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  • To be hired into a position where I will deliver exceptional results through a pragmatic, results driven mindset focused on leveraging business relationships and systematic workflow management


In these current economic times, it is imperative for companies to harness the talent necessary who can balance the immediate challenges of the business in the short-term while contributing to the ongoing development of the organization in the long-term.

By working in the financial industry during the past two years, I have experienced firsthand these challenges and discovered what it takes to persevere during these times. Through self-motivation and an acute attention to detail, I have been able to facilitate high levels of client retention while contributing to various cross functional assignments throughout the department.

My education and work experience will allow me to contribute meaningful results in a rapidly changing business enviornment. By making it a priority to constantly evolve my career, I am confident I will be able to meet the new challenges presented to me and be able to consistently contribute in my future role

Work experience

Jun 2008Present

Investment Associate

  • Actively maintained all aspects of 500+ High Net Worth Client base through streamlined problem resolution and effective workflow management
  • Proactively established self as Subject Matter Expert involving industry news and trends during 2008 Market Crisis
  • Contributed to additional projects involving department integration along with internal division initiatives
Dec 2006Jun 2008

Client Relationship Associate

  • Ensured highest level of customer satisfaction through exceptional client focus and a developed ability to create strong rapport with shareholders
  • By handling up to 80 calls per day, I effectively managed shareholder expectations by coordinating between internal client requirements and external client demands
  • Augmented core responsibilities by serving as liaison between the Marketing area and the client service department; As well as proctoring new hire classes involving company policies and industry knowledge
Jun 2006Sep 2006

Production Assistant

Ricochet Productions/ ABC
  • Established self on first day of shooting as Coordinator between diverse filming teams with the goal of ensuring all aspects of production are on schedule
  • Developed personal action plans by analyzing, organizing, and executing tasks in short periods of time in an often chaotic atmosphere
Jan 2006Jun 2006


Weber Advertising
  • Coordinated projects between Public Relations, Creative Division, and IT in an effort to gather actionable feedback throughout the lifecycle of various campaigns
  • Spearheaded development of internal agency brochure aimed at increasing exposure in target market
  • Maintained high degree of flexibility while assisting with a variety of diverse agency needs in a constantly changing, fast paced business environment


Sep 2002May 2006

Bachelors of Science

  • Graduated with 3.0 GPA while balancing an Internship and a work-study position at the university.


Lotus Notes
Microsoft Office Suite
Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and Access
Adobe Photoshop


Dec 2006Present

Series 6: Investment Company Products/Variable Life Contracts

Dec 2006Present

Series 63: Uniform Securities Agent State Law



S Puri

Since his Mid Year review in June, John has not only maintained his performance in terms of Managing the Operation, Managing Relationships and Managing Self, but has continued to offer himself for projects and initiatives within the department. His Call Quality and Transaction quality continued to be strong. He was a huge help to the Process Owner for the recent Admiral share conversions/demotions that are processed manually for AMS clients. He was recently assigned a fourth IM to support, a responsibility John embraced with his usual "can do" attitude.

John has not only been an asset to the team in terms of his performance in Managing the Operation, but has been a positive influence as a key team player for the IAs. John will be missed by all on his team. I wish John the very best in his new role as a member of the FAS IAM Vanguard Action Team.

L Harris

In 2008, John continued to show a solid grasp of his core responsibilities as a Client Relationship Associate in Retail Services.John's dashboard has been consistently green.Year-to-date, John's average call quality is 95%, meeting the department's 2008 quality BHAG.John's average handle time is 342 seconds, well within the acceptable range.

John is client-focused.He is able to very quickly determine the root cause for the call and service each contact in an efficient manner.John is able to handle challenging clients on his own, very rarely having to "elevate" clients to a member of the management team.John utilizes all resources at his disposal.When he does seek assistance, John has usually explored most options and is seeking assistance with the choice or exception that would be most beneficial for the client.John is able togarner bits or information from various sources in an effort to determine root cause and true issues.His follow-up is good, with both internal and external clients.

John does an excellent job of answering client questions. His answers are often thorough and concise, allowing clients to easily digest difficult concepts.John's opportunity lies in his taking the depth of his calls to the next level.This is a concept that we have have been discussing.John is encouraged to continue to look for opportunities to add value beyond the question that the client poses.He should continue become more cognizant of and respond to verbal cues, vague questions and other client actions that might indicate that there is confusion or misunderstanding of the information being provided.He should also look for opportunities that enhance the answers he gives, providing additional detail that educates and allows the client to make a truly informed decision, weighing all options and consequences.

John has been an invaluable resource this year, both to the team and department.John has served many hours in Swiss Army, coaching new hires, providing support for the training crew as well as providing support for his newer teammates.John also continued to support education efforts in Retail Services by continuing to serve as a liaison on a committee with Marketing.John was also nominated for "Coach of the Quarter" this year.While managing multiple tasks and competing priorities, John should take steps to make sure that all who are affected by his decisions are aware of the changes to both his and their schedule, e.g., signing up for Swiss Army shifts that overlap other scheduled meetings/activities.

John has sought and incorporated feedback into his performance. In addition to the changes that he has made in his everyday duties, John was also able to put his "interview" coaching and feedback into practice very quickly. John had two interviews this year.The feedback from each showed progression and maturity in this area.The second of the two interviews resulted in an offer of employment, which John has accepted with excitement and enthusiasm.

John's teamwork and energy have been an asset to Team Harris and Retail Services.We congratulate John and wish him great success in all of his endeavors.John will be missed.

T Cullen

To whom it may concern:

I recommend John Glinski for the MBA program at Saint Joseph’s University. John currently serves as an Investment Associate working directly with myself on the discretionary management of high net worth client accounts within Vanguard’s Asset Management Services.I have had the opportunity to work closely with John for about one year.

I am extremely happy to have John working with me on my team managing my client base. John demonstrates an incredible initiative and a strong dedication to my clients.When I am confronted with an issue surrounding a client account, I rely on John to take ownership of the matter from beginning to end. I find John’s ability to leverage our business partners in other departments priceless to ensure accurate and timely solutions on all matters.John leads by example, and his colleagues frequently rely on his expertise to ensure proper execution surrounding client accounts.

I can not picture managing my clients without the help of John. I know that his ability to be a team player and communicate effectively will serve him well in his continued success in your MBA program.