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Work experience


Consultant & Advisor

Yuhmbox, LLC

Yuhmbox is a pre-seed funding phase startup that delivers healthy organic meals to schools and educational daycare centers.

  • Selected and configured the full technology stack required to process orders and payments, conduct email and content marketing and for managing internal content and communications.
  • Designed all standard operating procedures and training materials for sales, marketing, compliance and operations.
  • Hired and managed all delivery and kitchen operation staff

Franchise Business Owner

LIFE Leadership

LIFE Leadership is a franchise based business that focuses on providing educational products helping people become leaders in their careers and communities.

  • Built a team of owners and customers guiding and coaching them along their journey to becoming better leaders in their career and their lives.
  • Advanced my own leadership journey in the areas of communications, leadership principles and business development techniques.
  • Speak on Leadership principles and the LIFE Leadership business at marketing events and group meetings.

Entrepreneurship - Education, Mentorship & Public Speaking Projects

Conducting entrepreneurial projects in areas such as developing education options for student who don't fit into the current system, integrating mentorship into education and various public speaking projects to promote new ideas around improving education.



Biotie Therapies
  • Conducted evaluations of Biotie's technology and data service providers in terms of quality of deliverables and how to properly provide oversight for future partnership success.
  • Managed all technical aspects of the relationships between Biotie's technology service providers leading to marked improvements in quality and timeliness of deliverables.
  • Successfully led a fantastic team to complete a study that normally took 18 months to do in 6 months time at a level of quality that directly led to a $20M agreement with an industry partner


Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI)

Designed and implemented Duke's first outward facing web application that allows potential study patients to directly enter their own data as part of the enrollment process for a study of patients in rural areas in North Carolina. Provided additional IT and technology advice on areas of regulatory compliance, proper server architecture and data security and interoperability.



Mytrus, Inc.

When the co-founder of Nextrials moved on to create Mytrus, I was asked by him to help build out his product development team. This included:

  • Helping to hire a development team, create the product development systems and procedures, implement a full stack of technologies to help plan, track and communicate team progress.
  • Evaluate and implement technology partners to help in areas where we felt we could not or would not build out ourselves. Examples of this were identity verification systems, medication coding and classification systems, medication interaction systems and patient payment systems.
  • I also worked with our first clients to help get critical clinical trial data integrated so that live bi-directional data streams can be created in a secure and efficient way. This was done to replace the outdated and inconvenient traditional data transfer procedures done with other vendors.

Product Development Manager

Nextrials, Inc.

On my return to Nextrials, the co-founder created a new role for me to be the head of product development, mainly on creating clear strategy and organizing the team to best hit both long and short term goals.

I was also assigned to be the main evangelizer for EDC and PRISM industry wide leveraging my work in SCDM as a gateway to new business development opportunities.

I was also officially named the head of internal communications to help keep the non technical clinical team aligned with the developers and programming staff. 


Principal Clinical Data Specialist / Manager, Clinical Data Management

Boston Scientific

Recruited from Nextrials with the promise of managing a six member team of clinical data managers located at the San Diego office.


Project Manager

Nextrials, Inc.

Hired as employee #9 as a project manager / account manager helping clients plan and configure their studies using our EDC system PRISM. Over the next 4 years I grew into many other roles including:

  • Forming the customer training department and customer support department including development of all SOPs, hiring and training of new employees and helping to scale both departments as our client base grew.
  • Designing new internal tools to help streamline the EDC study configuration process making it easy enough so other new Project Managers can help design more of the studies rather than taking away developer time to do so.
  • Created all of the internal templates used to specify all configuration options available to our clients allowing for more non technical people to be able to fill the role of Project Manager. 

Sr. Clinical Data Manager

Medifacts International (MIMC)

In my 2 years at MIMC, I was the lead data manager for several large clients and transitioned to becoming the liaison between sales and clinical operations working directly with the CIO to manage the onboarding process.

Towards the end of my time at MIMC, I evangelized for implementing Oracle Clinical and Remote Data Capture which lead to me leading the implementation, training and launching of our first studies using both new technologies. 


Clinical Data Manager

Clinical Cardiovascular Research (C2R)

In my year at C2R, I was lead data manager on several key studies while managing and training of all data entry staff and a key contributor to our IT initiative to becoming Y2K compliant for all data and information systems company wide.


Clinical Data Management Associate

Roche Biosciences

As a contractor to Roche, I was part of a 6 person data management team for their liver transplant study.


Clinical Data Editor


As my first job in Clinical Data Management, I was responsible for querying and updating data for two of our larger studies. Within 6 months, I was assisting the lead clinical data manager in training of new clinical data editors in our database system.



Masters of Business Administration (MBA)

University of Phoenix - San Diego Campus

Bachelors of Science - Kinesiology

California State University Hayward (Now East Bay)

Associations, Committees & Certifications


Toastmaster (Public Speaker) & Head of Club Mentorship Committee

Toastmasters International
  • Leading the mentorship committee to help match mentors with new club members helping them set and achieve their Toastmasters goals. 
  • Currently leading projects to improve the mentorship process and integrate more technology into the process.
  • Currently mentoring 2 members through their first 5 speeches.

Member of the Board of Trustees

Society for Clinical Data Management (SCDM)

I was elected to a three year term with the board of trustees. During this time I:

  • Appointed as the head of technology where I helped them design a planning and implementation system to properly evaluate and select technology vendors.
  • Successfully implemented new systems for online voice and text communications, sales and marketing activities as well as project planning and execution tracking.
  • Redesigned the strategic and project planning procedures resulting in the ability for SCDM to clearly track and communicate their larger vision and how their long term, yearly, quarterly and monthly goals fit together. 

Certified Clinical Data Manager (CCDM)

Society for Clinical Data Management (SCDM)

Committee Chair - Good Clinical Data Management Practices (GCDMP)

Society for Clinical Data Management (SCDM)

Lead the efforts in expanding the document to match and support version 2.0 of the certification exam. This included hiring of a technical writer, redesigning of the content development process allowing for multiple chapters to be developed and updated simultaneously and implementing project tracking software and content management systems to help manage the entire process.


Committee Member - Certification Committee


Served a leading role in planning and launching of version 2.0 of the CCDM program. I lead the team in creating and certifying new competency areas and the associated questions in those new competencies which included EDC, electronic lab transfers and database programming and design principles.


Committee Member - Good Clinical Data Management Practices (GCDMP)

Society for Clinical Data Management (SCDM)

Served as a contributor for peer review of updates to the document as well as leading the effort to sell the board on investing in expanding the document to match and support version 2.0 of the certification exam.


Founding Member - Education Committee

Society for Clinical Data Management (SCDM)
  • Designed, developed and launched SCDM's educational portal housing all webinar content, support for certification tracking and a new launching point to host online learning classes.
  • Designed, developed and launched SCDM's first online learning platform allowing for the enrollment and conduct of online courses using the Moodle System.

CDASH Stream Member

Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC)

Was a contributing member of the Labs and ECG stream teams. 


Founding Member - Webinar Development Subcomitte

Society for Clinical Data Management (SCDM)

Planned and successfully launched SCDM's first series of Webinars to support concepts in the Good Clinical Data Management Practices (GCDMP) document.