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I have over 20 years of Project and Program Management experience around Governance, Risk and Compliance. My field of expertise is in Business Continuity Management, Disaster Recovery, Operational Readiness, Risk Management, Crisis Management, Continuity of Operations (COOP), Incident Command System (ICS) as well as Pandemic Planning supported by my professional certifications in Project Management (PMP) and Business Continuity Planning (CBCP).  I am able to effectively communicate strategic thoughts to well defined and understood informational directives. This puts me in a unique position to work through corporate challenges to create and implement programs and drive projects to successful conclusions.

Skills and Achievements

  • Conducted several assessments of current operational readiness of Business Process groups and Information Technology. Provided significant value to ‘C’ level executives that enabled them identify opportunities to reduce business risk, improve customer satisfaction and drive cost savings up to 25%.
  • Conducted Business Impact Analyses (BIA) and assisted organizations determine critical business processes, identify acceptable Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO), and established resources required for the successful resumption of business operations.
  • Managed the efforts of team members in different functional areas in the development of recovery procedures. Ensured that aims, goals and objectives were accomplished in accordance with outlined priorities, time limitations, and funding conditions.
  • Ensured organizations data, systems, and networks were recoverable by architecting recovery solutions. This also included well documented cut-over strategies and replication/synchronization architecture. Well versed in networking topologies, systems virtualization strategy and design including a strong business cases for back-up data centers.
  • Implemented disaster recovery and business continuity procedures for re-establishing critical infrastructure, servers, databases, and operating systems and vital records.
  • Performed several disaster simulations and exercises relating to the National Incident Management System (NIMS). Analyzed the results identifying gaps proposed solutions for mitigating risks.
  • Accomplished speaker with several presentations to various groups in Crisis and Disaster Management.
  • Significant expertise with third party hotsite operators and vendors and repository tools for maintaining continuity and recovery plans
  • Track deliverables and reviewed project reports and schedule status at each phase.

Skills Scale

Business Continuity
Disaster Recovery
Program and Project Management
Governance, Risk and Compliance
Risk management
Incident Command System
Crisis management

Work experience

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Program Manager

Rowan Companies
Mar 2014Present

Company background: Rowan Companies is a global provider of offshore contract drilling services, focused on operating safely and efficiently to exceed customer expectations.


Started up the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Program. I provided Program management consultative services providing Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery services to the enterprise

  • Conducted an enterprise wide Business Impact Assessment
  • Produced, Presented and obtained approval of the assessment results
  • Developed a Crisis and communications plan for corporate management
  • Produced Business Continuity Plans for all critical business Processes
  • Produced Disaster Run Books for all Critical Information Technology applications
  • Led several tabletop exercises in preparation for a total data center failover
  • Implemented the Governance, Risk and Compliance requirements in ServiceNow

Disaster Recovery Project Manager (Consultant)

BP America
Jun 2010Mar 2014

Company background: BP is one of the world’s largest developers of oilfields and producers of petroleum products


I have worked with teams globally (5 continents) to:

  • Critical role in shaping and delivering the overall Operational Excellence Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning strategy.
  • Coordinate Disaster Recovery related activities with all global regions including new projects / programs that were kicked off and with the Disaster Recovery Program build team for all new Disaster Recovery positions. Maintain any sustain Disaster Recovery activities as per the guidelines set by the Disaster Recovery program.
  • Ensure service continuity focusing on disaster recovery. Assist in achieving conformance with Business Continuity Planning//Disaster Recovery best practices.
  • Create, review, update, mitigate and manage risk strategies of critical production applications through testing and documentation of all Disaster Recovery positions
  • Oversee the completeness of deliverables including disaster recovery plans, validation and Exercise procedures
  • Facilitate / Oversee the Disaster Recovery exercise as per the applicable standards. Ensure that all procedures for conducting a Disaster Recovery exercise have been followed.
  • Perform Subject Matter Expert oversight, review, feedback, and update on Build, Plan and Exercise related activities
  • Liaise with regional organizations to identify and communicate requirements, and to resolve technical issues identified during planning, implementation and testing.
  • Align the Disaster Recovery solutions with Business Continuity Plans and Digital Information Security Management and data protection policies
  • Maintain a good understanding of critical business processes and be able to share context with service providers in delivery Disaster Recovery positions
  • Prepare Disaster Recovery schedules in close coordination with the teams responsible for delivering the build solutions.
  • Promote the sharing of best practices and services such as Disaster Recovery Planning and Business Impact Assessment.
  • Member of BP’s Mutual Response Team that operated under the guidelines of the Incident Command System - National Incident Management System.

