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Work History

Nov 2015Mar 2017

Spoken English Tutor

Indus Public School, India
  • Teaching Fluency, body language, Communication skills to English
  • How to speak freely, continuously and without repetition
  • How to speak effectively in English

English Communication Tutor

Mind Windows Institute, India
  • Teaching Fluency, body language, Communication skills to English
  • How to speak freely, continuously and without repetition
  • How to speak effectively in English

English CommunicationTeacher

International Bharti School, India
  • Teaching Fluency, body language, Communication skills to English
  • How to speak freely, continuously and without repetition
  • How to speak effectively in English

Psychology Lecturer

Indus School and Indus College of Education, India
  • Psychology Teaching in class 11 and 12 (Senior Students).
  • Teaching and performing practical tests and experiments.
Nov 2015Mar 2017

School Psychologist/ School Counselor

Indus Public School , India
  • Played a role of School Psychologist:
  • Assessments, Psychotherapy and Counselling of students.
Aug 2014Present

International Books Author

Books Publications

I have authored at least 6 psychological books mainly on mental health and behaviors.

I emerged as the best selling author within less than a year, authoring more than 6 books. One of the most popular book is "60 NATURAL REMEDIES TO GUILT, ANXIETY, SLEEP LOSS & SADNESS:"

My first publication was through and Createspace Publishers.

Jun 2010May 2011

IELTS Tutor For International English Examination

Oberoi Overseas Education, Pune India

Worked as a Tutor, preparing students for IELTS in areas:

  • Writing And
  • Speaking
Jun 2007Jul 2014

Sales and Marketing & Counselling

Northern India Union of Seventh-day Adventists

Counselling entrepreneurs and marketing products. Diagnosing behaviors and giving the best advices for better productivity.

The main work was marketing books as well as selling the products.

I emerged as the highest seller among all the Students Literature evangelists.



Feb 2016Present

Doctor Of Philosophy in Psychology (PhD Psychology)

MD University Rohtak
  • PhD " Impact of muscle relaxation, yoga and deep breathing on health, anxiety and general wellbeing among students"
  • Related to Clinical, Health and School Psychology
Oct 2015July  2016

Post Graduate Diploma in School Psychology (PGDSP)

MD University Rohtak India
  • Study research and  counselling of students
Aug 2013May 2015

Master of Arts Psychology (MAP)

MD University Rohtak India
  • I finished my MA in Psychology on May 2015.

  • At the same time as I was studying my Masters, I Authored at least 7 books on Psychology, Theology , Relationship and Novels (Non Fiction).

  • This led me being called KA (Knowledge Anticipator) due to writing more than 7 books carrying almost 4000 pages which also involved much research and at the same time doing my Masters degree.

Comp. Mar 2013

Bachelor Of Theology (BTh.)

Spicer College (Spicer Memorial University)
  • I graduated in 2013 from Spicer College with A in Bachelor of Theology.

  • Cumulative GPA of  3.79

  •  Also graduated as the President Of the Graduating Class of 2013.

Comp. 2006

Kenya Certificate Of Secondary School (KCSE)

Kagumori Secondary School
  • Graduated in 2006 with C+.

  • I was the School Captain before graduating on 2006.

Comp. 2002

Kenya Certificate Of Primary School (KCPE)

Rugumu Primary School
  • I graduated with KCPE certificate in 2002.



I have written some poems which are of great blessings.

Communication Skills
  • I can convince a person to buy something and within minutes, buys the product.
  • Dynamic use of body language
  • I have been doing psychotherapies online and are effective.

Web Creation & Designing
  • I currently owe 3 websites plus created many for others
  • Hoarding Designs
  • Brochure Designs
  • News paper AD design
Books Writing
  • I authored at least 7 books
  • Research


English....Very Fluent






Kikuyu.... Conversational


Name:      How It all Just Began

Type:        Book

Date:         December 2014

Description:      A Book/Novel on how to apply MMC Testing in Marriage, family.

Name:      63 Natural Remedies to Stress and Depression With A-Z of Happiness

Type:        Book

Date:         September 2014

Description:      A book on How to Apply Nature as an Anti-stress and Anti-

                          depressant and how to be happy using nature.

                           Also involves effective psychotherapies.

Name:      60 Natural Remedies to Guilt, anxiety, Sleep Loss and Sadness

Type:         Book

Date:        September 2014

Description:      A book on How to Apply Nature as a natural remedy to Guilt,  

                          Anxiety, Sleep Loss and Sadness.

                           Also includes effective Psychotherapies

Name:      Your Mind Opener

Type:        Book

Date:        August 2014

Description:      A book on HMQ and MMC Tests psychometric applications and

                           how to apply wisdom in choosing a marriage Partner. Focused and smart in life.

Name :     Women's Precious Fountain Of Wellbeing And Happiness

Type:        Book

Date:         August 2014

Description:      A Book on how Women can overcome daily stressors in life and

                          improve their mental Health.

Name:     Woman's Mind Inner Most Hidden Secrets

Type:       Book

Date:       August 2014

Description:     A Book on Deeply understanding women's Mind and their behaviors.

Name:     The Secrets Of A Woman's Mind Mental Health And Happiness

Type:        Book

Date:        August 2014

Description:     A Book on Deeply understanding women's minds and their

                         behaviors as well as how they can achieve the maximum mental

                          Health and Happiness.



Date:      November 2014

Description:       Emerged as the first and youngest psychologist to invent HMQ and MMC Tests in Psychology

Date:      November 2014

Description:      Written and published at least 7 books by 2014 in my 20's on Psychology and other areas being at      

                                 Masters level

Date:     March 2013

Description:  The President Of Graduating Class of 2013

Date:     December 2006

Description:  Graduated from High School as the School Captain

Known For

  • HEMO Psychology
  • Psychemoanalysis
  • Psychemotherapy
  • JFML Theory
  • Testhor Theory of Rape
  • Psychosexuation
  • Called KA (Knowledge Anticipator) due to publishing at least 7 books in one year still doing my Masters Degree at the same time.

Countries done Research

  • India and surrounding countries
  • USA
  • England
  • Australia
  • Russia
  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • Africa
  • Europe
  • China
  • Thailand
  • Philippines
  • Canada
  • Korea
  • New Zealand
  • Middle East like UAE and Iran
  • Among other countries/continents.

Personal Interests


  • Writings books
  • Website Creations
  • Hoarding Designs
  • Brochure design
  • Newspaper AD Design
  • Writing poetry
  • Travelling
  • Creating new things eg. Psychological Testings
  • Research
  • Surveying
  • Discoveries
  • Doing Comedies
  • Sports
  • Jogging
  • Swimming
  • Tourism
  • Mountain Climbing
  • Etc.


Referee 1

Kishore Gill

Director, Northern India Union
Director, Publishing

Address:  Northern India Union of Seventh-day Adventists
11, Haily Road,




Email:   [email protected]

Phone1:   91-11-233249959

Phone 2: 91-11-233249959

Referee 2

Dr. Mohit

Mind Windows Institute, Rohtak India

Phone: 9466858576

Referee 3

Sunny Oberoi

Oberoi Overseas Education

Pune India

Phone: 9850846033

 Email: [email protected]


Referee 4

Dr. Ekta Sindu


Indus Group of Institutions

Phone 1: 9996855555

Phone 2: 9555511111

Rohtak India