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Jul 2009Oct 2009

Asp.Net Developer

ASP.Net Developer Skills: ASP.NET 2.0(VB and C#), Visual Studio 2005, CSS, XML, XSD, Web Services, SQL Server 2000 and 2005(SQL, Stored Procedures etc.). Team Foundation Server Engaged for 3 months to provide support and enhancements to the' Je-S' Web application. Je-S is the" Joint Electronic Submission" system, which allows research organisations and other bodies to submit applications for research grants as' proposals'. The Je-S portal captures a large amount of content re: details of the proposal, costs, justifications, staff, details of the study itself, and much more. Je-S is a large, n-tiered Web site, developed using ASP.Net 2.0. The code comprises a mixture of VB.Net and C#, and the whole Je-S project consists of about a dozen solutions, each solution containing an average of about 10 projects and other supporting files. The development environment is Visual Studio 2005. The architecture comprises Web pages linked via proxy classes to Web Services, which in turn apply business rules and access the database via a' data access layer' of objects. The database is SQL Server 2005, and access is performed using ADO.Net objects that call SQL Server stored procedures. XML and XSDs are used extensively to validate and pass the content across the various layers between the front-end and the database. My duties include providing live support of the Je-S application, fixing defects, and enhancing the site to provide new functionality. The contract is short-term to" backfill" the support team, while permanent members of that team are working on a special development project related to Je-S, which is planned to finish at the end of September. Previous Roles
Jul 2004Jun 2009


HelpHire Group, Bath
Developer Skills: Visual Studio 2005, VB.Net, ASP.Net, VB6, ADO, C#, SQL Server 2000/2005, Transact SQL, XML, Query Analyser, Visual Sourcesafe, Windows 2000, Crystal Reports version 8.5, Project Work Member of the IT development/support team at Helphire's main offices in Bath. Responsible for analysis, design, coding, and unit testing of enhancements and fixes to Helphire's main IT applications. ASP.Net and VB6 Applications developed to support the main business processes of Car Hire, Accident Management and Insurance Claims Handling. Working in a team of 5 developers supporting systems used by approximately 2000 users. Responsibilities also include giving technical advice and guidance to team members, as well as mentoring junior developers. Contract was extended 10 times. Helphire Applications Web Applications: Developed, supported, and enhanced a number of Web sites, which were written in a mixture of classic ASP, with Javascript and VBScript, and ASP.Net(2.0). The ASP.Net pages employed a mixture of VB and C#as the server-side programming language, with Javascript used client-side. ADO.Net objects used to access SQL Server databases. Helphire Intranet Extensive Intranet web sites, accessed via a common portal. A main menu provides hyperlinks to other pages consisting of company information, employee information, details of insurers and brokers, and links to Web Services providing vehicle information(from DVLA).(ASP.Net, VB and C#) Helphire Internet( Developed by a third party company, but supported and enhanced internally by the Application Support team.(ASP.Net, mainly VB with some C#) Brokerlink Web site where insurance companies and other brokers can query the status of their claims, and various other functions.(ASP.Net VB) Vehicle Lookup System Intranet Web site that allows users to access detailed information regarding replacement vehicles, as well as information re: vehicles involved in accidents(calls a“ Glasses” Web Service to access DVLA details). ASP.Net(VB, with some C#). Migrated to ASP from a VB6 desktop application. Desktop Applications: The main development languages used in the Desktop applications were Visual Basic 6 and SQL. There were also some C#.Net and VB.Net applications developed and supported. Also, there were about 40 Crystal Reports templates
Apr 2004Jul 2004


