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JQuery, Node.JS, Angular JS, Twitter Bootstrap, Transact-SQL, XML, XSLT, Windows PowerShell as well as custom programming languages and frameworks I have designed and implemented.

Visual Modeling Tool Developer

I have designed and built several custom visual modeling tools that enable users to construct complex models on a visual design canvas, and then translate those models into various external formats, such as XML or C# code. I am well-versed in the patterns and programming tools and methodologies that are required to build these kinds of tools, which often present unique challenges including multi-threading, event notification, undo/redo and runtime extensibility.

Visual Studio Add-In Developer

I have created several custom Visual Studio add-ins using my own custom enhancements to the Visual Studio SDK that allow me to create VSX packages quickly. The add-ins I have created range from simple UI extensions to complex custom languages that integrate seamlessly into the Visual Studio environment. In many cases, the packages include custom project and item templates and Nuget packages that enable developers to easily download and include the extensions into any project.

Technical Trainer/Mentor

I have developed  technical training curriculum and delivered technical training courses to 100s of software engineers around the world since 1989.