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Work experience

Mar 2006Present

Managing Director

Dierckx & Associates Ltd

Music Tutoring, Song Writing, Live Music and other creative productions since 2009 t/a Renaissance Man Music. 

Initially set up as business for activities such as Litigation Support, Business Risk Consultancy, (Fraud) Risk Management Consultancy, Fraud Investigations, Training, Consigliere.

Dec 1997Present

Guest Lecturer

Erasmus University Rotterdam, Centre for Law & Practice

• Lecturing "Open Source Intelligence and Technical Intelligence" section of Crime Reconnaissance course

Jun 2013Present

Music Teacher

Rowley Ave Primary School

Teaching guitar, bass, ukulele to group of extra talented children through government funded after-school program. 

Feb 2009Mar 2013

CCO & Board of Directors

iUhba NL

The Company specializes in three major next-generation cable and telecommunications fields:

  • mUHBA: 5-10 Mbps Mobile Broadband/ Voice service (nationwide, over the air, services under wholesale contract with nationwide mobile operator- the Company will be a Mobile Virtual Network Operator);
  • fUHBA: 1 Gbps Fiber-To-The-Home/Office FTTH/O (available nationwide in "rolled out" markets nationwide), and 100 Mbps service over third-party owned FTTH systems (such as Reggefiber's); Due to virtually unlimited capacity, UHBA can provide hundreds of ultra-HDTV channels and other advanced content services.
  • wUHBA: Fixed Wireless access (available nationwide in "rolled out" markets nationwide).

The latter is divided in three segments:

  • Wireless Service10 - 100 Mbps wireless access (using [confidential] spectrum on Company owned patented WMTS technology; for PC/Laptop/Smartphone access)
  • BroadcastingMultimedia Broadcast (using the Company's exclusive 1.452 MHz spectrum; for TV and Radio channels, Security Alerts, Remote updating of digital screens, etc.)
  • Virtual Private wireless Service2 Mbps wireless access (using the Company's exclusive 1.7 GHz spectrum; for special interest groups, such as emergency responders, and public safety [e.g. CCTV] operators)
Mar 2008Jan 2011

Managing Director / Consultant / Inhouse Legal

ARCIS New Zealand Ltd


The Insurance business is aimed at developing new products and promotion of these products. Currently this involves the promotion of an expartiate health insurance plan, that is underwritten, administered and sold by LAMP Insurance Ltd (Gibraltar/UK).

Sep 2009Sep 2009

Senior Investigator

IRS Forensic Services

IRS is an initiative of recognised top specialists in the area of integrity, security, forensic investigations, compliance, IT-security and restructuring. Staff at IRS consists of dedicated professionals keeping office in Rotterdam - The Netherlands.

The multi-disciplinary approach of IR}S makes the difference in:

  • integrity management
  • fraud and fact-finding investigations
  • forensic IT
  • transaction & restructuring services
  • security risk management

Clientele mainly consists of governments, enterprises, financial institutions, shareholders, advisory boards and venture capitalists. Do not hesitate to contact me should you have any enquiries.

More information can be found at

May 2007Jun 2008

Board of Advisers

Seamless NWS, Inc

Seamless NWS Inc, a startup  that  creates innovative software for the social and business networking community.

Apr 2007Apr 2007

Presenter (contracted)

Asia Business Forum

Insurance Fraud.

Both in Singapore Malaysia

Sep 2003Mar 2006

Independent Contractor

Expert Risk Solutions

Litigation Support, Business Risk Consultancy, (Fraud) Risk Management Consultancy, Fraud Investigations,primarilly as a contractor for Corporate Risks (1997) Ltd.

Apr 2003Sep 2003

Strategic Intelligence Analyst

NZ Police (CIB Christchurch)

Contracted strategic Intelligence Analysis, projects:

  • Youth Criminality
  • Crime and Ethnic Groups
Feb 2001Feb 2003


Hoffmann Bedrijfsrecherche BV

• Fraud investigation (management fraud, theft or misappropriation of company assets, embezzlement, business corruption, conflict of interest)• Investigation of contravention of competition clauses• Investigation of corporate/industrial espionage, theft or leakage of trade secrets• Cyber-crime investigation (i.e. email tracing, investigating hacking attempts)• Computer forensics and analysis of computer evidence

May 1999Feb 2001


PricewaterhouseCoopers NV

Worked for Dispute Analysis & Investigations.

