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I am a Sales & Marketing Executive and I aggressively launch new products and expand markets by developing global business units and growing revenue through strategic planning and tactical implementation.


Liquid Filter With Separate And Calibrated Vapor Release

United States Patent 6,641,742  *  Issued April 4, 2002

Inventors: John Clevenger, Zemin Jiang, Ted Franklin Prater, John Scheuren, Barry Verdegan

Description:  A patent for a cartridge filter used in diesel engines, which allows the vapor pressure to be released in order to calibrate fluid level to filter restriction providing a visual indication of filter plugging / available filter life.

Liquid Filter With Change Interval Indicator

United States Patent 6,610,198  *  Issued August 22, 2001

Inventors: John Clevenger, Zemin Jiang, Ted Franklin Prater, John Scheuren

Description:  Filter design which provides for a visual indication of when to change the filter.

Fuel-Water Separator Unit With Parallel Flow

United States Patent 6,939,464  *  Issued December 10, 2002

Inventors: John Clevenger, Zemin Jiang

Description:  Filter / housing design which utilizes a parallel flow as opposed to the traditional "U-shaped" flow of fuel filters in order to improve performance and filter life.

Liquid Filter With Separate And Calibrated Vapor Release

United States Patent 6,758,980  *  Issued November 3, 2003

Inventors: John Clevenger, Zemin Jiang, Barry Verdegan, John Scheuren, Ted Franklin Prater

Description:  A filter which utilizes the air permeability of a specifically chosen media disc in order to calibrate vapor pressure and filter plugging to provide a visual indication of filter life / service interval


I served as a 2nd Lieutenant in the US Army Rangers.  Known as an expert in product management / filtration systems, I am asked to speak and publish articles.  I have a working knowledge of German and Russian.  I enjoy soccer, regular exercise and weight lifting.  I am an avid college football fan.


Joe Marlow

John Clevenger was a vital member of my sales and marketing team for a number of years.He served in several key roles in both sales and marketing management.His contributions helped support record performance in both sales revenue and profitability.

I found John to have very strong analytical skills which allowed him to gain quick understanding of customers, markets and competitors.This allowed John to move to new roles and become a team contributor very quickly.His knowledge of customer and market needs and a strong understanding of the technical capabilities of the company allowed John to lead many new product introductions.John also demonstrated a very solid understanding of the company’s strategy and business direction.This allowed John’s efforts to stay focused and his work results to always be meaningful to department goals.

I especially enjoyed working with John because of his energy level and his proactive efforts on behalf of customers.I depended on John to be a customer champion inside of the company which was important since the company had a tendency to be internal focused.

I also appreciated John’s nontraditional and out of the box thinking.I have seen employees with the same skill but not the ability to connect the ideas to business efforts and results.I can recall successful key initiatives John led from a perspective of “not the way we have always done it”.

I believe John has the ability and capacity to work in a variety of sales and marketing roles and be a strong contributor to a company’s financial and customer goals.

Jong Park

I worked with John in various situations for 8 years across the Pacific Ocean as well as sitting in the right next office each other. John impressed me during those years with his knowledge on the market & products and his passion & dedication to the work. Recently John led a very complex international acquisition project that I participated in as a key project team member. John demonstrated his leadership to the multi-layered cross functional project team and displayed his understanding on culturally sensitive issues when dealing with international stakeholders.

Peggy Harmann

Jeff Harmann

Cynthia Moore

Henry Amirkhanian

Kamini Patel

John was responsible for managing the OEM and Aftermarket Global Product Management group at Fleetguard and later Cummins Filtration. Under his leadership aftermarket new product sales grew double digit, time to market was reduced by over 30% and many new products were launched targeting exisiting and new market segments. He was a key contributor to the Cummins Filtration Strategic Planning Process and responsibile for managing and executing new business development initiatives. John's market and product knowledge along with his ability to manage diverse cross- cultural and cross- department relationships assured the product management team implemented all key initiatives effectively on time and within budget. He is energetic, passionate and tenacious in assuring the organization achieved its goals.

Michele Simon

I have worked with John for many years: as Product Manager for a long time and as General Manager for Sales and Strategic Alliances more recently . John is a very smart, committed , creative professional whose most visible characteristics are drive, result focus, process minded and network building. His work ethics are impressive. A leader who will prefer to be on the leader seat and drive the priorities/ establish the strategy than only execute.

Dr. Ram Ottikkutti

I worked for Mr. John Clevenger as a direct report for three years. I began working for John in 2008 (as the Director, Global Sales & Marketing, Cummins Filtration) transitioning to the US from an international assignment with the Engine Business at Cummins Inc. to a new organization at Cummins Filtration. In John I recognized several key components of leadership, strategic thinking, and organizational and team development in addition to the fundamental aspects of revenue and profitability growth:

Team Development: John quickly raised the level of performance and morale of a new global organization by not only challenging his team to always do better, but showing how much he cares about each member of the team. He is a constant coach who challenges and demands, but is always fair and has an open door to his total organization.Strategic Thinking: John consistently drove the team towards strategic thinking and brought the team on-board through clear tactical implementation targets. He was clear in communicating the vision and direction, and more importantly the reasons behind the direction.Process Improvement: John focused heavily on driving change through process improvement in order to ensure that the organization was consistent and professional. His never ending focus on process improvement provided clear metrics towards improvement and a scoreboard for success while leaving behind a legacy of performance that will stick with the organization long after his departure. Revenue & Margin Improvement: John constantly focused the team on meeting customer needs while striving for revenue and margin improvement. Even during significant drops in revenue during the economic downturn, John kept the team focused on improving operating margins and gaining new business.Sales Negotiations / Customer Relationship: John was excellent at helping to open doors with new customers and to expand business with existing customers. He helped his team grow and win new business while also negotiating difficult subjects that had not been dealt with over many years.Product Launch / Branding: John has an entrepreneurial mind working within a corporate environment. He is always focused on launching and branding new products. He is one of the best leaders at driving successful new technology and new product launches that I have had the pleasure of working with in my 25 years of professional experience.

