John Lam

  • Honolulu HI

Books Read This Quarter

"The Last Amateur" by John Feinstein

"This world we live in" by Susan Beth Pfeffer


2012 - 2016

Kalani High School


The objectives that must be handled is to read as much books as possible for me because with trying to be a book review takes alot processing plus alot of learning about the different characters and plots in books in the world.  THe goals that i have for this is too try and read 3 books a quarter as a start so then i could get more of an idea of the differences in books.  With this goal it also createds another goal for me which is to understand more parts of the book then just the main idea since the small stuff happening in the book is also impactful on how determine how the book is.

Readers Experience

From reading for my past 12 years it has been quite a journey i have learn simple words to now words that are so complicated that even i can barely pronounce.  But as a reader i have went through ups an downs from reading like understanding what i read because sometimes i misunderstand what the book is talking  about since i have the tendency to miss or forget some parts i read which then change the whole mesage of what the book is trying to tell you.  With this as a reader it has been hard on me to read books i would say because with me reading books nowadays with so much distraction it is impossible to focus but when i do its a thing of joy, i hope i continue this journey on fixing my habits and becoming a better reader as i move on in life.


Book Reviewer: 

 As a book reviewer I must be able to compare books structures and the difference in plot twist judging if it good or impactful to you as a reader to consider if the book is good.  Which makes me feel like this job is right for me because i understand different plot twist and how you judge the quality of the book especially from all the books i have read in my life.

Impactful Books Read

"Gregory the Overlander" series by Suzanne Collins

"Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins

"Coach Carter" by Jasmine Jones