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John Wayne Robert Jansen

Work experience

Oct 2013Feb 2016

CEO, Director

JAJ Digital Marketing Inc.

Speaker, Communications Trainer and Digital Marketing Expert

John Jansen is the founder and CEO of J.A.J. Digital Marketing. Through this wonderfully powerful medium he shows you how to leverage the internet correctly so you have clients “breaking your door down” for your products and services. He’s known for his dedicated passion and mission to support others in breaking through their fear of technology and befriend this amazing ally.

As a certified and licensed Master of James MacNeil’s Verbal Aikido, John provides leadership and guidance so you have the ability to both dramatically and confidently improve family and social relationships, in addition to increasing your own career and financial potential by as much as two to three times.

Other passions include photography, avidly taking pictures when given the chance. John’s a veteran of the transportation industry around the world with near three decades of experience forging his foundational philosophy and values. Plus, as a result, global travel is now one of his passions.

You can take advantage of John’s 20+ years in personal development when you hear him share his passion whether online or live on stage to help others improve their lives. He encourages you through experience, learning and always reading to expand your view on life and hopefully discover and accept that people have the same basic wants and needs; they just go about it differently. Having experienced these differences, John now simplifies the process for Others.

“We are facilitators who bring business opportunities and associations together in order to assist all parties improve their bottom line. This is accomplished through advanced communication training resulting in improved social, personal and business relationships. This allows for the potential of increased income on all levels. Happy employees bring about increased productivity resulting in a successful business. When members of any organization or association are able to communicate and feel heard, it leads to greater community awareness resulting in successful goals and outcomes.”

Core Values
  1. HONESTY: We believe in it to a fault. We expect it from others, and base all of our beliefs on it. When we do everything honestly, we don’t have to worry about anything. Result: we build trust which is essential in any sort of relationship.
  2. INTEGRITY: Webster’s defines it as: the quality of being honest and fair. The state of being complete or whole. Without it you do not have anything and cannot last.
  3. PERSISTENCE: Dedicated to achieving everything we plan to do. Not a quitter, consistently pursue goals and do whatever is required to complete the task no matter how difficult that may be or seem.
  4. LOYALTY: Can be counted on to make and follow each commitment through to completion. Always learning and developing ourselves and as a result of the acquired knowledge helping others achieve success.
Web Design, Coaching and Training, Digital Marketing,  


Mar 20142016

Elite Marketing Pro

Facebook Marketing, Google +, Linked In, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, know other social media, good with these.

Build sales funnels, drive traffic, SEO, build high end websites, 

Mar 2003Nov 2003

Business Administration

CDI College Oshawa 2003

Accounting, Finance, Project, Advanced Microsoft, Simply Accounting, Business Law, Writing Business Plans, Economics, Human Resources, Power Point, Excel, Word, Access, Outlook    88% overall


Jan 2015Jan 2015

Pure Certified Coach

James MacNeil

Life Coach


Human Resources

CDI College

Achievement Award 100%

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JAJ Success Systems  April 2009 - October 2013  Self Employed

Transportation and Logistics North America and Europe. Lived in Netherlands 1991 - 1999

Fluent English and Dutch

Avid Photographer   Top for 2015

Won Staff Winter Selection 2015 , Won Magnificent Capture, 4 Awards, 3 Awards , Won Top 20 class week 1,   ViewBug  Also top for 2015