I highly recommend John as a sales and marketing professional who can work with all levels of an organization to grow strategically and launch new products and enter new markets successfully. Any organization would be fortunate to have strong impact player like Mr. John Clevenger on their team.

Ted Loftis

I have known John for about 15 years.  I worked either with or for (as a direct report to him) for about ten years.

I have only good things to say about John.  I have observed the following strengths in John: Outstanding commitment to task - always does "whatever it takes" to get the job done Excellent strategy skills - observed John setting and executing strategy to deliver high returns (grew revenue / profitability) Great people skills - developed, coached, grew and managed people well Executive-level planning - able to develop (and carry out) highly profitable plans Extremely knowledgeable on products he dealt with (commercially and technically) Business development - witnessed growth achieved via his leadership Marketing - very well versed on his industry and his competitors and market drivers / impactors Visionary - ability to see global opportunities and capitalize on them Customer Focused - very customer oriented with a deep understanding of customer needs; excellent customer relationships Respected - well respected by those who worked for him - genuinely concerned about the well-being of his team


B2B / Growth Strategies / P&L / Contract Negotiation / Alliances / Acquisitions / Brand Management / Business Development / Margin Enhancement / Performance / Six Sigma / Product Development 

I aggressively launch new products and expand markets by developing global business units and growing revenue through strategic planning and tactical implementation.  Controlling costs and improving performance methods, I significantly increase profit margins with key alliances and strategic product acquisitions.  

  • Developing global marketing strategies, expanding revenues
  • Boosting and leveraging brand awareness
  • Identifying products and technology and negotiating contracts for acquisition
  • Introducing new products to market
  • Restructuring customer mix, improving market share
  • Developing and expanding customer relationships and channels

My education includes an MBA in Marketing/Finance and a BS in Logistics/Transportation from University of Tennessee, Knoxville.I am a Certified Six Sigma Green Belt, a Certified Six Sigma Sponsor and attended a University of Chicago Executive Management Seminar. I received the Cummins Chairman’s Six Sigma Award.


Work experience

May 2011Present

Director, Product Management, Vehicle Components Group

Navistar, Inc

Leading the North American Product Management organization responsible for vehicle components worth $750M annually.  Driving process improvement, product planning, pricing development, marketing and business planning and sales support.  Team acheiving 25% annual growth.

Nov 2010Jan 2011

Marketing Consultant


Hired to revitalize business and marketing plan for this manufacturer of safety products.Drove research, competitive analysis, and review of performance results


General Manager, Global Liquid Filtration & On-Highway

Cummins Filtration, Inc.

Developed business generating $90M with full P&L responsibility.Implemented global organization structure, improving sales and reducing costs.Built partnerships for new filtration media and technologies. Managed 75 people.


General Manager, Strategic Alliances

Cummins Filtration, Inc.

Developed business generating $90M with full P&L responsibility.Implemented global organization structure, improving sales and reducing costs.Built partnerships for new filtration media and technologies. Managed 75 people.


Product Manager, Lube and Fuel

Cummins Filtration, Inc.

Managed foundational product live, launching new products and developing collaterals and sales training tools.Oversaw $1M budget.Increased sales year-over-year by 30%.


Director, Global Product Management

Cummins Filtration, Inc.

Developed business generating $90M with full P&L responsibility.Implemented global organization structure, improving sales and reducing costs.Built partnerships for new filtration media and technologies. Managed 75 people.


National Account Manager

Cummins Filtration, Inc.

Responsible for acquiring and managing Fleetguard's business with major national accounts and key end users worth $15M; developed and implemented "value package" of products and services to on/off highway major accounts.


Regional Sales Manager

Cummins Filtration, Inc.

Developed regional Aftermarket sales of $10M (annual) through OEM-affiliated and independent distribution channels. Led & conducted all marketing, promotions, pricing, training, and recruiting of new distributors within region.



Product Launch
I have launched multiple products and product lines globally in the B2B segments of Industrial products driving multi-million dollar year over year revenue and double digit margins.
Contract Negotiation
I have negotiated multiple contracts regarding customers, alliances and acquisitions and also have developed processes related to the same.
Business Development
Developed multiple global business development plans, strategies and associated tactics, including implementation and associated day to day growth and business development activities driving double digit increases in revenue and margins.
Brand Management
Developed multiple brand names, logo's, brand and product launch strategies, marketing plans and associated collateral and ongoing brand and margin management globally.  Brand examples include Stratapore, Venturi, Centriguard, Industrial Pro, Fuel Pro, Diesel Pro, & Fleet-tech Fuel Additives.
New Product Development
Working heavily with Customers, Sales, Engineering, & Marketing to determine the most important, viable and interesting products and driving that subsequent development in order to assure long term revenue and margin growth.
Strategic Planning
A Strategic Planner and Marketer who is adept at aligning strategic plans into tactical business, marketing and product development plans.


Sep 2009Present

Six Sigma Green Belt

Cummins, Inc.

Six Sigma Sponsor

Cummins, Inc.