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Work experience


General Manager

GNP Of Idaho

General Manager- Insure the Every day to day organization and completion of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly tasks, sales goals, profit margins, gold buying, sales, pawn balance, cost of goods, overall productivity, customer relations, customer retention, good bad and ugly. The soul purpose of the General Manager is to ensure that customers are happy and that employees are happy, we strive to improve every ones daily experience with each visit. Work directly with the owners of the company in the overall business scale in whats working and what needs improved on. Insure the profit and loss on all retail merchandise, pawns and customers. We have had a tremendous increase in customer satisfaction and over all numbers store wide sense I have taken over management, I have had the opportunity to wok with and for a great company.  



United States Armed Forces

Joining the Army has been one of the most selfless things I've had the privilege of doing to not only serve Our Great country but to serve my own family and friends. After joining I was able to take the opportunity in advancing my self through the ranks and also advance my knowledge on what else the service had to offer and changed my profession in the service.  In 2009-2010 I was deployed to Iraq for a year of duty and took advantage of the experience in  bettering myself in taking a brand new look on what life in the States had to offer. After I returned home from my tour of duty I was able to transition over to my new job, I found myself in a wonderful and very family orientated unit located here in Idaho, 321st EN BN out at gowen field. They quickly assisted in advancing me in grade and job title to the required titles needs to proficiently achieve the mission at hand. I am still proudly serving at the 321st EN BN. 


Jack of all trades 

El Gallo Giro

So lets take a moment to understand the title of this job being "Jack of all trades". I walked into a Mexican restaurant asking for a job, letting them know I would do what ever it took for me to gain employment there, the owner said OK after my first attempt. I started working there as a dish washer, however I was so proficient at the job that I always found my self waiting on dishes. After the second day of waiting for dishes I asked the crew if they needed any assistance in their daily jobs? The guys in charge of preparing the food for the day said yes they needed help. From that day forward I was in charge of doing all the dishes and then assisted with prep every day for about 5 days. On the 6th day we had gotten so proficient at that the prep crew and I found our selves just waiting for the next thing. The owner came to me the following day and asked me if I would like to help in the kitchen when they were busy, so I gladly accepted. So by the time I knew it I came in did the dishes, helped prep and then was cooking in the kitchen. I wouldn't say I was the reason for this success but rather with the proper motivation and cohesiveness from the crew there we were able to increase our ability over a short period of time 10 fold. 




Kuna School District 

High school education is the highest level of required education achieved. 

Military education for each job obtained, hold 3 titles in the armed forces.

Business management- 


Customer Reations 

Ensuring the proper procedures and retention of all customers through any and all issues weather true or false, it is our intention to retain the business not one dollar amount transaction.

General Manager 

Ensuring the productivity of the store and its managers as well as all employees and customers, all the other responsibilities were all inclusive to what we set as an expectation. We followed a B.I.N.S program : Be the professional, Integrity, No Negativity, Standards. As the GM it is the goal for our team to live each day holding these 4 things true with every customer transaction regardless of personal feeling or personal gain.