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About John Broman Grape City

John Broman serves as teacher and vice principal of Japan-based MeySen Academy, as well as the sister company Grape City, Inc. John Broman joined the latter Sendai firm in 1980 as Bunka Orient Corporation and focused on the development and sales of innovative school management systems. The company’s initial software product LeySer Services was successfully used in managing the MeySen Academy and KeiMei Elementary School, and was expanded into reporting and accounting functions. Today, Grape City also offers outsourced software product development solutions.

Broman began as an English teacher in Japan with the American-run MeySen Academy in 1971. His experience includes translation and interpreting, and he is fluent in Chinese as well as Japanese. From 1992 to 1999, he was an English teacher for the Nanjing Foreign Language School. He was also responsible for establishing and supervising the annual MeySen Academy Europe Study Tour.

Work experience

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MeySen Academy


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Univ. of the State of New York