• Fraud investigation (theft of misappropriation of assets, corruption, management fraud, embezzlement, conflict of interest)• Consulting with regard to money laundering • Establishment and operation of Open Sources Intelligence Centre (including maintaining international contacts within PwC)

Feb 1999May 1999

Consultant (contracted)

Unilver Research Vlaardingen

Knowledge management project.

• set up of directory structures and databases• Supporting experts with respect to information accessibility and storage• Establishment of expert-archives• Collection of information and ensuring electronic accessibility of such information in databases

Dec 1998Feb 1999

Project Leader (Contracted)

Rijksgebouwendienst Zuidwest (Government Property Management Agency)

Project reorganization status of agency and accounting system.

• Coordination of all activities pertaining to the project• Assisting with establishment and implementation of policy• Internal and external contact person for matters pertaining to the project

Sep 1998Nov 1998

Financial -Legal Assistant (contracted)

Rijksgebouwendienst Zuidwest

Financial-Legal Assistant (contracted),

• Financial-legal assessment of (draft) usage agreements of State Building Service clients• Financial-legal assessment of State Building Service policy• Development of assessment model• Design and execution of computerised assessment module (Excel)

May 1997Jun 1998

Strategic Intelligence Analyst

Netherlands Police (The Hague)

National Task Force Latin American Organized Crime

• Development of research models• Establishment of strategic criminal intelligence on organised crime groups related to Latin America (Colombia, Mexico) with an impact on Dutch society • Risk analysis (of business lines, target markets and phenomena)• Strategic and tactical analysis pertaining to combating organised crime• Design and implementation of Core Team information management model• Design and implementation of Core Team business plan and investigation strategy• Reporting to team management, corps management, local triangle (mayor, public prosecutor and police)• Building and maintenance of external contact network• Initiation of (international) strategic co-operational relationships• Design of interview format• Interviewing and interrogation• Preparation and execution of presentations, seminars and training courses for diverse target markets• Participation in various management meetings and assisting to develop strategy policies• Tactical support of detective force and Criminal Intelligence Department (CID)• Guidance of students on work-experience from the Haagse Hogeschool (College of The Hague) in executing supplementary research

Feb 1995Apr 1997

Strategic Intelligence Analyst

Netherlands Police Regional Interdisciplinary Fraud Team The Hague

• Design and implementation of business plan and investigation model• Trade investigation of Fish Processing Industry and Cleaning Companies• Reporting• Participation in various discussion structures• Producing presentations pertaining to those parties involved and to concern groups

Award: Beneficiary of award under article 74 paragraph 2, Sub. C, Decree of General Police Legal Status on account of exceptionally commendable service

Mar 1994Jan 1995

Strategic Intelligence Analyst (contracted)

Netherlands Police

National Task Force European Union Fraud


Freelance Lecturer

Ministry of Justice

Criminal Law, Criminal Proceedings, Penitentiary Law. 

Training prison guards, social therapeuric officers and other prison officiers.


Student Assistant

Erasmus Univeristy Rotterdam, Dept of Criminal Law

Assistant of Prof mr Hans de Doelder, Elizabeth de Koning-de Jong and Renee Kool.

Guest Lecturer Fraud & Criminal Law

Guest lecturer course Psychiatry and Criminal Law


Legal-Administrative Assistant

Vlaardingen City Council


Citizens Legal Advice Bureau


I started playing guitar at the age of 16, obtaining training through a guitar school and private lessons.

After high school,  I was admitted and started my study (jazz) guitar at the Rotterdam Conservatory, at what is now known as the Jazz Academy. I had the honor and pleasure to study there under Klaus Flenter, a well renowned jazz guitar player.This included masterclasses with the famous Joe Pass, besides, John Scofield, Michael Brecker, Ray Brown, and (guitar) masterclasses Garrison Fewell, Peter Leitch and others. Subsequent to jazz school I went through law school and became a LL.M  Despite pursuing a career in the corporate world, music has always stayed a parallel career, as a musician and tutor running a private practice of up to 36 (1/hr a week). Students have ended up on different conservatories in the Netherlands and other European countries, as well as the GIT (Guitar Institute of Technology) in the USA and more recently CPIT in Christchurch. 

