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John Murad

 Address: 1414 Fuerte heights lane

About John Murad

 I was born in Lakeside, California and now attend Valhalla High school and am currently a junior. I plan to graduate in June of 2016 and hopefully be admitted into a college of my choice. The 3 colleges I am going to apply to are SDSU, USD, and UCSD mainly because they are all local and require no change of location. My goal when entering college is to major in accounting, some sort of medical field, or enter law school. Accounting is the main major I am striving for because it fits into my future perfectly because after I have completed my college education  I intend on inheriting the family businesses and elevate them into new heights.  A business degree will make for a much easier management because the knowledge will be there.  A main goal in my life that I want to accomplish is for me to become so stable finically that my father wont need to work anymore in his life. 

Valhalla High school: 1725 Hillsdale Rd

Sep 2012Jun 2016

High school diploma 

Valhalla High school

current GPA: 3.75 

rank within class: 64.56 percentile


12th grade: AP Literature, AP government/economics, AP statistics, Physiology, Avid

11th grade: AP Language, AP US history, Algebra 2,  chemistry, spanish 3/4, photography

10th grade: geometry, biology, Honors English literature, Avid ,AP world history, spanish 1/2 

9th grade: Algebra 1, avid, Humanities english, physical education, general science, geography 

Extra curricular activités 

High school sports: 

 9th grade: freshmen basketball

10th grade: called up to play varsity basketball as sophomore, awarded UT prep honorable mention 

11th grade: played varsity basketball, awarded hustle trophy and UT prep honorable mention

Non-high school sports:

spent two years in a YMCA youth basketball league

Played in many rec. basketball leagues until high school approached, most notable was known as CBA (Chaldean basketball association)  

participated in numerous football tournaments for charity benefits

played in the CDO (cajon de oro) baseball league until 8th grade  (began in 1st grade)


I am currently a leader in a church group known as FAM (forget about me) which is basically a group open to all high schoolers who are encouraged to attend and participate in all the activities we do.

Used to be apart of a bible study that took place on Saturday mornings (10 AM-12PM) in which kids under the age of 13 were encouraged to attend and study different aspects of Christianity.

Interest and community service

Church groups:

FAM (forget about me)

Church school which takes place on saturday mornings (10-12)

community services:

served as a coach for youth basketball leagues at the local YMCA for all of last summer for two hours of every saturday afternoon

participated in basketball related community services that took place at the mission hills park where we opened up land for the owners in order for them to create gardens and other natural habitats 

volunteered in a charity walk for a teacher who currently works at steel canyon in which we rose money for her two daughters who suffer from mitochondrial disease.

Work History



currently serve as an employee under the businesses run by my father 

Quote that relates to my philosophical beliefs