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Thanks to my Dad for my love of cars

My Dad worked for car dealers while I was growing up in Statesboro, Georgia. He began at a Toyota dealership, then transferred to another marquee, Chevrolet.  Subsequent moves to the local Ford and Dodge dealers whet my appetite for automobiles.  Dad would often leave with the family car in the morning and show up for supper with another ride that was a "steal of a deal" or, in other words, the used car manager knew nobody else would buy it.

One of our neighbors was a newly minted lawyer from the University of Georgia.  As a reward, he got married and bought a Corvette...a '78 or '79.  He was a friendly guy and babied that black beauty.  I managed to snag a ride in it once.  Sweet.  It sure did beat the Volare' and the Plymouth Fury for style. Although, I believe the Volare' had "rich, Corinthian leather."I still have an affinity for vehicles...sports cars especially.  These photos are from an Atlanta Chevrolet dealer's private collection.

Frank Hook...more than just Mr. GSU

Georgia Southern’s online magazine has a cool article about retiring Alumni Relations Director and “Mr. GSU”, Frank Hook. It’s not often that I’m quoted for anything other than when my wife reminds me of my tendency to lapse into “hillbilly” that would qualify me for an extra in Deliverance (a film which I saw once, and only once, and no matter how many stars it gets on, I’m not watching again.  I’ve devoted enough brain cells to replaying that foreboding banjo riff in my head.  I wonder if Ned Beatty still has nightmares.) When I was contacted last year seeking permission for using my comments regarding Frank (on a Facebook page devoted to him) helping out an old mutual friend, I was quick to say yes, of course.

I first met Frank when I began playing baseball and football at the Statesboro Recreation Department when I was about ten years of age.  I tried basketball for one year and, yes, I couldn’t jump…or shoot…or pass. ”Lucky Sevens” has not had a reunion since I graduated from that group in 1973.  Of course, the highlight of most of my buddies that year was to see who could put out a fire with his pee.  I lost.

Frank just had a way of relating to everybody.  He talked to us kids like we were somebody worthwhile and he was positive in his rapport…oh yeah, and he had killer legs.  Frank and his brother, Bob (a Rec Department Coach), were both muscular and had plenty of hair…not just on their heads but all over their legs and arms. For a little kid, it was kinda intimidating. What did these guys eat to grow hair like that?  Snooky's, Vandy's Barbeque or or Brunswick Stew? Maybe it was “Stacy’s Special” at Webb’s Nic Nac Grill.  I’ll have to ask.

Statesboro and Georgia Southern have been fortunate to have a man like Frank taking on the responsibilities that he has. Mr. GSU has a lot more powerful, influential, and wealthier friends than I am.  However, he took the time to respond to a request from someone whom he hadn’t heard from in probably twenty years.  An old friend was in a bad spot and Frank’s one of the first people that I thought “he’ll help.”  And he did and he will continue to do so because that’s the kind of person he is.

Get back in touch with Frank in his new role as Director of Donor Relations at The GSU Athletic Foundation.


I would like to explore opportunities to use my skills and abilities to help a world class organization become more profitable while exceeding clients' expectations and being good stewards.  I'm hungry and would like to contribute to a company that believes the best way to expand is to focus not on short-term profits but growth that is based on earning loyalty from clients as the result of superior products and service.  


  • Marketing real estate, drafting contracts, negotiating real estate transactions, finding property that fits certain criteria established by investors (currently hotels in major metro markets of the Southeastern USA), presenting properties
  • Seeking packages of distressed residential real estate developments of $10MM and up for a client with over $15BB of capital to invest (urban and suburban areas in the Southeast U.S. targeted)
  • Providing customized spiral-bound notebooks and other promotional ideas to schools, students, and businesses - an inexpensive way to stay in front of your customers and fans
  • Seeking companies with excess inventories of Cisco, Juniper, Vanguard, Motorola, Foundry, Extreme, F5, Nortel, HP, and other major manufacturers of networking equipment
  • Writing lyrics for Vagabond's Rose 

Work experience

Work experience
May 2009 - Present

Marketing and Sales

Statesboro Marketing & Promotions

Your fans want to tell your them out.Customized spiral-bound notebooks and "pocket pals" with thicker covers and paper than your average store brands.  Use for schools and marketing for businesses. Design your own notebooks with staff photos, business creeds, customer recommendations, logos, etc. Write a note in permanent marker and give to your top 20% of customers to remind them you appreciate their business. Click here for photos of some that we've done for happy customers.Need design help? We have graphic artists who will make something you like for a nominal fee. Satisfaction guaranteed until you're pleased. We're also a dealer for a century old promotional products company, Kaeser & Blair. If you can put a logo on it, we can pretty much find it for you.Contact me at or 678-386-4694 for a free sample for your obligation, of course.

Jan 2004 - Present

Associate Real Estate Broker

L & B Properties, Inc.

