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Work experience

Aug 2007Feb 2009

Assistant Vice President - Online Banking Product Management

  • Managed competitive analysis and alignment of Online Banking with supporting technology.Oversaw the research and design of requirements, user and technical interfaces, workflows, testing and success audits.Approved customer facing marketing materials for use in emails, the online user interface, customer statement insert/mailers, banking center promotional items, external emails and in-product messaging.
  • Developed and implemented processes to streamline the Online Banking application, mortgage, loan, and visa check card processes.  Included formulation of processes, workflows, project management, executive communication, and liaison between technical and business areas.
  • Implemented the new Comerica Online Banking product which retained competitiveness with peer financial institutions through a new user interface, technology, and functionality.Functioned as the technical to business liaison throughout the 14 month project.
  • Lead the implementation of the government mandated multi-factor authentication, or secondary authentication, project.  Included managing vendor relationships, contract procurement, project management, executive communication, liaison between technical and business areas, and formulation of marketing/customer communication materials.
Jun 2005Jul 2007

Process Engineering Manager

  • In first year, refined multiple department processes which resulted in annual savings of over $250K through personnel restructuring, while reducing turn-around times and error rates.
  • Directed the project management, intranet system development, and process refinement of telephone sales / service fulfillment.
  • Developed and implemented programs including paperless fulfillment, online customer account opening instructions and switch kits, and the improvement of existing technologies to reduce costs while improving the customer experience.
  • Mentored and developed eightdirect reports.Five former direct reports have since been promoted.
Oct 2001May 2005

Loan Operations Manager

  • Collection, formulation, and delegation of all mortgage loans. Reported to Senior Vice President, communicating volume and trend analysis for process improvement.
  • Co-authored proposal and led implementation of imaged mortgage documents to nine regional offices.
  • Recruited, trained, and managed 48 employees to handle all imaged loan indexing at the headquarters of Flagstar Bank.



Microsoft Suite, Lotus Smart Suite, Lotus Notes
Business to Business Websites
Business to Consumer Websites
Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Web 2.0 and 3.0


Chuck Kloka

John is a focused, goal-driven achiever. He understands process inside out and uses a measured, logical approach to problem-solving. John is an "out of the box thinker" capable of leading change and molding his team for success. He is a leader and leads by example as well. John is up to the challenge - whatever it may be. I strongly recommend him as a part of any leadership team.

John MacMillan

John is a creative product manager and process engineer -- exploring ideas, looking for the right angle, finding the shortest path to the best answer. He is extremely talented at working with people, both on-team and cross-team. An excellent collaborator with vendors, pursuing the win-win approach that maximizes the value for all parties. John serves well as a mentor, nurturing and teaching those who might benefit from a "leg-up." And he is a sponge for new information, treating everyone as a source for his learning and networking opportunities. In short, I recommend John with no reservation.

Leonard Harding

John DiGaetano was one of my internal clients at Comerica Bank. John came in as the leader of our call center’s fulfillment group. John quickly put together a plan for improving the response time of the team. I worked closely with this group and watched them come together under John’s leadership. John also pushed my area for technical changes. John presented a clear vision of what he wanted to accomplish. With little budget to work with John worked closely with us and helped generate creative solutions to the issues his team was facing. Using his drive, leadership, and creativity John was able to greatly improve a team that was functioning far below its ability. John was great to work with and I would be glad to work with him again. He is a great addition to any company.

Robert Jones

I was the project manager on the vendor side, with John on the client side, for a highly complex one-year implementation of online banking services. Over and above the usual applicable words like "process-driven" or "results-oriented" I admire John for keeping a positive, friendly, team attitude. We all expect the professional skills, and we expect a client to look out for the interests of his project, but not all can also be "nice guy" like John.


  • Conceptualization of original ideas that create consumer interest, by impacting the status quo, and generating revenue.
  • Mentoring direct reports in their efforts to develop and thrive within their perspective fields.



Pro Marketers

eMarketing Association


Cohen Brown Users Network


Innovative results-driven executive accomplished in product and process management, cost reduction and problem identification.  Experienced in project management, marketing and communication strategies, supervising and motivating teams.  Reputation for building and refining teams and platforms for optimal long-term performance and growth.


Continuous growth within the eCommerce sector that encourages consistency in ingenuity, development, and decisiveness.