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Mechanical Engineer widely experienced in the management of new product development projects in a Multi-Project working structure (15+ simultaneous projects).
With 10 years of overall experience in mechanical engineering and 3+ years of specialized work in plastic sheet thermoforming technologies for the manufacturing of food grade (FDA Approved) plastic containers for several kinds of industrial/mass consumption/commercial food service applications, has earned great skills in tool (sheetmetal forming dies / thermoforming molds) and machine design and construction, manufacturing processes supervision and control, project work team guidance and leadership and resources administration.
Proven experience in metalmechanics, outstanding performance in the use of CAE/CAD/CAM software,  C.N.C programming, and engine building .
Count with capability of a fast and easy adaptation to the use of new technologies and tools. Has a very cooperative spirit, high responsibility and commitment values, openly available for personal interrelationship and work team. 

Work experience

Dec 2012Present



My duties consist in the management of new product development projects (Simultaneous Multi-projects work structure) in the plastic container industry (most of them food grade /FDA approved thermoformed containers), leading project work teams made up of personnel of different areas like product design, tool design (engineering), mold workshop, purchasing, manufacturing and logistics departments to develop regular production processes and new products that matches our customers specific needs.
I've been focusing and specializing my work on PP, PS, PET and High Barrier  products by means of carrying out the tool procurement process (by in-house manufacturing and design or by purchasing to mold suppliers), production startup engineering support, overall project follow up and resources administration always giving support and advice to our customers in a close work relationship.

Jun 2011Nov 2012

Floor (Plant) Engineer


My main duty consisted in the management of  the production process of this company which core business is the execution of projects of metalmechanics products and goods manufacturing for the building industry (warehouses steel frames/structures, ceilings amogst others) by means of the participation in the design, blueprint creation and production and quality following and control processes (Raw material cutting and preparation , welding and painting). I performed too as Resident Engineer at the construction locations at the moment of the instalation or assemblage of the products.

Dec 2010Mar 2011

Junior Design Engineer

I worked in the engineering dept., developing the improvement engineering project of the industrial waste water treatment plant of the biodiesel refinery located at Facatativá (Cundinamarca, Colombia). There I earned new knowledge in the mechanical design field now focused in the oil/hydrocarbons industry, achieving the design and leadership of the manufacturing process of atmospherical tanks , oil refining process pipelines, oil/water pumping equipment selection and development of the conceptual engineering of the project.
Dec 2009May 2010

Mechanical Designer

In this position I performed activities on the design of the different products built by the company (electrical closures and cabinets, electrical distribution boards and clusters, amongst others) creating production drawings, C.N.C punching and laser drawings and machine programs, technical advice to the costumers, standard product palette creation, and coordination in the mechanical design processes.
Feb 2009Dec 2009

Metalmechanics Dept. Coordinator

My duties consisted on receiving, registering and setting in order the execution of different work orders for electrical cabinets and enclosures building, to arrange and deliver the needed information for each and every section, to coordinate work labors in the machines, welding, polishing, washing, painting and mechanical assembly sections, to make production and quality control labors, product dispatch to the final costumer as well as to the electrical assembly department.
At the same time I assisted the metalmechanics department director and I did advice labors for the mechanical design department too.
Oct 2007Dec 2008

Design Assistant

I performed in the sheetmetal forming and cutting die and plastic injection mold manufacturing industry, where my functions were the reception of technical information coming from the customers, the calculation and design of the components of the tools to be fabricated, the creation of production drawings of such mold and/or dies and the advising referring to the required operations for the construction of these in the production plant.
Apr 2007May 2007

Engineering Assistant

My tasks consisted in the carrying out of sketches for building, design and creation of drawings for hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical systems for the setting up of car painting booths on the Compañia Colombiana Automotriz CCA (Mazda) Enamel 3 project.
Jul 2006Jan 2007

Draftsman/C.N.C. Programmer—Shift Manger

SERVIMECOL (Servicio de ingeniería mecánica de Colombia Ltda.)
Initially I performed in the creation, adjustment and adequation of production drawings for C.N.C sheetmetal punching and its programming; afterwards I was promoted to the position of Shift Manager where my functions were the interpretation of drawings, production scheduling, performance and quality control, dispatching of the finished products and personnel management in plant at the light structures section (Cutting, stamping, bending, welding, wash, and paint). There I faced and met the real application of all the theoretical knowledge as it happened with the challenges that appear in any production plant, besides I learned how to work in team orderly under pressure.



Jan 2014

Autodesk Cetified User: Inventor®

Autodesk® / Certiport, Inc
Certification on AutoCAD® and Inventor® software use for professional purposes.

Verification code: UdsF-s279 @

Research and Others


Development in design and construction of a package of components to increase a commercial automotive engine performance. / Desarrollo en diseño y construcción de un paquete de componentes para incrementar el rendimiento de un motor automotriz de tipo comercial.