Over the years I have been playing as a free lance guitarist and played with (smaller) bands as well as playing in a wide range of bands and jazz ensembles in the Netherlands and New Zealand. Styles ranged from quiet solo jazz guitar to alternative rock and metal. I am fluent and knowledgeable in a wide range of contemporary styles.In New Zealand I have been playing in various settings, solo-jazz guitar, duo settings and larger groups.  I am a (lead guitar) member of the music team at Harmony Church and have played with Christian artists such as Bob Fitts, Sean Feucht, Karen Lafferty. 

Current projects include writing and recording a solo contemplative/meditative guitar album, hymns for solo guitar. and writing a guitar-method. 

  • 30+ years experience as (semi-) professional musician
  • 25+ years experience teaching guitar and jazz theory
  • 4 years experience teaching bass
  • 1 year experience teaching ukulele.
  • 15+ years of experience in compliance, risk & integrity management, 
  • 15+ years of experience in intelligence analysis and financial investigations
  • 6.5 years experience in litigation support
  • 6.5 years of experience in negotiating out of court results
  • 9 years experience in computer forensic services
  • 4 years of law enforcement experience
  • 20+ years experience as a tutor/trainer

Personal interests include but are not limited to God, family,, reading, learning, social internet, music


Over the years (former-)colleagues and clients have been so kind to provide endorsements and references, a small selection is posted below.

I came to John with about 30 years of being self taught (kicked off by 1/2 dozen group lessons at age 18).

Having dabbled in a range of methods from finger style to conventional rock/pop/blues using books DVD’s and YouTube, I had reached a plateau in my DIY approach to learning (and in-grained a number of poor techniques!).

I now appreciate how critical it is to have a good teacher who can head off any incorrect techniques or approaches before they become limitations!

My goal is to progress as a “student” of jazz music (an awesome journey!).

John is a very accomplished musician and this coupled with his patience and creativity equips him with the ability to get to the root cause of any problems, and then follow through with solutions! This sets him apart as a teacher.

Also, there are very few players I have observed that can do what he does, playing any style! very inspiring!

A revelation for me has been learning the critical role of the right-hand in timing and feel.  “It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing!”  I am now convinced that anything is possible with the right teacher and consistent approach to practice.

I highly recommend John to anyone looking to learn and improve their guitar technique and musical ability.

As the young folk would say, “Awesome!”

Rapt Student : Alan Provan.

There has never been a time when I haven’t enjoyed one of John’s guitar lessons. John is friendly, funny and accommodating and the classes are always up close and personal; even more so because he seems to enjoy the classes just as much as the student. He inspires, encourages and keeps you interested in your guitar playing. I’ve never left one of his lessons wanting to do anything other than play guitar. He’s willing to teach you to play anything from Frank Sinatra to Slipknot to Justin Beiber and anything in between. (Although getting him to teach you Justin Beiber might require some nagging). All jokes aside, John Dierckx is an excellent down to earth teacher and I have never had better.Kent Date, Taipeh/Christchurch

John is a really nice teacher and when I was sad he helped me and comforted me. He is a really nice teacher and helps me to learn to play the guitar. If anyone wanted to play guitar I would recommend John because he is the best!!!     Zachery Abraas, Christchurch

John has been teaching me guitar for only a short time. I find him very easy to communicate with and learn from. If he thinks I am having a difficulty in absorbing stuff he doesn’t push me too far. I have learned a lot in a short time from him and I put it down to his easy going attitude and his ability to keep your attention during a lesson.I enjoy my lessons every Friday and hope John will be able to keep tutoring me for a good while yet.