Honda UK South Marsten, Swindon Developer Skills: VB6, SQL Server 2000, Transact SQL, Stored Procedures, Query Analyser, Visual Sourcesafe, Windows 2000, DB2, Crystal Reports version 9 Project Work Analysis, design and build of the ELV Secondary Materials application. The“ End of Life-Vehicles”(ELV) project was required to meet the statutory regulations to record and report on the recyclable and hazardous materials in vehicles in preparation for their eventual disposal. Developed one of the ELV sub-projects, called“ Secondary Materials”.“ Secondary Materials” include such items as fuel, weld, sealant, fluids, and so on. Responsible for the requirements analysis, data modelling and database design, and design of the N-Tier application following COM principles(classes, objects, interfaces, events). Also responsible for all the coding in Visual Basic and SQL, and testing of the application. The application was deployed to approximately 150-200 users throughout the Plant. Working in an IT department of approximately 40 people, I was the sole developer on this sub-project.
Mar 2004Apr 2004

Sql Developer

NTL, Cleppa Park
Newport, SQL Developer Skills: SQL Server 2000, Transact SQL, Stored Procedures, Query Analyser, Visual Sourcesafe, Windows XP and 2000 Project Work Engaged for 4 weeks on a short project to develop generic stored procedures for NTL's ADSL Reports. The main requirement was to be able to quickly produce reports, generated using Transact SQL Stored Procedures, for new Resellers. My tasks were to convert the current SQL code into generic Query Analyser templates, check the SQL source code generated from the templates, and test the execution of the resulting stored procedures.
Jan 2004Feb 2004


Capita Life and Pensions, Gloucester
Developer Skills: ASP, VB6, SQL Server 2000, Transact SQL, Stored Procedures, Visual Interdev, Visual Sourcesafe, VBScript, Javascript, Windows 98/XP, HTML, XML Project Work Capita are a large Business Outsourcing provider for Insurance companies worldwide. Engaged to carry out enhancements to their main Client Server application:‘ Chrysalis'. ‘ Chrysalis' is Capita's Call Centre application used to manage calls and queries from clients about their insurance and other financial products sold to them by Capita's third-party providers. Enhanced and tested changes to Chrysalis following rigorous Change Control procedures. Changes required to Web components, using ASP with client-side Javascript and server-side VBScript. ADO(Active X Data Objects) used for database access. Also made changes to middle-tier COM+ business objects developed in VB6, and SQL Server stored procedures. Developed and executed test plans, procedures and cases for unit, system and user acceptance testing. General SQL Server DBA tasks, eg. writing DTS packages, monitoring database performance. All the above work was carried out following Capita's quality management procedures. Eversheds, Cardiff, Visual Basic/Crystal Reports/SQL Developer
Jul 2002Jun 2003

Visual Basic/sql Developer

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council EPSRC
Swindon, Visual Basic/SQL Developer Skills: VB6, Windows 2000, Crystal Reports v8.5, ADO, COM, XML, ASP, MTS, SQL Server 2000, Transact SQL, Visual Sourcesafe, VB.Net, XML Web Services, SOAP, UML Project Work Support and on-going development of the Nexus project. This is a large n-tier application, which supports the processing of Research Proposals, Grants and related financial information, for EPSRC's clients. My duties included further development of the Nexus application-developing new VB components, SQL Server stored procedures, and Crystal Reports templates. Also, testing, documentation, and communicating with users regarding the faults and change requests. Working within a team of 20 developers. The contract was extended 2 times.
Apr 2000Jul 2000

VB6(Enterprise edition), SQL Server

VB6(Enterprise edition), SQL Server
Skills: v7, Crystal Reports v7, Windows NT, Desktop v4, Visual SourceSafe, UML and Rational Rose specifications.
Aug 1996Apr 2000

Sql Developer

Hyder PLC
Cardiff, Visual Basic/SQL Developer Skills: VB4, 5 and 6, OS2, DB2, SQL Server v6.5, Transact SQL, Crystal Report v4, Windows 95 and NT, UFO, Data Migration and Conversion.
Feb 1996Aug 1996

Visual Basic Analyst Programmer

Nat West Insurance Services
Bristol, Visual Basic Analyst Programmer
Oct 1995Feb 1996

Visual Basic Analyst Programmer

Perot Systems Europe
Chelmsford, Essex, Visual Basic Analyst Programmer
Feb 1985Oct 1995

Analyst Programmer, Bt

Analyst Programmer,, Cardiff(Permanent)