Work experience

Work experience
Mar 2006 - Present

Managing Director

Dierckx & Associates Ltd

Music Tutoring, Song Writing, Live Music and other creative productions since 2009 t/a Renaissance Man Music. 

Initially set up as business for activities such as Litigation Support, Business Risk Consultancy, (Fraud) Risk Management Consultancy, Fraud Investigations, Training, Consigliere.

Dec 1997 - Present

Guest Lecturer

Erasmus University Rotterdam, Centre for Law & Practice

• Lecturing "Open Source Intelligence and Technical Intelligence" section of Crime Reconnaissance course

Jun 2013 - Present

Music Teacher

Rowley Ave Primary School

Teaching guitar, bass, ukulele to group of extra talented children through government funded after-school program. 

Feb 2009 - Mar 2013

CCO & Board of Directors

iUhba NL

The Company specializes in three major next-generation cable and telecommunications fields:

  • mUHBA: 5-10 Mbps Mobile Broadband/ Voice service (nationwide, over the air, services under wholesale contract with nationwide mobile operator- the Company will be a Mobile Virtual Network Operator);
  • fUHBA: 1 Gbps Fiber-To-The-Home/Office FTTH/O (available nationwide in "rolled out" markets nationwide), and 100 Mbps service over third-party owned FTTH systems (such as Reggefiber's); Due to virtually unlimited capacity, UHBA can provide hundreds of ultra-HDTV channels and other advanced content services.
  • wUHBA: Fixed Wireless access (available nationwide in "rolled out" markets nationwide).

The latter is divided in three segments:

  • Wireless Service10 - 100 Mbps wireless access (using [confidential] spectrum on Company owned patented WMTS technology; for PC/Laptop/Smartphone access)
  • BroadcastingMultimedia Broadcast (using the Company's exclusive 1.452 MHz spectrum; for TV and Radio channels, Security Alerts, Remote updating of digital screens, etc.)
  • Virtual Private wireless Service2 Mbps wireless access (using the Company's exclusive 1.7 GHz spectrum; for special interest groups, such as emergency responders, and public safety [e.g. CCTV] operators)
Mar 2008 - Jan 2011

Managing Director / Consultant / Inhouse Legal

ARCIS New Zealand Ltd


The Insurance business is aimed at developing new products and promotion of these products. Currently this involves the promotion of an expartiate health insurance plan, that is underwritten, administered and sold by LAMP Insurance Ltd (Gibraltar/UK).

Sep 2009 - Sep 2009

Senior Investigator

IRS Forensic Services

IRS is an initiative of recognised top specialists in the area of integrity, security, forensic investigations, compliance, IT-security and restructuring. Staff at IRS consists of dedicated professionals keeping office in Rotterdam - The Netherlands.

The multi-disciplinary approach of IR}S makes the difference in:

  • integrity management
  • fraud and fact-finding investigations
  • forensic IT
  • transaction & restructuring services
  • security risk management

Clientele mainly consists of governments, enterprises, financial institutions, shareholders, advisory boards and venture capitalists. Do not hesitate to contact me should you have any enquiries.

More information can be found at

May 2007 - Jun 2008

Board of Advisers

Seamless NWS, Inc

Seamless NWS Inc, a startup  that  creates innovative software for the social and business networking community.

Apr 2007 - Apr 2007

Presenter (contracted)

Asia Business Forum

Insurance Fraud.

Both in Singapore Malaysia

Aug 2005 - Mar 2006

Director / Consultant

Corporate Risks New Zealand (SI) Ltd

Litigation Support, Business Risk Consultancy, (Fraud) Risk Management Consultancy, Fraud Investigations

Sep 2003 - Mar 2006

Independent Contractor

Expert Risk Solutions

Litigation Support, Business Risk Consultancy, (Fraud) Risk Management Consultancy, Fraud Investigations,primarilly as a contractor for Corporate Risks (1997) Ltd.

