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Work experience

Apr 2007Present


Create Studios

My main employment, and accounting for the remaining 4 days of my week I work as Film and Digital Media Technician to the digital arts branch of Swindon Borough Council. I am responsible for maintaining facilities, handling rental of equipment and space. I provide technical consultancy throughout the council and the production and maintenance of our web content. I am also responsible for a number of budgets, amounting to £12,000 annually, for the purchase and maintenance of supplies and equipment. 

Owing to the varied nature of our business, I am often called upon to use film and edit high definition video; encode video for the web as well as a variety of other uses; edit digital photography using Photoshop and I am in the process of developing a PHP and mySQL booking system to automate our rentals.

As mentioned previously, I have recently added a large scale project to my list of responsibilities. I am co-organising a ‘battle of the bands’ style event, involving nine bands; a four month radio programme with the local station, Brunel FM; text voting and four live events.

Jun 2007Present


Flux Project

The Flux Project is a community arts project in Swindon aimed at bringing creative professionals and their skills to young people. Embedded in the new Isambard Community School in Swindon and aboard its moving media studios, the Flux Mobile, Flux provides digital media lessons and workshops to hundreds of Swindon's young people. My role is as technical support and technology consultant on this project and accounts for one day of my working week.

Jun 2007Present



In my spare time,  I write a monthly column on the subject of digital creativity. My writing tends to lean towards the use of online or freeware applications to improve creative productivity or marketing of products such as use of the internet to cheaply promote the reader's own music. The column has received a great deal of positive feedback and has led to a partnership between my journalistic employers and Create Studios, my main job, to create Frequency Airborne, an X factor style 'battle of the bands' for Swindon. 

Dec 2006Mar 2007

Assistant Manager

Western Computer

I helped set up this new Apple Premium Reseller in Swindon's Brunel Centre. This challenging role taught me about the intricacies of sales; how to run a shop; motivate a team and at the same time gave me an avenue to further explore my interest in digital media. Knowing the software was important in selling our products.


Sep 2003May 2006

BA (Hons)

Bath Spa University

I have a BA (Hons) Degree in Creative Music Technology. This was essentially a multimedia course, despite its title. On this course I learned invaluable skills including: Flash and Actionscript development; audio DSP programming through the programming interface Max/MSP; video editing and studio compositional techniques.


Final Cut Studio
I have been using the full range of Final Cut tools as part of my job for the last year and have also used it for personal projects as well as university modules. I also have a great deal of experience in encoding video for web and in DVD authoring with DVD Studio Pro.
I am comfortable with all versions since CS1 and am currently using CS3 both at work and at home. I am comfortable with performing minor colour alterations, as well as more dramatic composition works. I also use Photoshop as a design tool for creating web templates which I then manually convert to valid HTML and CSS.
I have just begun a couple of projects designing a content management system for my father's website and building an ordering system for my current employers.
I am extremely comfortable using valid (x)HTML and have good knowledge of standards and browser compatibility using CSS templates for web design. 
Flash and Actionscript
I have been using Actionscript since the second year of my degree. I have programmed interfaces as well as online applications. I am comfortable using both the Flash interface and manual scripting interchangeably to suit project goals.