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John Du Toit

Software Development Manager


Managing a team of 25 Resources ranging from Business Analysts, System Analysts, C# Developers, Java Developers, QA Analysts and Operational Support. Establish technology standards and ensure compliance across all platforms.

Latest inventiveness at Syntell; building and managing team of System Architects, Developers and Analysts in designing and building DWH / BI solutions, ensuring that the DWH /BI solution caters for all aspects and enterprise requirements across the different Business units.

Overall 20+ years experience comprising of ETL, DWH Design, Enterprise Data Modeling, SQL DW / BI Query, Design and implementation, ERP System Integration, SAP XI/PI (process Integration – Design, Build and Implementation, Data Analysis, Business Analysis, System Analysis
Part of several full-cycle implementation projects from documentation, design, configuration, integration, data migration, testing, training, Go Live and production support.

Work experience

May 2015Present

Software Development Manager - eCommerce and Group IT


As development manager at Syntell, I am accountable for the success of all projects and system delivery within the eCommerce and Group IT business units. Each project has a cross-team, cross-functional group of employees assigned to it. I work closely with a project manager, product manager and internal customer to define the most valuable work and to break it apart into appropriately sized chunks to be delivered.

Activities include:

  • Monthly Executive meeting  
    • Presenting and explaining  development delivery, development road map,
    • Discuss strategic business plans for new development / products / service
    • Monthly financial expenses, revenue and budget discussions
  • Engage in ongoing collaboration with General Managers, Product Managers, Project Managers and other teams to continually strive for transparent and efficient working relationships.
  • Develop and implement Centre of Excellence for the software development team members
  • Coach and mentor employees in all aspects of software and career development
  • Maintain and evolve measurement tools to assess the team’s effectiveness and report regularly to teams and leadership
  • Implement and manage change within the team and across the organization
  • Making process improvements as needed to assist the business in achieving its goals and objectives, leveraging best practices and professional experiences.
  • Collaborating closely with and assisting technical operations teams as required to ensure timely delivery of new systems that are fast and robust.
  • Ensure that goals and development plans are put in place for all employees within the team.
  • Ensure that regular feedback in addition to the annual and mid-year performance reviews is provided to all team members.
  • Maintain broad strategic knowledge of the organization, initiatives, applications and systems
  • Create a dynamic Development area implementing standards and processes
Sep 2013May 2015

Senior Solutions Architect / Data specialist

Altech ISIS

Altech Swisttech merged with their sister company Altech ISIS in Sept 2013. Unfortunately, there was no equivalent position within Altech ISIS for me to fulfill as Ops Manager. I agreed to lead and assist the operation reporting team from a technical point of view with the Oracle OBIEE implementation at their biggest client (Telco – Vodacom)

Activities included:

  • Involvement as solution architecture and design, business and systems analysis.
  • Fulfilling Technical lead role, which includes coaching, mentoring junior staff.
  • Advising business on best possible solutions that are in line with industry standard.
  • Technical Solutions Analyst and Data Specialist in the BI & Reporting work stream for one of the leading Telco's in South Africa.
  • Project involves technology transformation for legacy operational reporting to the  Oracle OBIEE stack.
  • This transformation required  analysing, designing, development and delivering of  +/- 5000 legacy reports into Oracle OBIEE.
  • In-depth analysis and continues interaction with different business owners within Vodacom ensured that a lot of the 5000 reports could be consolidated and duplicated users reports to be removed.
  • Making use of OBIEE functionality specifically Dashboard reporting to deliver the Business requirements. 

May 2013Sep 2013

Group Operations Manager

Altech Swisttech

As operations manager I had to ensure the smooth operation of various processes that contribute to the development delivery, support and maintenance for one of the leading Telco’s in South Africa. I often had to wear multiple hats and do about just anything that would assist the company’s Managing Director with daily activities, directed, promote, and coordinate the operations of the company in a manner that will optimize the cooperative’s market share and savings, improve efficiency, help achieve the mission and goals, and result in outstanding customer service.

