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Mechanical engineer with strong interests manufacturing efficiency, product/process quality, and continuous improvement.  

A broad background in manufacturing engineering and management for:

  • fabrication of complex parts (machining, sheet metal, glass work) and associated processes (deburr, test, paint).
  • assembly of complex mechanical modules including final assembly and test.

Work experience

Jan 2012Present

New Product Introduction (NPI) Procurement Engineer (Mechanical/optical)

Agilent Technologies
  • Functional technical support for procured parts for all manufacturing in Melbourne and Penang facilities and root cause investigations for supplier quality engineering.
  • Supporting the Project life cycle by partnering with R&D teams, maximizing supply chain value, and resolving technical/quality issues with fabricated parts.
  • Stakeholder management.
Jan 2007Jan 2012

Production Manager (Optics and Glass Shop).

Varian Australia / Agilent Technologies, Mulgrave
  • Managing workforce of 20+ personnel and providing technical support across Optical assembly and Glass working areas in both Melbourne and Penang manufacturing locations.
  • Standardize and document daily operations to improve efficiency, and reduce process variation. Enable better process visibility and less rework in a kanban based environment.
  • Improvements in equipment function, process structure, and quality conformance.
Jan 2001Jan 2006

Production Engineer (aka Manufacturing /Process Engineer)

Varian Australia, Mulgrave (now Agilent Technologies)
  • Manufacturing engineering to clean up and streamline operations of the Instrument assembly line following introduction of new product models.
  • Leadership role including periods as Acting Production Manager.
  • Engineering Team Leader within the Fabrication area assuming technical responsibility (Machine shop and Sheetmetal) and helping to execute effective outcomes in Sheetmetal relayout, using “Lean Manufacturing” principles. Significant cost benefits achieved through greater efficiency.
  • Process engineering in Machine shop to optimize efficiencies, work with programmers to optimize cycle times for CNC machining and associated processes. Improvement of finishing, assembly, test, paint/cure, and scheduling. Incremental gains in many areas.
  • Optics and Glass shop department was introduced as part of succession planning for the Department manager. Commencing continuous improvement initiatives with exposure to unique production processes and supply chains.
Jan 1998Jan 2001

Production / Mechanical Engineer

SGE Analytical Science (now Trajan Scientific and Medical)
  • Maintaining and developing production systems in the manufacturing environment for efficiency boost, reduced downtime, and/or safety.
  • Projects included developing automation opportunities for highly repetitive manual processes, resolving issues with existing custom equipment, and mechanical design / redesign of components (and processes) for improved efficiency
  • Maintain and improve compliance within an ISO9000 quality framework.
  • Consult widely to determine greatest opportunity for engineering intervention


Jan 2004Jan 2004

Striving for Best Practice in Manufacturing (Specialist course in Lean Manufacturing)

RMIT University
Jan 2003Jan 2003

Diploma of Business Management

Box Hill Institute
Jan 1994Jan 1998

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

Swinburne University of Technology



Broad experience including fabrication, assembly, procurement, logistics, and product development.

Continuous improvement

Broad experience in workplace standardization, workflow optimization and continuous improvement, including "lean" methodology.

Problem solving

Lateral and analytical thinking in resolving technical  problems. Enabled by broad work history.


Green belt trained in 6 sigma approach to quality assessment and improvement.


Managing technicians and assembly personnel in manufacturing and assembly facility. Leading team of engineering personnel.


Addressing and resolving tension between complex technical issues and cost implications through liaison with vendors and internal stakeholders.