I analyze potential real estate opportunities for a group of investors to determine feasible properties for residential and commercial projects throughout metro Atlanta...lots of stuff is available...if you have access to a rich uncle or you can blackmail your banker. Assisting other brokers on a regular basis by sharing information about properties that could meet their clients' needs for land is something I do all of the time. It's amazing how some listing agents won't even call me back or reply to an e-mail though.Writing and editing complex contracts to make sure my clients are protecting their best interests in making offers to purchase properties requires attention to detail and diligence in order to make sure a client doesn't take on an undue amount of risk. If that makes me slow, so be it. I'd rather address an issue before my client has signed a contract than afterwards.Recently, I've been marketing as a listing broker waterfront lots on Lake Lanier, a RiteAid in Woodstock, an office suite in Lawrenceville, raw land zoned Commercial south of Snellville, and undeveloped property in DeKalb County, via Loopnet, CoStar, my own websites, and even that site where you probably met your last girlfriend, Craiglist.Bird-Dogging is fun. Sniffing out potential sellers of unlisted land by via phone, mail, and knocking on doors and running from Cujo and occasional ornery farmers armed with pitchforks can be an interesting way to spend a day. Some folks are real nice and like to chew the fat. Others even let me do a Lynyrd Skynyrd and ask for a three steps head start before they release Fang or Killer on me. I follow-up in a systematized manner with potential sellers and buyers of land who didn't tell me to kiss off the first time.Working with various county GIS systems to learn ownership, zoning, flood plain, and dimensions of parcels is necessary. Most of the folks working for the counties will help if I don't act like a jerk.

Aug 2010 - Present


CiscoSpares (a division of Carisone)

Aggressively seeking companies with excess inventories of Cisco, Juniper, Vanguard, Motorola, Foundry, Extreme, F5, Nortel, HP, and other major manufacturers of networking equipment. Please send inventory list with any pertinents you have to or call me at 678-386-4694.CiscoSpares is a division of Carisone.  Carisone is a privately owned company specializing in Broadband Wireless, Wired Network and Video Surveillance solutions for global applications.  Carisone was formed in early 2006 to develop a total business communications platform that will provide a dramatic shift in how the world connects.

Sep 2009 - Jul 2010


Greatwater Fund

This LP is investing in premium locations to develop "green" or environmentally- friendly resorts from the ground up in an effort to integrate nature's beauty into a world-class destination of distinction - basically paradise for the discerning. Each resort will reflect the latest in science and technology designed to reduce the carbon footprint while still providing all of the modern amenities that one would expect. The choicest properties will be in temperate climates with easy access to major airports so weekend visits are not beyond the pale of possibility. We expect this idea to be seen as visionary, and it is. The typical investor will have a positive attitude about handling the vagaries inherent in risky ventures and a willingness to get in on the ground-floor of the first of what's projected to be several monumental archetypes in luxury living with a more responsible attitude towards being good stewards of the Earth's resources.  

Nov 1998 - Jan 2004

Director of Client Development

The George M. Hiller Companies, LLC

I was the primary initial contact with potential clients by phone and e-mail. Afterwards, I maintained and built relationships with them until they became clients or a part of our free newsletter mailing. The financial heart of Atlanta, Buckhead, was where I got to meet with clients and potential clients in person in order to review brokerage and retirement accounts and open new accounts. I traded stocks and mutual funds per client instructions or per the President of the firm, Mr. Hiller. Performing customer service requests in regards to contributions, withdrawals, trades, transfers of accounts, made up a good deal of my days. It was fun to learn about what was happening in our clients' lives and to have conversations about the market and other current events.When I began working for George the firm was well on it's way to having over $100 MM under management and making the Greater Atlanta Business Chronicle Book of Lists for Asset Managers based on Assets Under Management. George had built the company up from nothing. I was only a small part of the team effort that went into passing the one hundred million dollar milestone.For one year, I got to handle trading for the firm's biggest client (over $20 MM under management) with no errors (some days I placed over one hundred trades) while still performing other duties to develop new clients and service existing ones. This was a rush, actually. It was stressful and exciting and I can understand why people like the thrill of keeping a pulse on the market...especially when you have skin in the game.On some projects, I performed hourly billable work to open accounts and facilitate transfers of existing accounts at other firms in response to requests that required extensive research regarding estate issues. These were quite sensitive matters and required being organized and thorough while sympathetic with the surviving family members emotional states.


1984 - 1988


Georgia Southern University

Georgia Southern has been a part of my life since I moved to Edgewood Acres in the mid seventies with my family. I was nine years old when we came to rest a quarter mile from the campus.  This proximity was perfect for my brother and me.  Our playground was the tennis and racquetball courts between Hanner Fieldhouse and the baseball stadium.  Once we got inside Hanner, we played basketball until we dropped.  We spent hours at the Sports Complex which we often arrived at after passing the shrine of our heroes, Mark Strucher, and Derrell Baker.  

As a young teen, I asked basketball star John Fowler for an autograph at Hanner (still have it too). As a Statesboro High student, I ushered at the first Eagle football games in forty years and witnessed the debut of Tracy Ham.  I recall the only words Erk ever spoke to me as I traipsed through one of those showers before class: "I think it's gonna rain". I was too awe-struck to speak.

My most enjoyable classes were Direct Marketing by Dr. Donald Thompson and Principles of Real Estate by Dr. John Budack.  Both professors were humble and made class learning fun.I managed softball and flag football teams in the intramural leagues.  I had to organize the practices and remind my teammates about upcoming games.  Sometimes, it was a little tricky to massage egos and balance playing time but nobody seemed to get angry or irritated over these potentially sticky situations. 

1981 - 1984

College Prepatory

Statesboro High School

Started a lawn care business with my brother at my Dad's prompting via an ad he placed in the local paper's section for ..."Rent-A-Kid." Dad would drop my brother and I off with two push lawnmowers, a can of gas, and a bottle of 10W/40 Quaker State and point to the 1/2 acre of the lovely bahia taunting us. Two hours later we needed new blades and ice water baths.

Activities and Societies: Chaplain of Y ClubVice President of FCALettered three years playing OF on Baseball Team




I enjoy making the digital photographs for my real estate listings and of sports cars...mainly Corvettes. 

Creative Writing