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Work experience

Mar 2009Present

Graduate Assistant

St. John's University

 At Saint John's University I was awarded a graduate assistantship, which is a full tuition scholarship.  My duties include:  working closely with professors, creating spreadsheets and marketing ideas for the office of recruitment, setting up interviews, answering phones, providing tours and information to new and prospective students.  

May 2010Present


Bar Italia

Bar Italia is a casual fine dining Italian restaurant in Saint Louis, Missouri.  As a bartender, I am responsible for fast pace and excellent customer service.  I am responsible for knowing the recipes for specialty and commonly ordered drinks.  Furthermore, I am responsible for the opening and closing of the restaurant.  

Apr 2008Sep 2008


The River Palm Terrace

The River Palm Terrace is a white table cloth fine dining restaurant.  My duties included: specialized wine trainer, new server training, opening and closing duties, and insuring customers receive exceptional customer service.

Aug 2007Sep 2008


La Cambusa Ristorante

La Cambusa Ristorante is a Fine dining Italian restaurant.  My duties included: Manager, open and closing duties, implemented management techniques, new server trainer, worked with head chef to prepare menus and wine list, worked with customers to insure they receive the best customer service.  


Sep 2008Present

Master's of Art

St. John's University

Relevant Course Work and Research

  • International Law: Environmental Law
  • International Political Economy I
  • International Political Economy II
  • Certificate in Public Administration and International Law
  • Thesis:                                                                                                                                    "Hegemony or Dominance: A Gramsician Analysis of US Ascendancy."                     Hegemony for Antonio Gramsci is the use of consent and coercion in order to establish control over a population or a state. It is this balance between the two that is fundamental to Gramsci’s theory. Furthermore, the distinction between two types of intellectuals, traditional and organic, is central to the diffusion of elite ideology and obtaining the consent of the masses. First, this study surveys the various Gramscian and neo-Gramscian literature, which develops the background for my central argument. The following section briefly examines the construction of a “common sense” in America focusing on two fundamental aspects: American exceptionalism and Liberalism. Finally, my study takes a critical look at American policy during the Regan Administration, specifically focusing on Ronald Reagan’s ability to assume the role as an intellectual, used in the Gramscian tradition. However, I argue, although Ronald Reagan recaptured the common sense of the American people, manipulation and coercion were instrumental in reestablishing American dominance. Thus, power during the Reagan administration lacked a critical element of hegemony, consent, and can no longer be defined as hegemony in the Gramscian sense.
Aug 2010Present


University of Missouri-Saint Louis

Relevant Course Work and Research

  • Political Science 6401: Methods in Quantitative Analysis (OLS Regression using STATA)
  • Political Science 6402: Intermediate Methods in Quantitative Analysis (OLS Regression, Assumptions, and Adjusting Functional Form using STATA)
  • Political Science 6403: Advanced Methods in Quantitative Analysis (Non-linear Regression, Modeling using limited and categorical variables using STATA)
  • Classics in Political Economy
  • Proseminar in International Relations
  • Proseminar in Political Economy
  • Conference Presentations Listed Below


Personal and communication skills
I have a high energy personality. I have good communication skills. I work well with others. I can take initiative and lead.   
Knowledge of spoken and written Italian
Received a degree in Italian Read and write at an advanced level  Speak at an advanced level
Experienced in collecting qualitative and quantitative data
3 years of Ph.D level statistics courses.  Advanced level in statistical analysis Advanced level in using STATA  Trained in conducting qualitative and quantitative research. Experience in transcribing data Experience in writing program evaluations    
Proficient with Microsoft Office


I enjoy reading and learning. I have a great passion for politics, and I enjoy participating in political discussions and intellectual activities.  I enjoy sports, particularly soccer.I played soccer at the collegiate level and I was a four year captain.


I am a PhD student at the University of Missouri-Saint Louis, Political Science.  I recently completed my Masters of Arts at St. John's University in Rome, Italy.   I study International Relations with a focus on International Political Economy and International Law.In August of 2007 I graduated with honours from Missouri State University with degrees in Sociology and Italian. While perusing my undergraduate degree I assisted Dr. Judith Grant with her research and lectures.Through my work as an assistant I gained great appreciation, enthusiasm, and passion for academia and the field of international relations.I believe my greatest strength is in my drive for success and my passion for learning.I am looking for a challenging and rewarding position, which will incorporate my skills and my educational background.Furthermore, I am looking for a position that will provide me with the opportunity to learn and grow in the field in order to succeed.


Conference Presentations 

  • Illinois State University Political Science Conference April 2011                                                       "Hegemony or Dominance: A Gramsican Approach to US Ascendancy"
  • Forthcoming: Northeastern Political Science Association  November 2011                                            "The State of Hegemony: A Critical Analysis of US Hegemony Throughout the Reagan Administration"
  • Forthcoming: Midwest Political Science Association April 2012                                                           "The Reemergence of the Far-Right: A Quantitative Analysis of the Effects of European Integration on Far-Right Political Participation in Europe's Eastern Bloc"


  • John D'Attoma, Pi Sigma Alpha Best Graduate Student Paper Award, 20011, First Place. "Hegemony or Dominance: A Gramsician Analysis of US Ascendancy." Paper presented at the19th Annual Illinois State University Conference for Students of Political Science, Normal, Illinois, April 8, 2011.


  • John D'Attoma, "Hegemony or Dominance: A Gramsician Analysis of US Ascendancy." forthcoming, in Critique, A Worldwide Student Journal of Politics, Fall 2011.

Professional Organizations 

  • Vice President: Political Science Graduate Association-University of Missouri
  • Graduate Representative on the Graduate Commission at University of Missouri
  • The Alpha Kappa Delta Sociology Honors Society
  • Member of the American Political Science Association
  • Member of the Northeastern Political Science Association
  • Member of the Midwest Political Science Association
  •  Member of Missouri Sociological Association (MSA)

                                                              References available upon request


Certificate in International Law

Saint John's University

Certificate in Public Administration

Saint John's University