Activities included: 

  • Continuously improve current processes and work methods.
  • Ensure all documents and deliverables conform to industry standards.
  • Measure progress against strategy of current financial period
  • Supporting and supplying guidance to the following teams within the company:
    • PM’s, BA’s, Front-end (web) developers, Mobile Application developers, QA Testing and Application Support.
  • Ensuring that the scheduled tasks across the different teams are completed within the monthly financial forecast expectations.
  • Present applicable information to shareholders to ensure long-term company survival and sustainability.
  • Ensure adherence to all relevant legislation that is applicable to the company.
  • Ensure solid understanding of clients business and challenges and how our solutions or delivery impact their business both operationally and strategically.
  • Managing and scheduling staff across a variety of projects and workload.
  • Assist and support teams with business requirements ensuring the correct solution is designed, developed and delivered. 
Oct 2009Jan 2013

SAP PI Developer - Integration Lead

JD Group

As Integration lead I assisted in the ERP platform acquisition and proof of concept session, to gauge and decide on the best possible ERP solution from a system/data integration for the JD Group. Attending various system functionality demo's from SAP, ORACLE, Microsoft around system integration solutions that could be used for the integration requirements for JD Group. Had to ensure that the integration solution meets all business requirements across the different business units; i.e. Financial Services, Logistics, Marketing, Sales, Banking, POS(point of sale), etc

Activities included:

  • Have detailed discussions with the architects of the legacy system, to understand exactly how existing interfaces and processes are designed in the legacy system.
  • Documenting those processes and proposing integration solutions that will meet the business requirement and requires no or very limited development work from the legacy source system
  • Ability to transform business requirements into a workable technical design at a functional level
  • Consult with Project Manager and review project proposals to determine goals, time frame, and procedures for accomplishing projects
  • Assisting Functional teams with designing the best possible solution for the different interfaces.
  • Participate in design sessions with Functional teams and Business owners to understand the business requirements and business rules.
  • Compiling detailed Technical documentation based on the requirements and rules specified in Functional Specification.
  • Ensure version control of the different changes to interfaces by adding any change to SharePoint.
  • Transport PI solutions from Development to QA environments and performing detailed testing to ensure required results are obtained.
  • Assist QA testing team with integration testing in the QA environment.
  • Schedule and transport the PI solution from QA to Production once QA testing team has signed-off the test results.
  • Assisted SQL team in understanding the requirements and how data will be executed within SQL packages and stored procedures.
Oct 2007Sep 2009

Application System Support Manager

JD Group

I started at JD Group as a Senior Data Analyst / Information Analyst in 2007 and soon after that got promoted SQL support, design and developer and within a short period of time got promoted again to Application System Support Manager. The duties, activities and responsibility below relates to the different positions. 

System Support Manager

Responsible for the Application design and development of all system and application changes, arising from weekly discussions with business owners of the different JD retail chains. Changes and or enhancements were prioritised based on the severity and business operations impact.

Activities included:

    • Address and manage system relates issues within the agreed SLA timeframe
      • Provide the optimal approach for analytical and technical approach for change requests
        • Provide best practice advice for design, development, and test phases
          • Taking ownership of application system designs from initial specification to deployment on to the live infrastructure
            • Have detailed discussions with 3rd party software vendors to install and configure applications to ensure these are compatible with JD infrastructure
              • Assist Junior members with integration between source and target system
                • Optimise data flows to optimize performance and maintenance.
                  • Applying system enhancements to assist with performance
                    • Analyse, design and automate manual processes
                      • Assisting functional and test teams with understanding functionality of new loan originating system and how it fits in with business requirements
                        • Making use of SQL query analyser extracting data and information
                          • Writing SQL queries and stored procedures to extract information that will be used in building detailed reports with SSRS (SQL Reporting)

                          SQL Support, Design and Development

                          Assisted in the MS SQL / BI (Business Intelligence) team and then transitioned over to the BI team. My main responsibilities were to solve issues in a field of Data Quality, Data Migration, Data flow analysis, ETL design, ETL performance and Quality Assurance. I was also exposed to ongoing SQL development on existing ETL and integration processes. I was part of the monthly rotation roster of DWH first line support on all DWH ETL processes and BI reporting.