Thank you

John ThomsonBlue Gum Lodge Motel

Hey John,I started listening to your music,and could not stop.Beautiful phrasing,chord melody solos ala Wes.Really Great feel,Sincerly,Carmine D'Amico I will be back to hear more,PEACE. Carmen D'Amico holder of 16 Grammy Awards

You chord melodies are really cool. Your playing reminds me very much of Joe Pass, who I'm sure you probably listen to a lot. After all, you can't really play solo jazz guitar without being influenced by him. I can also hear that you have your own style too. So far I've only scratched the surface, since you have a ton of music on here, but I look forward to hearing more. Brian Healey

Aye papa! First of all, thank you for comin back to my board! It's means a lot to me! Second of all, that cry of love take 1 is amazing, you captured so many different emotions on different levels. Stay tearin up the chords. *RispettoLove Life, Jazzy

nice chord melodies on beautiful love,keep up the good work! Darryl Johnson A great US Piano player and Composer

Theres some cool stuff here man!...looking forward to doing some more serious composing together to stretch us both! will be cool!.JCJohn Castellain, recording artist, record label 

Hi John. .. I really like Cosmic Explosion that you did with John Castellain. That song rips! Your other stuff is awesome too. Would you be interested in jamming on some trax? Let me know... It could be greatness!

Robbi Spencer

Not enough of this type of playing around in the world. Good stuff. Peter Kossists

John..... WOW....WOW....WOW... Listening to "Days of Wine and Roses as I'm typing this.. Just so nice. Like you, I'm an absolute over old school jazz guitar... Man... Just so nice, and I'm adding you to my favorites...Thanks so much for sharing your music with the group...See Ya, Tal... Rolland Harrison

I really liked your interpretation of ‘Autumn Leaves' and decided to put it in my own station. Do you play much around there?I'm from Rio and I keep giggin' here as possible. Regards. Fernando Hungria

"I am most impressed with your expert approach ... Your work has been most helpful" (Michael Guest, Former Judge South Island 2006)

"John is an absolute phenomenon in the area of crime investigations and forensics. But above all, he is a friend for life and one of the most honest, driven, talented and humoristic persons one could imagine. Highly recommended."Jeroen van der Reijken,  Account Manager/Security Specialist at Verizon Business 

"Being involved in one of the most complex matrimonial settlements ever has resulted in the necessity for me to deal with lawyers, accountants, bank managers, judges, bank ombudsman, the NZ Accountants Society and the Inland Revenue.

The success of my case relies heavily on traditional expertise in numerous areas. However, until the information from each of these areas was analysed and merged by you, into understandable and chronological order, progress was impossible.

I can state without a doubt that your experience and proficiency are indisputably the foundation of advancement in my case for fair matrimonial settlement and fair child support. In addition to that, your work has contributed to the likelihood of further fraud exposure and tax evasion.

The colossal amount of information from eight different entities (Trusts and Companies) needing to be analysed then amalgamated into concise affidavits and verbal statements has been accomplished by you consistently throughout the past three years of this battle to bring the facts into light to be re-examined under the law.

Appreciation of your multifaceted skills and respect for your comprehensive experience can not be expressed enough. Without your leading contribution to unraveling account discrepancies dispersed with fraud and deception, I could never start to establish what has actually taken place financially.

Your talent of extracting the facts from colossal amounts of various sets of information is nothing less than remarkable."

Tammie Fraser, Timaru, New ZealandMarch 2009

"John brings a razor sharp, analytical focus to everything that he does. If you have an seemingly intractable problem with no obvious solution in site, John is the man to consult. He has tremendous expertise in the analysis and resolution of very difficult situations with the best interests of all parties always in mind. I cannot recommend John highly enough, I am convinced that no situation is beyond his abilities to resolve."

David Alexander, Social Engineering Specialist, Trainer Speaker, Mercury Advisers

"John and I met on Ecademy and we have now formed a real alliance because we have identified a great deal of synergy about the way we think and the way we do business. His expertise in his field of business system risk management and fraud investigation is outstanding. His commitment to training business owners in how to recognize and protect themselves from fraud in its many forms is the reason he has joined as a contributor and will be offering his insight online to our members. I recommend you subscribe to his newsletter at because it is the best thing I have read recently on this topic."

