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Johnathan Buck

Work experience


University Professor

Algoma University
  • Designed a new 12-week curriculum that approached advertising from an interdisciplinary (historical, ethical, psychological, anthropological, sociological, communications, and media studies) perspective
  • Effectively incorporated visuals, multimedia, and discussion questions into lectures in order to improve student comprehension of key concepts and theories
  • Taught students how to write a media plan, creative brief, advertising plan, and hard-hitting copy
  • Developed, administered, and evaluated examinations (midterm and final)
  • Evaluations were above the overall university and departmental averages

College Professor

Seneca College
  • Taught remedial English courses, including English for Academic Purposes (EAP500) and English and Communications (EAC149)
  • Taught two sections of Current Issues in Canada (CAN149), a social science course that examined the political, cultural, social, and economic issues shaping Canada in the past and present
  • Prepared and conducted lectures each week, using a combination of whiteboard and PowerPoint slides
  • Facilitated in-class exercises and discussions that developed students’ verbal, reading, writing, and critical thinking skills
  • Created and graded assignments, tests, and examinations

College Instructor and High School Teacher

Birmingham International College of Canada
  • Developed lectures, assignments, tests, and final examinations for multiple college preparation courses (including Business Management, Environmental Sustainability, Health and Safety, Marketing, and Business Communications)
  • Taught grade 12 English, Canadian History, Canadian Geography and World Issues, Careers, Civics, Economics, Business Leadership, and International Business courses
  • Combined lecturing with class discussions and in-class activities, in order to hold students’ attention, keep pupils engaged with material, and facilitate participation
  • Graded assignments, tests, and final examinations

Marketing Consultant

Myron Smarter Business Gifts
  • Offered advertising consultation and marketing guidance to businesses, churches, organizations and government agencies throughout the United States
  • Maximized the profits of small to medium-sized American businesses, helping to increase business referrals by an average of 22 to 27% a month
  • Position required data entry, on-the-spot problem-solving skills, familiarity with complicated operating systems, and attention to strict deadlines
  • Managed 350 client accounts and updated information in the marketing database




McGill University
  • Concentration: Twentieth century North American consumerism
  • Major Research Paper (M.R.P.) topic: portrayals of race and gender in U.S. advertising


Wilfrid Laurier University
  • Graduated with a four-year Bachelor of Arts degree in Honours History and a minor in Philosophy (concentration: ethics and political thought)