John Kreiner

  • Baltimore, Maryland Area, US
John Kreiner

Information Technology Executive with Expertise in Enterprise Applications, IT Strategy and Technology Modernization


Technology is fundamentally changing the way people do business. CEOs and CIOs must agree whether technology is a business driver or a business enabler – i.e. is the business driven by technology or is it a pure cost center? Without understanding its position, organizations will either over or under fund their investment. Executing on business goals while minimizing costs and creating long term scalability are the tough conversations between chief executives, and the discussion never ends.

As an IT executive, I serve as a trusted business advisor to CEOs helping them capitalize on technology to execute on their goals.


✔ CEOs should hire a CIO who thinks like a business executive, not just a technology executive.
✔ CIOs should be able to provide a vision of the role technology will play in achieving the overall business vision.
✔ CEOs should let go of the reigns and let their technology team do what they do best. Deliver results.
✔ CIOs should hire smart people that can implement on their strategy.
✔ CEOs should see technology as an investment, not just a cost center.
✔ CIOs should understand the financial placement of IT within the organization.


♦ I’m confident and exhibit grace under pressure. My priority is resolving the fire; only afterwards do I ask why it happened.
♦ I’m intentional. In our age of data paralysis we can analyze to the point of inaction. I’m able to balance risk with decisiveness.
♦ I’m logical. I continually ask: is that the real problem or is that just the symptom of the root problem?
♦ I’m ethical. Holding myself and my team accountable, I acknowledge when something fails and give an unbiased picture of where we need to improve.
♦ I’m empathetic. I balance the needs of my staff with driving results. While 60-hour weeks occur, they shouldn’t be the rule.

Work History

Work History
1997 - 2004


JFK Consulting, Inc.

Responded to RFPs to attain project contracts. Researched solutions, selected vendors based on client-specific criteria. Provided clients with subject matter expertise, project management oversight, and post-project support. Secured follow-on work to provide clients with implementation of additional or emerging technologies to maintain continuous process improvement. Projects included custom design, migrations, and application development.

2014 - 2015

Executive IT Advisor

Hartman Executive Advisors

Recruited to provide CIO level leadership and advisory services to support mid-size organizations in aligning their technology infrastructure with business goals. Engagements included software selection; team, technology and process assessments and recommendation/remediation planning; major technology initiative leadership and strategic planning.

  • System Integration. Led effort to implement major system upgrade to a health care provider network, including upgrading management software across 92 facilities across the country.
  • Business Analytics |Executive Lead. Advised a major non-profit organization in Baltimore who had contracted with a 3rd party to implement an open-source CRM product and consolidate data across disparate systems into one central repository.
  • Technology Strategy |Team Leadership. Created integrated inventory management and financial system platform between homebuilder and their wholly owned supplier subsidiary. Led software selection effort from business requirements through C-level recommendation to final selection. Guided team to successful implementation and conversion of supplier financial and inventory systems.
  • Business Strategy |Operational Improvement.  Worked with business leaders and technology teams evaluating and recommending improvements to process workflows, technology platforms and organizational structure, better facilitating alignment of technology with the objectives of the business.
2010 - 2014

Director of Software Development

Prometric, Inc.

Recruited into the role Director of Software Development to lead a transformation of the organization, moving it from a cost center to a value center. Led a team of 100+ professionals around the globe. Drove efficiencies through standardized processes and procedures, including secure coding practices required for FISMA and PCI compliance. Managed expense budget of $8.5MM and capital labor budget of $6MM.

  • Organizational Redesign. Removed team and department silos through re-organization, better communication and greater collaboration, resulting in improved productivity and quality, reducing the number of defects released to production environments from five+ per month to less than two in just under four years (defect free software releases increased from 50% to 92% in the first 12 months).
  • Operational Improvement | Security. Worked cross functionally to drive security initiatives throughout the organization, protecting client and company assets, including test center environments, web properties and external interfaces.
  • Technology Strategy | Cost Reduction. Addressed backlog of technical debt by carving out a portion of the development and testing teams to focus on addressing technical deficits, ordered by impact in cost or revenue to the business. Intentionally quantified the debt based on business costs.
  • International Expansion. Built global technology teams in India, Malaysia and Ireland to improve software quality, shorten release cycles and reduce impacts on end customer. Saved more than $500K annually on labor expenses while increasing capacity by headcount of 23 staff.
  • Technology Modernization. Directed design of next generation of testing centers which included utilizing technological advances to enhance customer experience, ensure regulatory compliance and improve security.
  • Cost Reductions. Reduced departmental costs year over year 4+ years, helping attain company goal of early retirement of self-funded acquisition debt. Removed over 25 contract resources within a two month period, increasing accountability on employee resources, and cutting labor costs by close to $150K per month.
2010 - 2010


Safe-t-Technologies, LLC
2009 - 2010

Director - Product Management

AOL, LLC (, AOL Advertising)
2007 - 2008

Director - Project Management

AOL, LLC (, AOL Advertising)
2006 - 2007

Senior Project Manager

AOL, LLC (, AOL Advertising)

Technology Modernization. Recruited to manage $5+ million technology refresh program with aggressive timelines and a large scope. Led project team of 30 while delegating tasks in engineering, quality assurance and operations. Provided up-to-date project status reports to senior stakeholders across technology and business, including the executive management.

2004 - 2006

Director - Professional Services

Systems Alliance, Inc.

Recruited by the new Owner/CEO to build a professional services practice, providing project management and consulting services to government and commercial clients. Provided clients with account management and implementation services through the use of company’s SiteExecutive Web Content Management System (CMS). Group offered full-site redesigns, Web site architecture mapping, and content migration.

  • System Integration. Successfully led the development of an electronic data interchange between an online university and the Air Force Tuition Assistance portal.
  • Business Analytics | Enterprise Applications | Technology Modernization. Increased functionality and usability of Proctor & Gamble’s display ordering web application using the latest technological advances and providing key metrics to a back end data warehouse, improving inventory visibility and forecasting accuracy.
1998 - 2004

Senior Consultant

Systems Alliance, Inc.



B.S. Business Management 

University of Baltimore

Summa Cum Laude