Michael Taplin, founder of

"... the delegates were very impressed by your presentation ... they have clearly benefited from your presentation and interesting thoughts. Some delegates commented that your presentation was thought provoking, very detailed and structured... clear and concise, you have extremely good knowledge of the topic, coupled with your relaxed presentation style..." Norazlina Manap, Asia Business Forum

"I highly recommend John Dierckx as a person you should do business with. John is of highest ethical character and is exceptionally qualified in many different disciplines; law, music, philosophy, writing, and in fact, anything intellectually challenging is of interest to John. I call John "the machine" because of the speed at which he can crank out work in incredible depth, which most people cannot do, even if given a month. Unlike many others in the legal profession, John focuses on results rather than on hours billed, and despite his rough-looking exterior, he is compassionate and often does work for clients at reduced rates if they are in financial distress. John is also a family man, with a lovely wife and 3 young children. I have been treated like a member of the family when a guest in their home, even though I have only know John for a few years. John is also very personable with a quick wit and can be quite entertaining. So if John contacts you about doing a deal, take the deal and ask questions later. You won't regret it."

Brad Ritchey, former client, now business partner at ARCIS

"John is an expert in his field, a consummate professional, a dedicated trouble shooter, an exemplary networker, a generous business cohort and a visionary for what may be in the new technological virtual business world. A joy to work with, always courteous no matter what the hour or the task in hand, he gives 110 percent focus and provides exacting solutions to clients. A five star consultant." Tia Carr Williams, COO,

"John is both provocateur and providential and these traits never exist together, but there is a reason: John has this innate quality that will either inspire you if you are honest with yourself or prompt you to contact him to understand the mystery behind the man that is so well respected by many.Glad to call John my best friend and I do not make a move without consulting him. He knows me well and has my best interests at heart." Michael Pokocky "diarist, author, poet, entrepreneur, publisher, humanitarian"

"... Dude, I never knew my business could be so susceptible to problems and was so exposed to fraud and other malicious threats. What I like about your newsletter is that it shows me where my business weaknesses could be, how to identify them and how to stop them. You've got something unique here because I've never seen or heard of any newsletter of this sort that explains what the risks are, both internal and external, and what to do like this does. Nice job. Looking forward to more issues."

Ed Baran"

"I have worked alongside John Dierckx for the past three years as a fraud and computer forensic investigator and security consultant. John's abilities and professionalism are of the highest order."

Pat Coady, Owner, Corporate Risks New Zealand (South Island) Limited (2006)"

“I have had the pleasure of working with John on a case and found him to be extremely professional and methodical.” Kyle Southam Gen-i New Zealand

"John is an exceptional professional... His strengths are a wide professional experience joined with great professional skills... John is perfect in Litigation Support Professional and Risk Management Consultant. Andrzej Philips, owner of the Law Office in Poland and former Judge

"Had I done that (hiring you) after re-established communications with my previous business associate, it could have made the difference ... in court. ... I think there are many, many consumers that need the benefit of your service... it's invaluable." (NZ Client)

you give a network like this trustyou are a good friendand a warm and kind personhonoust and helpfullyou helped me start bloggingJet Rotmans

A very professional, kind, honest person with a big knowledge, wide range of interests... A person of action... Very trustful. Always ready to help. An incredible man. A true networker. I appreciate him a lot.

Seven months after my first testimonial to John I can confirm everything I said about him and even more. He is a person you can count on. A real friend. Intelligent, warm, helpful, full of life and with a great sense of humor. One of the best! Absolutely!Andrea Lajh



  • Erasmus University Rotterdam Post doctoral study Forensic Auditing, study interrupted 2000 due to course cancellation
  • Erasmus University Rotterdam Dutch (Criminal) Law, degree 1998
  • Conservatorium Rotterdam (School of Music) Guitar Jazz  1989
  • Groen van Prinster Lyceum (High School)HAVO (Higher General Continued Education) Diploma 1983


  • Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance Certificate of Attendance  Insurance Fraud Seminar
  • Data Expert (training institute for forensic software) Advanced use of EnCase forensic analysis programme, diploma 2000
  • LSOP (Police National Recruitment and Training Institute)Prevention of Corruption - Organised Crime, certificate 1998
  • Haaglanden (The Hague) Police Octopus, certificate 1997
  • Haaglanden (The Hague) Police PO&OPresentation Techniques, certificate 1997
  • LSOP (Police National Recruitment and Training Institute) Computer crime for Investigators, certificate 1996
  • Istana Enterprises (intelligence study centre) Strategic Intelligence Analysis Course, certificate 1995

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