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To exceed customer expectation and performance goals

Work History

Sep 2015Nov 2015

Acid etcher

LOTUS Creations

Photo operator, and Acid etcher 

metal dye, stamps for paper or leather

Mar 2007May 2014

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

Supervisor on Duty, Customer Resolution Team, Issue Resolution Group, High level

Customer Service representative,   liaison to office of the president. 

Feb 2004Aug 2008

Churches Chicken


Head Cook, Lead shift, all duties, cleaning, maintenance,  logistic's. Friendly smile.

Jan 2005Mar 2007


Customer service representative 

Sprint /Nextel operator/navigator.  

CSR-operator look up and navigation for directions EMS and FIRE.


Feb 2015Present

Full Sail University


Currently enrolled for a  Bachelor's Degree in Science Technology 3D Animation and Physics 

Apr 1998Present

15 years mechanical experience

Self Educated

Learned from great teacher's in my life.  At home with my Dad, and also at Brake Check for a few years.  Very Mechanically and now digitally observant.

Always trying old things with a new twist to see what I can do with it so I like to tinker with stuff. 

Mar 2007May 2014

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage WBT's

WBT courses 

Originally had started with World Savings, then through the transition up until WFHM. 

MSP, Edge, File systems, taxes and insurance, High level research. Previously left at a skill 4 representative. 



Taft High School



Office Oriented 
  • 64 wpm 
  • Faster learner
  • Know  the Deed of Trust paper work
  • Promissory notes
  • HUD-1
  • 1098's and 1099's
  • Mortgage clauses depending
  • Affidavit of fixation
  • Escrow accounts both taxes and insurance
  • MSP/EDGE/other's
    • Will learn anything new
    • Enjoy business environment 
  • Most mechanical work on almost all cars
  • Full Brake systems and rebuilds
  • Familiar with all types of tools
  • lathe , General repairs etc...

  • Always learning and always do all my own maintenance on all my vehicles and others as well. 

    Also make hobby r/c jets with electric duct fan motors as well

3D Animation Game design and development
  • Currently studying in 3D Animation to incorporate physics applications
  • Familiar with Blender, 3D printers and type software.  Very familiar with STL files.
  • Still studying and learning psychology along with it as part of this degree that incorporates real world technology with learning for a better handle on things. 

Contact Information


1st is a video of some compilations made via youtube

others are pictures of work done using Blender