Senior Disaster Recovery Consultant

Bell Helicopter Textron
Oct 2009Jun 2010

Company background: Bell Helicopter is part of the Textron group that manufactures aircraft. Bell Helicopter is one of the largest suppliers of military equipment to the US military. Including the Osprey V-22 aircraft. Bell Helicopter is located in multiple countries around the world with manufacturing facilities in the United States and Canada.


  • Provided an assessment of the current Disaster Recovery capabilities and produced a gap document that detailed the improvements that could be implemented immediately.
  • Created processes for streamlining the annual Business Impact Assessments for all business processes and relating them back to the Information Technology application and processes.
  • Created processes for conducting Risk assessments as relation to National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM).
  • Lead the annual disaster Recovery exercise from end to end. This involved over 300 infrastructure resources and over 50 application test resources. This covered a range of Information Technology applications that covered the Mainframe, Unix and Wintel resources.
  • Enhanced the current Disaster Recovery plans by evaluating them against best practices and developed procedures for timely updates and distribution.
  • Moved from a manual process to an automated process utilizing LDRPS from Sungard.
  • Created a Disaster Recovery Committee consisting of Information Technology executives of the Organization.
  • Incorporated processes from the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) into its current IT business processes.

Project Manager

Harris County Hospital District
Apr 2009Aug 2009

Company background: Harris County has approximately 4 million residents and is one of the largest counties in the United States. The Hospital district currently 3 hospitals and 27 clinics and serves about 1.2 million patients annually. The district has over 7,500 employees


  • Provide strategic direction and leadership to the Information Technology management team
  • Assess the current operational readiness of the critical information technology groups.
  • Develop procedures to identify risks and to determine what impact these risks would have to business and clinical operations.
  • Formulate strategies for business continuance based on these risks
  • Create polices, procedures and templates for Disaster recovery and Business Continuity.
  • Refine the shelter-in-place procedures for Hurricane preparedness. And conducted a drill to ensure that patient life and safety operations continue to effectively operate.
  • Member of the incident command team with responsibility over logistics operations.
  • Ensure that all necessary Incident Command System training was completed by all members of the Crisis Response Teams

Program Management Consultant-Business Continuity

Sep 2008Mar 2009

Company Background: Cargill is an international provider of food, agricultural and risk management products and services. Cargill has offices in 120 countries and over 160,000 employees. Some of the units that I was involved in were business units relating to Petroleum, Natural Gas, Grain, Steel, Financial Services (Hedge Funds and Asset Management) and Meat Solutions.


I provided Program management consultative services providing Information Protection, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery services to various units of Cargill.


  • Worked with senior executives to develop and implement a Corporate Crisis Management program
  • Developed streamlined processes for conducting Risk and Impact Assessments and developing strategies to address current issues and comply with the recovery time objectives.
  • Enhanced the plan data gather effort and provided expertise in utilizing eBRP as a plan management tool.
  • Conducted several Disaster recovery exercises relating to Human capital and Information technology
  • Conducted several office relocation exercises and tabletop exercises

Project Manager Consultant

Health and Human Services, State of Texas
Sep 2005Aug 2008

Organization Background: The Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) is required to comply with the Texas Administrative code (TAC 202)  and the HIPAA security regulation among other state regulatory needs.


I was responsible for the startup of the Disaster Recovery and Continuity of Operations (COOP) program for all locations.  This comprised of over 36,000 employees in over 600 office locations.

Part of my responsibilities included forming a steering committee of all the agencies of HHSC and coordinating their Continuity of Operations programs. I was also a contributing member of the Statewide Pandemic Influenza Group that was formed by the Governors Division of Emergency Management (GDEM).