                          Activities included:

                          • Taking part in the initial discussion around the DWH design process
                          • Due to my knowledge of JD processes and also understanding the business requirements, I could supply guidance on what the best solution would be in the design process.
                          • Compiling detailed documentation to assist with DWH/BI design processes
                          • Perform detailed testing scenario’s on the solution to ensure data quality.
                          • Recommend possible changes based on test results.
                          • Assisting junior staff in testing the DW solution
                          • Perform daily checks for all DWH and BI scheduled processes
                          • Ensure that all expected report and cube data is available at agreed SLA timeframe.
                          • Address issues that might have occurred during executing of scheduled SSIS packages
                          • Inform company directors and stakeholders if daily reports will not be available at the agreed SLA timeframe due to failed SSIS packages, thus first line support requires a very good understanding and knowledge of different packages in order to gauge expected delivery time of daily reports
                          • Always keeping the Business owners and BI management up to date with any issues that might impact information on reports and Cube information

                          Senior Data Analyst / Information Analyst

                          Assisting business users and management with detailed information analysis and reports pertaining to specific requirements.Attention to detail played a very big role to ensure data accuracy and data quality before supplying any information statistics to business owners/ users. As an information analyst I had a very clear understanding of what the requirements are and how to apply it in the data extraction requested by the business users.An in-depth understanding of data and data integration was very important in day to day activities.

                          Activities included:

                          • Meeting with Business Management of the different JD retail chains to understand the requirements
                          • Discuss the requirements with the business managers and making recommendations on what the current data in the DWH can offer.
                          • Making use of SQL Query and SQL Stored Procedures to extract data.
                          • Using ProClarity as a front end tool to extract data from existing DWH cubes.
                          • Building detailed SSRS reports that meets the specific requirements.
                          • Publishing the reports on a report server enabling the business users to run the report on an ad-hoc basis
                          Mar 2001Sep 2007

                          System Analyst / Business Analyst

                          Accenture SA

                          Employed as Business Analyst employed by an International Consulting House. Based at a retail client Edcon (big clothing and financial services retailer in South Africa). Performing business analysis duties. Having detailed discussions with business owners around the system change requirements for VisionPlus. Edcon operated on the VisionPlus Mainframe software and had a lot of system enhancements and changes to fit into their business requirements.

                          I had the opportunity to be part of the team that designed, build and implemented a complete custom piece of software that had to be incorporated into VisionPlus mainframe functionality. The custom design was called EPFS (Edcon Personal Financial Services)

                          Activities included:

                          • Having detailed discussion with business owners in understanding all the requirements
                          • Compiling gap analysis documentation, that indicate the current “as is” process and the “to be” process after the enhancement have been implemented
                          • Supplying business owners with a Solution Scope document, proposing what the best possible solution would be for the change
                          • Compile Functional Specifications indicating what all the requirements are and how they should be developed
                          • Have detailed discussions with the technical team around what needs to done
                          • Testing the developed solution to ensure that all requirements are met as documented in the test scripts
                          • Attaching test results to the test scripts
                          • Discuss and prove the testing results with the business owners and obtain sign-off
                          • Developed Solution will then be transported to a QA environment and will be tested again.
                          • Once the same results are obtained in QA environment the solution can be signed off and be transported to the production environment.
                          • Continues support and maintenance on solutions deployed in production environment


                          Mar 2015Mar 2015

                          ORACLE OBIEE

                          ORACLE Univercity

                          Oracle BI 11g R1; Analyses and Dashboard
                          Oracle BI 11g R1: Build Repositories Ed 2

                          In-House and Online Education

                          Mar 2015Mar 2015

                          ORACLE OBIEE

                          Oracle Online Univercity

                          Oracle BI 11g R1; Analyses and Dashboard
                          Oracle BI 11g R1: Build Repositories Ed 2

                          Sep 2008Nov 2008

                          In-house Education JD Group

                          JD Group Education

                          Continues inter department and in-house training within JD Group

                          People Management

                          Introduction to DWH and BI

                          MS SQL - MCSE BI

                          Jun 2003Sep 2007

                          In-house Education Accenture

                          Accenture Education

                          Continues inter department and in-house training within Accenture

                          Core Interactive skills

                          Business Analysis

                          System Analysis

                          Business Objects Universe design

                          DWH principals