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I am currently a student in high school and i'm working towards earning my diploma and graduating school to become a successful person in the real world. I like to study and read about generals and battles fought during world war 2, I'm also a hard working person looking to please whoever i'm doing the job for. I'm wanting to achieve a successful job as a world war 2 historian so i can teach others about what happened during the war and have others know what they didn't know about the war or to become a fireman to save others during fires and stop them from spreading. I also have interests in video games, world war 2, and sports such as basketball, football, and soccer. I have a high interest in reading books mostly fiction or historical books. 

Work experience


Teaching children self-defense (unpaid experience)

The Academy

Times when i'm available at the studio my teachers would look towards me to help them and teach them  new forms or Kempos. I also am a example for the teacher to do some forms on me so the children know how to do them. and if they don't know they will ask me some of the time to repeat the form.


Church service (Volunteer experience)

St.Rose of Lima

I volunteer to go to feed the homeless set up for special and regular events at the church and make holiday gift baskets for the homeless and mail envelopes and special dates for people that come to the church. We also participate in going to a shelter for children and bring them games and make them happy.



High School Diploma 

Damonte Ranch High School

English: Study of Shakespeare, reading, and many hand written projects 

World History: Expansion of North America ,world war 2, etc

Computer science: Coding, create our own games, typing, and problem solving

A+: Math class on the computer, goes through all required units depending on which unit you are learning.

Science: learning of the human body, Earth's progression throughout millions of years, labs, etc