Dedicated, loyal and with a burning desire to roll up my sleeves and do what it takes to get things done. I have a deep passion and fascination for technology and its power to revolutionize. I am a problem solver that truly enjoys cooperation for better and faster solutions. I have a strong belief that continuous improvement within a company is what ultimately gives a true edge, that and the people within.

Work experience
Work experience
Jun 2014 - Present
Chief Technology Officer

Managing Advisa’s software engineering team with 8 direct reports. Responsibility for the entirety of the software product and technical platform including architecture, direction, compliance, security, maintenance, stability and reliability. Continuously builds and maintains the engineering team with individuals, structures and processes. Budget responsibility for the engineering team, IT infrastructure, software services and system operation costs. Ensures technical platform is evolving in direction with business needs and solves most accurate problems facing company vision.

Technical advisor and strategist as part of the executive management. Continuously working with vision, long term strategy short/long-term goals and organisation optimization in an ever changing market. Responsible for the technical perspective in strategic processes of both growth and retrenchment. Enables and supervises prognosis, assessment and planning of several vital business aspects. Secures sufficient focus on continuous stabilisation of the technical platform.

  • Maintained and strengthened team spirit and cohesion across several challenging periods including significant reorganisations affecting the team itself and other parts of the company, financial difficulties, management changes, radical changes to the market, strategic redirections and failed projects. This included many things often rooted in working closely with each individual, building understanding, strong relationships and continuous opportunity for personal development.
  • Increased system quality and reliability while reducing maintenance costs by reassessment of business needs and appropriate research in how these can be met most efficiently. Allowing for rethinking any aspect of existing solutions.
  • Focused team efforts and motivation on what is most important by increasing transparency and understanding of company goals, financial status and investments in technology for setting direction towards company vision.
  • Maximized each individual's potential for personal growth by establishing and securing clear and well-rounded responsibilities at developer level.
  • Reduced stress and time spent on less valued and developing task by 50% by implementing and enforcing improved structures for handling support, bugs, technical debt and system-wide responsibilities.
Feb 2014 - Jun 2014
Senior Developer

Appointed overall responsibility for system stability, reliability and bugs. Team lead for communication routines such as daily stand-ups. Coaching team members in engineering challenges, prioritization dilemmas and introducing developers to new systems and parts of the product.

  • Improved system stability and reduced technical debt by securing a reduction of known severe bugs to 0 within 3 weeks.
  • Reduced interference of operation due to system instability from multiple times per week to once per month by identifying major causes and securing focus on eliminating the causes.
  • Reduced inflow of technical debt by identifying common pitfalls and ensuring dissemination of knowledge.
  • Increased the development speed and quality by redesigning and setting the overall structure of our Angular.js codebase used for the majority of all web applications.
  • Increased the performance of several internal systems by analyzing and improving many uses of MySQL while continuously coaching team in the performance aspect of relational databases.
  • Increased the reliability of critical internal systems by researching the Node.js platform and applying gained insights to codebase and the team by coaching.
Aug 2013 - Feb 2014

Design, development, maintenance and evaluation of Advisa’s internal, external systems and integrations. Built, launched and maintained several fundamental components and systems that today are vital to Advisa’s business and enables several strategic advantages.

  • Increased efficiency and quality of operation and enabled complete tailoring of internal systems by building a Node.js based CRM platform integrated with our own telephony solution. Used by an average of 50-100 agents daily for 2 years and counting.
  • Significantly improved efficiency of all customer facing employees by building a modular realtime workflow automation engine. Efficiently automated an excess of 3.5 million customer and product interactions for over 1 year. This is what enables our agents to return to customers visiting the website within a few seconds without any manual interaction.
  • Revamped our ability to adapt to business and product changes by building a distributed platform of engines for building, tracking and extending customer, product and business processes. Today serving a broad scale of business needs including everything from sending meeting reminders to keeping contact information up to date to automating employer workflows.
  • Key contributor to a platform migration from Ruby on Rails to Node.js.
Jun 2012 - Aug 2013
System Developer

One of ten consultant developers that provides data layer, data replication, internal systems and external web for Sweden's largest real estate agency with 250 offices around the country.

  • Increased responsiveness of identifying potential buyers and sellers by automating matching and watching for optimal seller/buyer-combinations combined with support for maintaining such relations with automated communication.
  • Enabled a large-scale project by building and presenting a prototype for a next generation CRM system with the goal of replacing existing systems serving an estimate of over 1000 estate agents in over 200 offices.
Jun 2010 - Aug 2011
Army Ranger Battalion
Swedish Armed Forces

Developed self-awareness, cooperation, team building and stress management.

  • Selected few for an off-site large-scale exercise based on performance to date.
  • Well recommended for further service.
Jan 2011 - Aug 2013
Computer Science
Royal Institute of Technology

A broad set of theoretical and practical courses in mathematics, computer science, communication and organisation.

Jun 2013 - Aug 2013
Cryptography 1

Achieved with a grade of 91.7% with distinction.  Focuses on the inner workings of cryptographic primitives and how to use them for real-world applications.

Aug 2013 - Sep 2013
Machine Learning

Achieved with a grade of 100%. A broad and practical course that includes multiple methods of supervised and unsupervised learning, best practices and applications.