  • Conduct Business Impact Analysis for all state operations
  • Conduct an Application Inventory and developed the application inter-dependencies (Application Block Diagram) that identified interfaces (internal and external)
  • Identify operational risks for each operating location and take measures to mitigate these risks if required
  • Developed/define the Recovery Time Objective for all critical processes
  • Developed and Implement a Multi-tier Response Plan
  • Recommend recovery strategies and options, and assist with the implementation of recovery.
  • Develop and create a communication strategy to handle crisis communications and handle issues that could possibly affect corporate image and reputation
  • Assist Corporate Management in making informed decisions on disaster declarations and issuing guidance on any policy issues.
  • Advise Local Management and assisting this team in recovering process at the affected location(s).
  • Define levels of activation and issuance of emergency notifications.
  • Created a Recovery procedure for each recoverable Business Process
  • Identify the critical application list and Recovery point Objectives based on the recovery time objectives of the critical (and non critical) processes
  • Conducted several COOP Exercises, including maintenance and audit functions
  • Developed processes to keep all plans up-to-date.

Project Manager Consultant

Alcon Laboratories(Nestle)
Dec 2007Mar 2008

Company Background: Alcon Laboratories, Inc. is Majority owned by Nestlé S. with U.S. operations based in Fort Worth, Texas, with a team of over 15,000 employees worldwide develops, manufactures, and distributes hundreds of eye care products.


I was responsible for starting up the Disaster Recovery (DR) program for the Global Information Technology division.


  • Conducted an organizational assessment and based on the results of developed a strategic roadmap, policies and procedures to support this program.
  • Assembled and trained the Disaster Recovery team to support the program.
  • Developed templates, questionnaires and supporting documentation that enabled the Disaster Recovery team move forward with assessing impacts, developing recovery strategies and creating effective recovery plans
  • Developed a business case for a secondary data centre
  • Architected recovery solutions, including cut-over strategies and replication / synchronization architecture, as well as supporting documented processes
  • Developed systems virtualization strategy and design

Senior Consultant

Blue Cross Blue Shield
Dec 2004Aug 2005

A senior consultant in the HIPAA Disaster Recovery Project Management Office to create and test disaster recovery plans for all critical applications and application that contain protected Health Information a necessary requirement for HIPAA compliance. I am familiar with the current HIPAA regulations and requirements. As part of my assignments I worked on the following


  • Business Impact Assessment for Critical Applications as well as applications containing Protected Health Information.
  • Identify gaps as related to the HIPAA requirements
  • Define and assist in developing the Disaster Recovery environment for critical applications containing protected health information
  • Created a strategic recovery plan for Information Technology resource groups.
  • Created a Management recovery plan for the IT Cabinet that would be assembled should the need arise.
  • Participated in creating awareness for all recovery coordinators
  • Where required apply changes to existing policies, plans and procedures to achieve compliance.

Business Continuity Coordinator

Volkswagen of America
Oct 2001Nov 2004

In Volkswagen my role as the Business Continuity Coordinator was to assist the business units develop their recovery plans. I took a lead role in the start up of this program al all its operating locations.

  • Business Continuity (Recover the business processes)
  • Disaster Recovery (Recover the technology and secure the data )

Project Manager

Spry Resources Inc
Apr 1998Sep 2001
  • Work closely with all key personnel to ensure the successful and timely completion of all projects.
  • Project Plan Development – integrating and coordination all project plans including Scope Planning, Definition and Change control.
  • Provided project Cost Estimates, Budgeting and cost control.
  • Identifying Project Risks and developing plans to measure the probability of the risks and develop procedures and techniques to reduce these identified risks.
  • Project Plan Execution – carrying out the project plan by carrying out the activities included in the plan.
  • Integrated Change Control – coordinating changes across all the projects.

Y2K Remediation Project Manager

Zurich American Insurance
Apr 1997Mar 1998

Information Technology Manager

VJ InfoSystems
Nov 19959Mar 1997

Places I have worked


Associates Degree

Osmania University


Osmania University


Project Management Professional

Project management institute
Aug 2001Present

 Certified Business Continuity Planner

Disaster Recovery institute
Jun 2002Present

Certification in Incident Command System (ICS100)

Jun 2009Present

 Certification in Incident Command System (ICS 200)

Jun 2009Present

 National Incident Management System (NIMS) (ICS 700)

Jun 2009Present