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My name is John Bradford Bickel but I go by Brad and I am currently a student at East Carolina University.  I also work part time for Excel Moving and Storage as a driver.  In my spare time I like to ride my bike, take pictures, and go to the beach.  I am a people person and work well with pretty much anyone I am paired with.  I am a technology freak and love my Iphone and Macbook Pro like they like were my children. I am constantly fixing a friends computer or phone for free because I am such a nice guy.  I currently live in Raleigh, N.C. where I was born and raised.  I dont plan on moving anytime soon but if the right job came along I would be open to it

Work experience



I started a photography company to help pay for my expensive camera gear.  I shoot events, parties, and whatever else that catches my eye.  Originally I just wanted to make enough money to pay for my camera. Now that I have made that a couple of times over  it may be time for a new one soon!

Jan 2008Present


East Carolina University
Jun 2008May 2011


Excel Moving and Storage

I currently work for Excel Moving and Storage as a driver.  I deliver international air shipments, military shipments, packing materials, and anything else that comes into our warehouse that needs delivering.  I also occasionally pack peoples belongings so that they are safe during their move.  I work here part time so I can also keep up with my schoolwork.


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I love digital photography and have been taking pictures with a digital SLR for the last 6 years.  I have a website to advertise my work and have paid for my camera equipment a couple of times over by selling my work.  I enjoy night photography as well as portrait and landscape photography.  My website is
I have a large knowledge about electronics and computers in general.  Me and my brother started taking them apart and putting them back together at a young age.  I prefer Macintosh over PC but I am proficient in both formats.  I am the guy my friends always call when they have a computer problem and I like to joke around that I have an IT company for friends and family.