Apr 2003 - Sep 2003

Strategic Intelligence Analyst

NZ Police (CIB Christchurch)

Contracted strategic Intelligence Analysis, projects:

  • Youth Criminality
  • Crime and Ethnic Groups
Feb 2001 - Feb 2003


Hoffmann Bedrijfsrecherche BV

• Fraud investigation (management fraud, theft or misappropriation of company assets, embezzlement, business corruption, conflict of interest)• Investigation of contravention of competition clauses• Investigation of corporate/industrial espionage, theft or leakage of trade secrets• Cyber-crime investigation (i.e. email tracing, investigating hacking attempts)• Computer forensics and analysis of computer evidence

May 1999 - Feb 2001


PricewaterhouseCoopers NV

Worked for Dispute Analysis & Investigations.

• Fraud investigation (theft of misappropriation of assets, corruption, management fraud, embezzlement, conflict of interest)• Consulting with regard to money laundering • Establishment and operation of Open Sources Intelligence Centre (including maintaining international contacts within PwC)

Feb 1999 - May 1999

Consultant (contracted)

Unilver Research Vlaardingen

Knowledge management project.

• set up of directory structures and databases• Supporting experts with respect to information accessibility and storage• Establishment of expert-archives• Collection of information and ensuring electronic accessibility of such information in databases

Dec 1998 - Feb 1999

Project Leader (Contracted)

Rijksgebouwendienst Zuidwest (Government Property Management Agency)

Project reorganization status of agency and accounting system.

• Coordination of all activities pertaining to the project• Assisting with establishment and implementation of policy• Internal and external contact person for matters pertaining to the project

Sep 1998 - Nov 1998

Financial -Legal Assistant (contracted)

Rijksgebouwendienst Zuidwest

Financial-Legal Assistant (contracted),

• Financial-legal assessment of (draft) usage agreements of State Building Service clients• Financial-legal assessment of State Building Service policy• Development of assessment model• Design and execution of computerised assessment module (Excel)

May 1997 - Jun 1998

Strategic Intelligence Analyst

Netherlands Police (The Hague)

National Task Force Latin American Organized Crime

• Development of research models• Establishment of strategic criminal intelligence on organised crime groups related to Latin America (Colombia, Mexico) with an impact on Dutch society • Risk analysis (of business lines, target markets and phenomena)• Strategic and tactical analysis pertaining to combating organised crime• Design and implementation of Core Team information management model• Design and implementation of Core Team business plan and investigation strategy• Reporting to team management, corps management, local triangle (mayor, public prosecutor and police)• Building and maintenance of external contact network• Initiation of (international) strategic co-operational relationships• Design of interview format• Interviewing and interrogation• Preparation and execution of presentations, seminars and training courses for diverse target markets• Participation in various management meetings and assisting to develop strategy policies• Tactical support of detective force and Criminal Intelligence Department (CID)• Guidance of students on work-experience from the Haagse Hogeschool (College of The Hague) in executing supplementary research

Feb 1995 - Apr 1997

Strategic Intelligence Analyst

Netherlands Police Regional Interdisciplinary Fraud Team The Hague

• Design and implementation of business plan and investigation model• Trade investigation of Fish Processing Industry and Cleaning Companies• Reporting• Participation in various discussion structures• Producing presentations pertaining to those parties involved and to concern groups

Award: Beneficiary of award under article 74 paragraph 2, Sub. C, Decree of General Police Legal Status on account of exceptionally commendable service

Mar 1994 - Jan 1995

Strategic Intelligence Analyst (contracted)

Netherlands Police

National Task Force European Union Fraud

1994 - 1995

Freelance Lecturer

Ministry of Justice

Criminal Law, Criminal Proceedings, Penitentiary Law. 

Training prison guards, social therapeuric officers and other prison officiers.

1992 - 1995

Student Assistant

Erasmus Univeristy Rotterdam, Dept of Criminal Law

Assistant of Prof mr Hans de Doelder, Elizabeth de Koning-de Jong and Renee Kool.

Guest Lecturer Fraud & Criminal Law

Guest lecturer course Psychiatry and Criminal Law


Legal-Administrative Assistant

Vlaardingen City Council
1991 - 1992


Citizens Legal Advice Bureau