John Graffio

John Graffio

Work experience

Work experience
May 2014 - Present


LinkedIn Publishing
John writes articles based on his experiences and observations on learning, motivation and the plight of creative talent in today's economy. John writes with passion and objectivity on difficult subjects that are not given enough treatment in the online world. John invites comments and encourages everyone with strong convictions to consider writing. There are many talented, well informed people who could benefit us all by putting their voices into writing.
Apr 2013 - Present

IT Architect

Independent IT Consultant
Develop software / maintain facility for a grower-packer-shipper client. Software Duties: * Maintain existing intranet application using PHP, JavaScript, jQuery and MySQL. * Enhance code base and add a robust security system. * Move code and database to Internet, allowing staff web access to enter and track orders. * Merge redundant code and optimize database structures to improve efficiency and maintainability. Facility Duties: * Build computer room with 24/7 air conditioning to house company servers. * Move server farm to new computer room with minimal disruption. * Upgrade server hardware to handle more workload (memory + disk space). * Build new Ubuntu Linux server for testing Internet applications. * Maintain plant hardware (scanners, floor machines, etc.). * Maintain Windows 2008 - 2012 servers, Active Directory, backup systems, etc. * Maintain Windows 2008 Hyper-V server running four virtual servers.
Nov 2011 - Present

Executive Producer

Sensarium, Inc.
Our vision is to provide worldwide creative talent access to an interactive virtual art display system. Many talented artists have very little resources and no one to help them with promotion and business development. Sensarium Television will recover costs by offering premium content channels broadcast in High Definition (1080p) and later under the new Quad Definition standard.
Feb 2010 - Dec 2011


Path of the Warrior History Museum
Create a virtual electronic museum, with twelve 42" interactive monitors presenting curated content on military history via a touch screen console. A 12 screen video wall allowed us to elevate the learning experience for viewers.
Mar 2004 - Jan 2007

Architect, Developer

Cygnex Services, Inc.
Architected and wrote an international warehousing, tracking, sales and environmental control system for the fruit packing industry. Technology used was based on Visual Basic.NET and MS SQL. The system monitored environmental controls in warehouse coolers (local and remote) as well as tracking containers of produce arriving from around the world. Once received, inventory was fully traceable as to point of origin, time and place of harvest, etc. The system also interfaced with sophisticated sizing equipment used to process local grower's crops, and allowed the operator to determine the sizes, varieties and weights of all fruit sized for that grower on a historical basis. Growers were paid from these reports and were furnished the packout breakdowns produced by the system for their record keeping.
Aug 2002 - Mar 2003

Toll System Architect

• Architecture and product design for their new violation processing system.


1997 - 1999

In progess

University of California, Irvine
Differential equations and group theory.
1983 - 1985

Irvine Valley College
Foreign Language, Writing, Computer Science
1980 - 1983

Palomar College
Studied Spanish, Astronomy, Computer Science, History, Physics and Russian.
1979 - 1980


United States Air Force Academy
I received two appointments to the Air Force Academy. I went there to develop a new propulsion technology. During my stay, I began tutoring advanced mathematics in my spare time to my classmates and upperclassmen. My interest in computers continued and I started a small computer club on campus. Regrettably there was a large impetus to get cadets involved in Christian clubs, whereas I wanted to learn and do research.







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